How are people still watching them?

Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean recently attacked CNN for their nine-minute interview with Governor Andrew Cuomo because they neglected to ask him about “the state’s prior policy on returning nursing home residents to their homes even if they had the virus.”

She tweeted, “@CNN doesn’t ask @NYGovCuomo about nursing home deaths. Shame on @PoppyHarlowCNN and @jimsciutto. Bravo to @SRuhle on @MSNBC for being a journalist.”

She also wrote: “How hard is it to ask the question about 6,000+ New York seniors that were sitting ducks thanks to @NYGov Cuomo’s order to contaminate nursing homes with Covid positive patients? What if it was 6,000 kids? Would that make a difference? It shouldn’t. Do your job @CNN.”

Interviewer Jim Sciutto replied to Dean saying, “We pressed him on: -NYers flouting health restrictions during reopening -Why NY waited six years after Eric Garner to ban chokeholds -Potential barriers to mail-in voting during 2nd wave. As journalists, we press officials of both parties every day. Thank you for watching.”

Dean was having none of it. She responded promptly, “You had 9 minutes to ask him a very important question. A question @NYGov Cuomo rarely gets asked on your channel. 6,000+ deaths. An order that was scrubbed off the government website. Don’t you think our families deserve answers? Nice try though. Good use of dashes.”

Read the full story here.

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