During the recent Republican presidential primary debate on Wednesday evening, President Joe Biden took a moment to praise Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for criticizing former President Donald Trump.

“Fully on board with that sentiment,” was the message from Biden’s X account at 9:28 p.m. ET, echoing the sentiments of the Biden campaign’s account which pointed out Trump’s absence from the debate.

Biden has consistently voiced his criticisms of both Trump and DeSantis, who are considered his major contenders for the 2024 presidential race. Following DeSantis’ remark about Trump being “absent when needed,” Biden publicly expressed his agreement.

The Biden campaign’s official account on X quoted DeSantis as saying, “[Donald Trump] should be here defending his decision which added 7.8 trillion to our national debt, leading to our current inflation issues.”

It’s worth noting, however, that Biden chose to overlook the part where DeSantis also criticized him.

DeSantis had remarked that while Biden seemed to be “nowhere to be found in terms of leadership, neither is Donald Trump.”

Yet, by sharing that specific campaign message at 9:27 p.m. ET, some sections of the media interpreted it as a sign of Biden’s keen interest in the GOP’s ongoing discussions.

Apart from this brief acknowledgment of DeSantis’ critique of Trump, no other posts related to the debate were found on Biden’s X account for that evening.