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BOMBSHELL Investigation Launched Into HILLARY

President Trump is out for blood.

President Donald Trump said, in a bombshell interview, that the Attorney General Bill Barr is going to investigate collusion.

But the collusion that is going to be investigated is not between President trump and Russia but rather the campaign of Hillary Clinton and the Ukraine, he said in an interview with Fox News Host Sean Hannity on Thursday.

“A lot of breaking news tonight, and you haven’t really talked at length in an interview about a lot of issues.

“Let me start with this issue of the Ukraine. I don’t know if you were following the top of the show or John Solomon’s new report or that both Catherine Herridge and Sara Carter are reporting tonight.

“We now have text messages from Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, never before seen, discussing recruiting White House sources to spy on you,” Hannity said.

“Well, I think it’s incredible when you hear it. These are great reporters, all three, and when you have them on your trail, that’s a problem,” said Trump.

“These are people that should be getting Pulitzers, not the ones that got the Pulitzers that got everything wrong.”

“If you listen to them, they got everything wrong. Go back and read some of their early and mid articles. They didn’t have a clue what was going on and they win Pulitzer Prizes. These are the ones that should be winning.

“It sounds like big stuff. It sounds very interesting with Ukraine. I just spoke to the new president a little while ago, two days ago, and congratulated him on an incredible race. Incredible run. A big surprise victory. That’s 75 percent of the vote,” he said.

“Mr. President, Ukraine is offering this evidence to the United States. Would you like the United States — with all this talk about collusion, they are saying they included on behalf of Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2016.”

“Does America need to see that information in spite of all of the attacks against you on collusion?” Hannity said.

“Well, I think we do. And, frankly, we have a great new attorney general who has done an unbelievable job in a very short period of time.

“And he is very smart and tough and I would certainly defer to him. I would imagine he would want to see this.

“People have been saying this whole — the concept of Ukraine, they have been talking about it actually for a long time. You know that, and I would certainly defer to the attorney general.

“And we’ll see what he says about it. He calls them straight. That’s one thing I can tell you,” President Trump said.

Src: The Federalist Papers


  1. My suggestion is an independent, impartial, non-political investigative organization to do the complete investigation — NOT the fbi,doj or the any of the agencies still loyal to the dirtbags obama and clinton.


    1. I agree, I think the entire party has totally lost htheir minds. They are all in another world. They have become haters, they want to tax us to death, give 70% or 80% of our money, free everything, and socialism medicine. The worst thing that could happen is for our(my) country to become the SOCIO-Communist world. We can’t allow this to happen. Waters, Nadler, Schiff, Swalwell, Peter who ever, Beto who has a police record. Tear down the wall, unlimited accesses to USA. and on and on with these absolutely will not come to pass. Peter is scary, Beto(needs to use deodrant) and stop talking absolute nonsense. Harris is an IDIOT, Uncle Joe is almost 80 years old and has a problem Bernie is to far left and to think he would allow people in prison to vote is so sick.. The Dems are going to be the ones to suffer. They are so radical that they will do anything to destroy Trump. But MY president won’t allow it to happen. Shitty Schiff and SWalwell are both idiots with SWalwell and his NUKES remark and his obsession with Amendment 2 about guns. Nadler is just pout for blood and he doesn’t care where he can finally destroy Trumps’ presidency. The Dems have lost their minds. The are obsessed with Trump. And Joe haas a lot of nasty baggage to bring along. President Trump will override all the Dems. God is watching.

  3. The MSM is not selling news. They are selling a leftist ideology that is way off base. Their numbers are dropping because the American people are seeing the lies they are spreading and the twist they put on real news. When will they see this and start doing the job they are supposed to do.

  4. ABOUT TIME! Shwe belongs in jail and awaiting execution for treason! Enough is enough! Time for the truth and let all of her supporters cry for being stupid and protecting her! This is my opinion and allowed by the first amendment!

  5. investagate biden also for interfearing with a procecuator in ukrane he made a deal for his son to recive millions of dollors. he is a crook to.

  6. The president doesn’t actually be out for blood. All that needs to be done is actually prosecute some of these criminals. If time drags on long enough it will be another crime spree that gets swept under the rug and forgotten. It’s time that there is justice in this country instead of allowing criminals to go free. The people are tired of it.

  7. What’s the point in concentrating on Hillary? That pathetic old women can’t do anybody any good, better she should disappear into the night and mist.

  8. Its about time, everyone knows Hillary is Guilty, maybe some Justice will finally happen.

  9. Carrey belings in a loony bin, not on social media. He’s a one trick pony whose time has expired.

    1. He, like a lot of entertainment(I use that term loosely) are just tools for the left. If the left regains control they will throw all of them under the bus because the will no longer need them.

