Did he seriously say that!?

Rioters in Wisconsin recently attacked a Democrat state senator while destroying property outside the state capitol building.

A report from USA Today stated, “During the melee late Tuesday, Democratic state Sen. Tim Carpenter was assaulted after taking a photo of protesters. Protesters, chanting for the release of the man who’d been arrested earlier, also broke glass at the Tommy Thompson Center on West Washington Avenue and smashed windows at the Dane County Jail and at the state Capitol before police arrived just before 1 a.m.”

After the attack Carpenter said, “I don’t know what happened … all I did was stop and take a picture … and the next thing I’m getting five-six punches, getting kicked in the head. This has got to stop before someone gets killed. Sad thing I’m on their side for peaceful demonstrations — am a Gay Progressive Dem Senator served 36 years in the legislature.”

That’s hilarious! He said he was “on their side” yet he still got beat up. Seems like they don’t care who it is, as long as rioters get to destroy and riot, they will go after anyone or anything.

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Image Credit: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel