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Town Deals Devastating Blow To Christians

This is out of line.

Salinas, California has recently told an evangelical Christian church to sell their property because the church stuck out like a sore thumb.

A report from the Christian Post stated that New Harvest Christian Fellowship had bought the downtown building after growing, but a new city ordinance “prohibits houses of worship from occupying the first floor of downtown buildings.”

The City has stated that the usage of their land is “to stimulate commercial activity within the City’s downtown, which had been in a state of decline, and to establish a pedestrian-friendly, active and vibrant Main Street.” Therefore, a California U.S. District Court ruled in favor for the selling of the church property.

The Court stated that “churches generate limited interest, do not draw tourists, and therefore detract from the city’s stated goals.”

It’s insane how the Left is using all in their power to implement their own beliefs. Even churches aren’t safe.

Read the full story here.

Image Credit: American Magazine


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