  10. The only true and fair news company that treats everything and everyone with the same respect that one would want to each other is fox news, it took a bit to side with fox news , but when things started to go south in our political government parties there came a business man who put a wrench in the works . ever since then the country has been turned upside down because the man won and because of their hate of someone not being a lifer politicon who has had only one job for 30 40 years they hated him with a passion that distorts their thinking. Now back to my first sentence , fox news is the only true news channel that hears all sides of the story, and even bring guest’s on fromthe other side, so to speak . so their thoughts and ideas are talked out or about, there is two side to any story ,fox news allow it to be heard, granted when i hear these people spout aurround misinturned statements i have a tend to throw something through my tv, but i turnand walkaway these onesided people dont back away they really believe whet they say and believe even if it’s wrong. nuff said

  11. Arrest the Clintons & Obamas for TREASON. EXECUTE THEM ALL, including all their minions
    & Soros. !!!

  12. I hope trump takes them all down…killery..obama. WRRen waters ND ll the rest. Comey especially
    Let’s not forget pelosi…..can.t wait. …….

  13. It is about time that some “honest” said they were going to investigate her. She has broken so many laws that it will be more than just a day question and Answer. She’s broken 20+ Federal laws, she has damaged our Judicial System by lying to them and in a turn around they protected her. She is the most dangerous person because a great many people have come up dead or missing. (80+). She treated everyone like slaves. “Don’t speak to me unless you need an answer. Do not come into my office unless I send for you. Keep everything you have heard , never to repeat. Just read one of the books, Secrets of the Secret Service. How they hated her. She talked down to everyone and made it known “DO NOT DISTURB”, Bill was always coming in with black and blue marks. No, it was her having a fit of temper and truth be known, Bill was the one being abused. She screamed, she over drank, she threw things, and had absolutely no self control. A sociopath with Bipolar is a dangerous person.She is a trader to the American people. When mad she looks like SATAN, she won’t ever find Heaven, but she sure as hell will find the devil! SHE NEEDS TO BE AFRAID OF GOD!

    1. WE, THE CITIZENS of The UNITED STATES!..,must THANK our “Lucky Star!” that THE KILLER WITCH did NOT get her “wish”!!!!

  14. Hillary Clinton needs to be found guilty in more than 80+ murders and suicides. Her career of destruction STARTS IN HOPE MARY ANN LISANTI (D) in which 65% black population and highly affluent is like door knocking in a N—ER DISTRICT. THIS FROM (D)LISANTI0. Prince George , AMAZING PLACE,AND THE 69TH RICHEST IN AMERICA AND DEMOCRATS LIKE US TO CONTINUE CALLING THEM N==ER-. JUST ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF A “TOLERANT LIBERAL” SHOWING HER TRUE COLORS!


  16. I am not interested in retribution, but justice does need to be upheld. If the rich and powerful are allowed to enrich themselves, while breaking the law, then credibility for the law suffers. When faith in fairness is gone, the “Great Unwashed” will rise up, like Bolsheviks, in defiance of those requirements the law expects of the commoners. I say investigate “The Hag”, give her a fair trial, then hang her! Lock up, all who assisted her, even her husband. Clean up the Swamp! MAGA !

  17. this is all part of the Maoist cultural revolution the socialist communist democrats are running against the entire country. they want to destroy the country !!!!! they are using the bankrupt policies of a Maoist revolution with all it’s hate and racism!!! cause they have nothing else to offer!! all these nuts!! need to be rounded up and moved out!! We don’t need them. ever!!!

  18. The communist democrats are running a Maoist cultural revolution!! they want to turn america into a communist state!!! It all starts with all the blame shifting and spying on good people!! spreading communist hate and discontent against everybody and everything !!!all must be stopped!!! most of us are not interested in their political garbage !!

  19. Arrest Hillary and her corrupt allies that want to communize the country!!! the sooner they go on trail for their crimes the better!!! That’s all I’m interested in seeing!!! NO MORE IMPEACH TRUMP GARBAGE !!!

    1. She really doesn’t have a lot to talk about Impeachment does she. I’d like to see her in STRIPES ! She will be if Barr does his job.!

  20. Why don’t the investigation include Barack Hussein Obama??? The Islamic Snakehead at the top! The Uranium finally most likely went to Iran our arch enemy! Street smart slithery snake Obama was an expert in getting others to push his illegal agendas! Now he’s hiding like a scared mouse! Jail this Kenyan infadel!!

    1. They need to send ICE after him, he came here as a foreign student obtained student loans & aid as a foreign student then overstayed his student visa and never left. Why else do you think he had ALL his records sealed. He needs to be rounded up and deported and thats after serving time for aiding and abetting illegal activity in Clintons spying on and obstructing justice in the last campaign

    2. It will since they found the previous lost emails on his hard drive and he didn’t disclose it, accessory to the fact. Send them all away, maybe an Idea. Briton send boat loads of criminals to Austraila many years ago as a penal colony, Why don’t we send our to Mars with no return ticket PROBLEM solved

  21. This article says Pres. Trump is out for blood. Well I have been waiting to see all the ones attached to obama and hillary on trial for the crimes they have committed. We finally have a President that is not beholden to the deep state. The republicans in the House of Representavies should all be ousted next election for not helping our President the first two years in office led by Paul Ryan. Now we have a bunch of idiots in charge of the house. Just watching Nancy Pelosi always in front of the camera with fake smile of hers and flapping her arms around like a helicopter makes me want to throw up. Go Mr. President MAGA.

