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McCain Family THROWS Trump Under The Bus

Can they even call themselves Republicans anymore?

The family of the late Senator John McCain will back former Vice President Joe Biden in the Democratic primary in the hopes that he will be able to unseat President Donald Trump, according to the Washington Examiner.

“Sources close to both Biden’s presidential campaign and the McCains said that at some point during the White House race, McCain’s widow Cindy, 64, and daughter Meghan, 34, a host on ‘The View, will offer their public support in the hope of removing Trump from office in 2020,” the Examiner reports.

The move is out of the ordinary for a bedrock Republican family, but not surprising from the McCains, particularly given that, before his death last year, John McCain and President Trump were often at odds, and the President frequently took potshots at the late Senator, including several shocking insults aimed at his military record.

Trump has continued his “feud” with the late Senator even recently, despite McCain being dead more than six months.

The Bidens and the McCains also have a strong personal bond; both the late Senator and Biden’s son died from the same rare form of brain cancer.

The Examiner reports that it’s not clear whether the McCains’ support for Biden will involve an open endorsement of the former Vice President in his bid to capture the 2020 Democratic nomination, or what the McCains’ support for Biden would look like in a situation where he is head to head against the Republican nominee (all but certain to be Donald Trump).

“They talk regularly [with Biden] and have been supportive of his run,” a source told the Examiner. “The question is going to be timing and coordinating with the Biden campaign. There are a lot of moving parts there and [Biden’s campaign is] not necessarily organized. I wouldn’t expect a formal family endorsement because some of McCain’s family is still in the military, but I do expect Cindy to speak out at some point.”

The source also noted that any endorsement would be “personal,” since members of the McCain family want to remain known as Republicans, and find themselves generally supportive of the Republican platform — if not Donald Trump.

For Biden’s part, it’s not clear what he would earn from a prominent Republican endorsement before the general election ,particularly given that the race for the 2020 Democratic nomination is, essentially, a race to the left, not to the right: “I’m just not sure how much that helps in a primary where the party is constantly moving towards the left. If you’re a two-term former vice president and basically tied with Bernie Sanders, that’s not a good sign,” another source explained to the Examiner.

Later on, if Biden snag’s the primary win, prominent Republican endorsements may prove more useful, giving GOPers still not sold on President Trump cover to temporarily switch parties — but that might compromise the McCains’ pull within the party itself.

Right now, as the Examiner admits, all of this is speculative. Biden has yet to announce his candidacy for President, though he is expected to a release a video to that effect on Thursday, with a follow-up visit to swing state, Pennsylvania, where he will meet with union workers and high dollar corporate donors — and Biden’s success is not guaranteed. He’s the last, it seems to enter the race, and it will be hard to pick up momentum this late in the game. And although his numbers appear to be solid, expect them to fluctuate more now that Biden — like his competitors — will be making daily speeches and campaign stops.

Src: The Daily Wire


  1. You really can’t blame the McCain family for not liking or supporting Donald Trump. He was spewing a lot of hateful things about McCain after he passed away. I think most people would react the same way is defense of a loved one.

    1. So right you are. donald duck should have been thrown under a bus a long, long time ago.

    2. Sorry people, McCain created his own hatred bed, and he pushed the defunct Dossier. It is sad McCain could not get over loosing his battles against Trump, the hatred he had just consumed his sense of right and wrong. It is unfortunate that the Wife and Daughter continue his hatred.

      1. I agree with you 100%. McCain could not get over the fact that a novice in the political world, a person who was thought of as having NO political experience won his parties nomination, & then went on to beat an elitist professional politician ( McCain put himself in that same catagory as Hillary ) & that the Donald would be called ” President “.
        Also he was a LIAR as he campaigned for re-election in AZ. on the fact he would vote to overturn Obamacare,was re-elected & then became a turncoat when the vote happened. He, if he had lived, would have seen the hand writing on the wall like Jeff the Flake & would have not run again.He was in a phrase ” a SORE LOSER”.

    3. McCain was a product of “fake News” before the lazy media discovered “news” was only defined by the money and support reporters exchanged for favors. Do some research; such as Atkinson’s essay. John was a fovored Son of Admiral McCain; and was known as :”The Canary” as he gave his captors anything they asked.

