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WOKE Jim Carrey SLAPS Conservatives In The Face

He’s completely lost his mind and his grip with reality.

Actor-turned-activist Jim Carrey is back with another one of his gory drawings, this time targeting President Donald Trump and his “minions who help him while democracy dies.”

“Let’s all drink a toast to the new king of lies, and the minions who help him while democracy dies, and our kids who’ll be taught that the wicked are wise because Potus was Jack from ‘Lord of The Flies.’” Jim Carrey said. “How much poison are you willing to swallow?!”

Attached to the caption is a drawing of President Donald Trump wearing a hat reading “Make Me God,” with an American and Russian flag behind him. Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) are pouring kool-aid onto people wearing red hats.

The Ace Ventura actor said earlier this month that America is in an “odd time of complete capitalism breakdown”

“Just a little regulation would help, you know. That’s all. It’s just without that, we are doomed so we are spiraling out of control and its corruption on every level and every walk of life. It’s all attributed to that, so I really think we need to turn that around,” he said.

In March, Carrey declared that President Trump’s tenure was becoming an “EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT.”

“Innocent people are now being slaughtered, families ruined and childrens’ lives destroyed. All in his name. If the Craven Republican Senate allows this vile miscreant to continue encouraging devisiveness, the ‘Trump Presidency’ will become an EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT,” the 57-year-old said.

Src: Breitbart




  1. I think that Mr. Carrey needs to clean up his own little corner of the world, Hollywood, before he goes on these little rants. Oh, by the way, we (United States) are not a democracy. We are a republic. Look up how that is supposed to work.

  2. Carrey; unless you have become an American citizen, you just need to shut up! Go back to your Socialistic country where you can’t get a doctors appointment for two years! What the left wants to do is ruin the American Dream! Really!!

  3. Who really cares what jim carey says, I sure don’t care. I always thought he was goffey in the head and was way over paid. I thank God every day for a President that really cares about America, and the great job he is doing.

  4. Bipolar disorder does seem to be very common in Hollywood. I think Carrey is just desperately virtue-signaling in hopes it will reboot his dead career.

  5. Exactly what ‘innocent lives have been ruined’…..other than those that Muellar has ruined. What families have been torn apart………..other than a few illegals whose children weren’t really with their parents (which the great Obama started). What end of democracy? There is more ‘equal’ everything in this country NOW than there has been in 50 years. Why doesn’t this loud mouth turd go back to Canada or where ever the rock is he crawled out from under??

  6. Who cares what jim carey thinks, I sure don’t care. Always thought had screws loose in his brain. He gets paid too much for stupidity. I thank God everyday for a President that finally cares about America and getting us on the right track!!!

  7. He needs to return to Canada because he is no longer welcome or wanted here in the USA. He has passed his best by date around the time of his last movie bomb! Though I am not sure that Canada will take him back since most smart Canadians are getting tired of the Liberal-in-Chief too!

  8. It appears that all the unstable parts he has played in his acting career has taken over his mind. But it wouldn’t be the first time. Other actors have lost contact with reality confusing real life with make believe as they age and are no longer trusted by producers and directors. In Carrey’s case he even looks a little out of touch.

  9. He has a lot of nerve accusing Trump. Isn’t Carrey a supporter of the party that wants to kill babies coming out of the womb, oh excuse me I even after they come out of the womb (Just ask the governor of Virginia)

    Isaiah 5: 20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

  10. Mr Carrey
    You have completely shown that you are not in touch with what is going on in this country today
    Pull your head out of your ass and have a look at how good this country has done since President Trump has been in office , you can not say that any of the democrats have helped in any way , but he has gotten the unemployedment level to the lowest that it has been in 50 years , more people are working today because of Trump , and many other great things he has done for our country in his short time in office that your hero Obama couldn’t do in eight years ,
    Maybe it is your Hollywood actors union super star Bullshit that is causing your brain to malfunction like Some of the other brain dead union actors where you live !!!
    News Flash
    President Trump is the best thing to come along in a very long time , he is finding and going after dirty political folks that need to be gone …. your lying Dems had there little party for 2 years trying to find any kind of dirt on trump that they thought they could use against him , and came up with nothing , but what their report did was give facts that the Dems had done plenty of illegal things that now they are being looked at for , and just after a few days of looking it looks like they already are finding things that the Dems did that could very well be bad news for the and some prison time might be in order .
    So maybe you might want to shut that hole under your nose and kick back !!!!