  22. Taking a close look at the ownership of 96% of the MSM clarifies the organization behind the “fake news”. The MSM publicizes 100% propaganda, intended to gain support of the public for the goals of the owners of the MSM. Search on the phrase, tapnewswire 96.

  23. More effectively, go after the organization that placed him in Chicago. Their fairy tale is the fraudulent information, “son of the CIA operative, Ann Dunham, and being born in Hawaii.” His relationship with Hillary reflects her relationship with George HW Bush and the CIA. “The Immaculate Deception Bush Crime Family Exposed”, Bowen, Russell S.

  24. I don’t know why bitch has not been stung up a long time ago. What the hell is clever/special about Killary? She has such a megalomaniac ego and nothing else. Plus her alleged child stuff. Turn one’s stomach/

  25. It is about time they investigate Hillary for all the crimes she committed and hopefully she will go to jail.
    What an evil woman she is and an embarrassment to other women.
    Time to get her locked up.

  26. I have done wrong in my life, I know right from wrong because it was instilled in me by family and friends and an ever present spirit that convicts the soul of man. Many reasons contributed to my wrongdoing but the bottom line is to admit when your wrong, accept your punishment and never repeat those mistakes again. Good people admit when their wrong because the truth convicts the heart of truthful, honest and decent people. So it’s really easy to know a liar, a cheat , theif and murderer by the that they lie and cheat without any remorse and inability to ever admit to doing wrong. Hillary, her cronies and many others in government positions and the media should be held accountable. They are an evil people that do not retain God in their conscience ,msking them a friend and child of the devil. They can be forgiven, but first they have to allow God into their life and accept the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. It’s a free gift to those who repent of their sins and allow God to sear their consciousness in which they will be happy to turn away from lying. Once a person understands that lying, yes just lying, is as great a sin as murder because lying in itself causes all sorts of evilness and greater sins in so much that God turns His face from those who refuse to follow and allow God to control their heart’s and mind’s. So all of this stuff going on today is simply a battle between good and evil. All those, especially those with great influence that reject God and his righteousness will be held accountable. So my prayers are that God hears the prayer’s of the righteous few and that Gjudgement is swift and certain. May God bless those that are his and destroy all those who promote evil for their own selfishness. Watch out Hillary. MSN, CNN, BBC, and all you crooked liars and theifs because God cannot be mocked and your destruction is sure. Repent before its to late is my prayers for you.

  27. This proves that most highly regarded comedians are really naive and stupid despite thier extraordinarily quick wits because of their idiotic politics. They fall for socialism every time despite the horrible record socialism has in the world, Nazism being their lowest point by far, socialism at its worst.

  28. Any investigation into Hillary and her multiple crimes of many different varieties should have already been concluded, prosecuted, and followed by incarceration for life. No DP, Life without parole. In any case, she should spend her life behind bars just for being a mean, nasty b/witch.

  29. Officals better have the guts to put Clinton behind bars for ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the crimes she has committed……..Now is the time..

  30. It is time for Hillary , her boss (Obama) and their whole corrupt party , do not forget Bill Clinton to go under the Microscope and pay for all of their wasteful spending, promises with no Action ! With the exception of dividing America, causing the DEATHS of Police, First Responders and don’t forget all the Americans that that were killed of Injured because of their actions ! We have Joe Biden going around forcing his affections on children and Adults, yet Obama KISSES a MAN on National NEWS, even his wife and Oprah were SHOCKED ! There is a FEDERAL LAW that is taught to every Government Official and Employee ! It is called EEOC-Sexual Harassment !

  31. THis traitor to AMerica needs to be thoroughly investigated. She has over 20 Federal Crimes she has broken. She has lied under oath. She and Obama and their big lies about BENGHAZI. Paying for the Fish and Collusion that she paid for. How about the massive amount of money sent to her Foundation for the $200,000.00 given to Russia. How about the plutonium given to Iran and the $150,000,000,000. given to Iran under darkness in the middle of the night. UnSolved murfer and suicides that lead to the Clinton’s door step. She is an Alcoholic bi-polar who won’t let people talk to her unless she gives them permission. I guess the Big RED guy below us is looking for another fallen believer.

  32. Game on as usual… you all call for justice? Just as it has been and will always be..ain’t nobody going to rock the boat.. ’cause all of us are just as guilty as they are.. nothing but talk and no action.. I remember seeing on the news when I was a kid when the soviet leader of the then U.S.S.R, Chreuschev, paid a visit to the UN and and in his speech while banging his shoe on the podium said ” The US will be taken without a shot being fired!” If we as awhile don’t pull our heads out of that deep dark warm moist nether parts on the lower posterior side of our bodies and get it together then I guess the Kremlin leader of that time made a foremost and conclusive prediction. At this stage of the game I’d be willing to bet that those clowns will walk and the rest will talk… game on as usual… nothing gained while all will be lost!!!!!!!!!!!

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