    4. McCain brought this on himself. He has always sided with the dems and should have come out long ago as a dem. McCain was a traitor to this country. Yes, he served and stayed behind with his comrades but after that he was bought and paid for by the dems all of the way. McCain was involved in the fake dossier as well as fake news. He is paying the price as we speak for all of the good that he did do as well as ALL of the bad things that he did. The McCain family cannot handle the truth and as the investigators are being investigated McCain’s name will come up as he and mitty were involved in all of this. As for the statement of Pres. Trump spewing hateful things about McCain after his passing, what about McCain AFTER HIS DEATH had hateful things about Pres. Trump in his burial request. Think about this. It goes both ways. It is hateful people like McCain and his cronies that I will be voting for Trump in 2020 AGAIN as well as my entire family in several states. McCain was a coward and if you go back and read the reason he stayed with his comrades was for his own future and not out of the heart of his.

  2. We need to find out the whole truth about Mr. McCain. all as glamorous as spoken about. Not the first time he has thrown people under the bus.

    1. It is not news anymore that Songbird McCain was never a Republican. Research on USS Forrestal that killed 134 serviceman due to McCain’s fault and did not even help with the tragedy..fire and all. He left the scene.. is that someone who you want to lead?

    2. Apparently not , if you believe what those who served with him said. Can you believe pictures ? Even they can be altered. However there is a question about it. While I am a big Trump supporter, the man is dead, gone, no need to continue to villafy or praise him, except by his family it is normal, but usually in private. To quote Shakespeare in Julius Ceasar ” The evils that men do live after them ,but the good is oft interred with their bones ……..the noble Brutus has told you that Ceasar was ambitious, if it is a fault it isa grevious fault, and greviously hath Ceasar answered it” I’m sure the man had at least a few redeeming qualities.
      It is unworthy of those still here to continue to cause a family more grief by beating his “evils ” continually.

  3. McCain was a Rhino anouther Romney.He was a 1/2 Dem acting as a Republican.
    Do you realize how much $$$$ these people make? Otherwise they would just get out of the game. They are hurting us all.

  4. I don’t see how Mr. McCain is relevent! People who hate trump will say whatever they want (I think we have freedom of speech). Democrats continue try to take every freedom we have been given in the Constitution!

    I’m sorry for McCain’s family loss. Too bad they can not move on!

  5. What do you expect from these rhino republicans. If they were honest they would switch parties and leave the theatrics behind. I never like McCain when he was alive and now his family is taking up where he left off. They are irrelevant!

  6. Not the real Mrs. McCain. He blew her off years ago for a younger woman. This was way back during the Charlie Keating years when sen McCain was one of the ‘Keating 5’. Giving Keating anything he needed, including screwing millions out of their life savings when Keating had Lincoln Savings and loan.

  7. The McCain family deserves the respect and gratitude of all Americans, Donald Trump does not, he has no earned that right.

  8. I really think President Trump’s needs to release all of Mr. McCain records. That way everyone can see what he was hiding and what is the truth. There is a lot to be looked into. And I think his family need to stand up to all the crap that has happen that has be hiding for so long. Maybe so good will come out of it. Maybe the truth will set them free. Or maybe not. Let us decide.

  9. McCain not only was a bad Republican he was bad for our country.He voted with the Dems to save Obamacare. He didn’t care about the American people. He just wanted to go against Mr Trump

  10. McCain only cares about himself and his power, it was his vote that killed the health care reform, McCain created his own hatred bed, and he pushed the defunct Dossier which I agree with Mr Shaw, he has so much hatred in his heart even on his death bed. What did he accomplish during the decades in the govt? I am so sick of the establishment, I wish Trump would just drain off the swamp..

  11. There are different kinds of heroes. John McCain was a military hero solely due to his actions while incarcerated in the Hanoi Hilton in Hanoi during the Vietnam War. However, when he came home, he was a typical “short guy” with a big mouth and a huge chip on his shoulder. Sorry, he was NO hero here at home.

    McCain’s ladies would be well advised to just slide into the background and disappear. John McCain has not produced anything of value in decades.

  12. This comes under the “Frankly, my dear, i don’t give a damn” rule. Rhett to Scarlet. Concerning the McCain family, truer words were never spoken. Why should we care what that RINO family says, does, doesn’t do or trys to do. McCain was a loser. Full of jealousy and it showed. Ask the wife he threw under the bus when he returned what she thinks of the McCains. Suggest it won’t be sugar and spice.

  13. McCain & Biden are cut from the same cloth & part of the “Deep State”. They are what’s wrong with DC. McCain no longer matters & Biden should have retired yrs ago.

  14. The late John McCain was one of four leakers that started the false dossier in 2016 before Trump had the nomination to run for President. John McCain,Obama,hilliary, and Commy were the four “leak-a-teers”.

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