  11. You all are crazy !! Blindly folliwing an insane so called president just because he calls himself a republican !!!
    Y’all forget he too is Hollywood made .. like seriously .. y’all think he wrote the stupid “your fired” bullshit show or even had any input in the scripts? No .. get a grip and get off the pitting Americans against each-other … all this dude is doing is starting internal wars while he lives high on his throne … laughing at you all for being his tried and true followers no matter what he says or does …

  12. This president should be in the White House not 8 years but 32 years will be grate a lot People have no idea what communism is They do not value what we really have I gave thanks to God for the president we have and I hope He stays there many more years, It is what USA needed

  13. …what ‘mind’ did this deluded, immature, incoherent man-child ever have to lose?

    Perhaps he ought to reimburse some of the ‘capitalists’ who, a few years ago, helped pay him $20,000,000 for 6 months of making an ass out of himself…better still, he should remove himself from President Trump’s America and go back where he comes from, to the communist/islamist utopia of Canada.

  14. Forget about Carrey. WAKE UP AMERICA. It’s Congress and the Senate you should be focusing on. The swamp will never be drained.

  15. Stop post and reporting about this crazy shithead, twitter is the worst with posting his crap. Put him in a loony bin where he belongs

  16. why do people listen to what a “has” been actor has to say? all he’s ever done is make a fool of himself!
    maybe he should move to a country that would appreciate him! I’m positive there’s plenty of people willing to send him wherever he would want to go!

  17. “innocent people are being slaughtered”? Does he mean people that are murdered by illegal aliens? Or muslims being executed by muslims, by beheadings and burned alive? Are those the ones he feels sorry for? How about devout Christians that are seeing there places of worship being blown up and/or burned down. Once again, by muslims. Or Christians in Africian countries that being slaughtered by, you guessed it, muslims. And all that is the Presidents fault? Does he go back to Canada and say what he does to Pierre’s little boy?

  18. That is all we need to add to the mix of wild propaganda that the liberals are spreading

  19. Does anyone really care what the poor demented man has to say? He impresses only himself
    in his desperate need to seem important.

  20. Jim Carey can’t act and never could. He has hatred for conservatives and favors the liberals and Socialist. These are the groups that support abortion up to the time of birth. The House could have passed a bill requiring the care of an infant that survived abortion, but declined to do so. Obama placed kids in cages, and separated parents and children, and nothing was said. Hilary sold uranium to Russia, and used a pay to play scheme and nothing was said. As far as our kids, they are taught the Socialist and liberal beliefs in school. History is slowly being changed and probably in 10years or so, the young will not remember 9/11 and claimed that it never happened same as the claim today about the holocaust. Today, today the Christian religion same as the Jewish is being persecuted. In regards to the Church bombing on Easter, Hilary, Obama, and AOC failed to use the word Christian and replaced it with Easter Worshippers. This is the people that Jim Carey worships.

  21. Jim Carey can not act and never could. His words and actions show that he has contempt for conservatives. He supports a party that believes that abortion up is acceptable. In fact, that very group failed to pass a bill which would protect the life of an infant that survived abortion. In fact, Jim Carey accused Trump of slaughtering innocent people. It was not Trump or the conservative party who bombed the church in Sri Lankan where 290 people died. In fact, Hillary, Obama and AOC refused to say Christian and stated Easter Worshippers and a church. Jim Carey speaks of children separated from parents and their lives destroyed. However, he never mentioned that Obama placed kids in cages, and how he separated the children from their parents. He never mentions about Hilary selling uranium to Russia, nor Obama lying to the public about Obama care, sure you can keep your own doctor and your rates will stay the same. Jim Carey wake up and get a grip on reality, instead of being so delusional.

  22. The one trick lunatic doesn’t realize that we have a REPUBLIC, not a mob-rule democracy.
    Leftists are mentally deficient

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