Domino’s launches “Pizza Rescue!” – Get a free medium pie when you need it most!

Domino’s has unveiled a unique “Emergency Pizza” initiative for those moments when a pizza is absolutely essential.

The initiative provides patrons with a complimentary medium pizza with two toppings, which they can claim whenever they feel the need.

“Imagine having a ruined dinner or facing a sudden power outage, or even unexpected guests arriving — in such moments, Domino’s feels a free pizza can uplift spirits,” stated Kate Trumbull, the Chief Brand Officer at Domino’s.

“We introduced Domino’s Emergency Pizza because, in the unpredictable flow of daily life, a slice of pizza can be the perfect comfort,” she added.

“The only challenge might be figuring out the perfect time to claim your Emergency Pizza!”

Customers eager to participate need to make a delivery order online worth at least $7.99.

Upon doing so, they’re instantly eligible for their emergency pizza, as mentioned in the announcement.

To claim this offer, patrons are required to enroll in Domino’s latest loyalty scheme, which boasts members-only special offers.

The complimentary pizza must be claimed within a month of the original online order.

The promotion is available until Feb. 11, 2024, but redemptions may not be possible on specific dates: Oct. 31, Dec. 31, and Feb. 11, as highlighted in their announcement.

In 2022, Domino’s reported global sales exceeding $17.5 billion, split almost equally between the U.S. and other countries. By the second quarter of 2023, the sales figure reached $4.2 billion, balanced between domestic and international markets.

Dominos, as stated in their announcement, is among the foremost global restaurant brands, operating in excess of 20,000 outlets across more than 90 countries.

Recently, Domino’s also introduced an innovative delivery mechanism, enabling patrons to have their orders delivered almost anywhere, especially during urgent situations.