He’s completely lost his mind and his grip with reality.

Actor-turned-activist Jim Carrey is back with another one of his gory drawings, this time targeting President Donald Trump and his “minions who help him while democracy dies.”

“Let’s all drink a toast to the new king of lies, and the minions who help him while democracy dies, and our kids who’ll be taught that the wicked are wise because Potus was Jack from ‘Lord of The Flies.’” Jim Carrey said. “How much poison are you willing to swallow?!”

Attached to the caption is a drawing of President Donald Trump wearing a hat reading “Make Me God,” with an American and Russian flag behind him. Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) are pouring kool-aid onto people wearing red hats.

The Ace Ventura actor said earlier this month that America is in an “odd time of complete capitalism breakdown”

“Just a little regulation would help, you know. That’s all. It’s just without that, we are doomed so we are spiraling out of control and its corruption on every level and every walk of life. It’s all attributed to that, so I really think we need to turn that around,” he said.

In March, Carrey declared that President Trump’s tenure was becoming an “EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT.”

“Innocent people are now being slaughtered, families ruined and childrens’ lives destroyed. All in his name. If the Craven Republican Senate allows this vile miscreant to continue encouraging devisiveness, the ‘Trump Presidency’ will become an EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT,” the 57-year-old said.

Src: Breitbart