(SAN FRANCISCO) — With public clamor growing for the release of footage from Donald Trump’s reign on “The Apprentice,” entertainment giant MGM said Wednesday that it owns the reality TV show, not the program’s executive producer Mark Burnett, and could not unilaterally release any unaired, archived material due to existing contractual obligations.

MGM attorney Marvin S. Putnam said in a statement that such agreements “typically contain provisions related to confidentiality and artists’ rights.” He said MGM, which purchased Mark Burnett Productions in December, would honor those rights.

In the same joint statement, Burnett said he has never been a supporter of Trump’s candidacy. He said he felt compelled to issue that statement because of what he called “false media reports” about his supposed support. He said that he and his wife “reject the hatred, division and misogyny” that have been “a very unfortunate part” of Trump’s campaign.

On Monday, in a joint statement, Burnett said that he doesn’t have the ability or the right to release footage from the long-running show hosted by the Republican presidential nominee.

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source: http://time.com/4529274/donald-trump-apprentice-tapes-mgm/