During a recent appearance on “CBS Mornings,” Karen Pence, the spouse of the former Vice President Mike Pence, shared her observations regarding the apparent change in ex-President Trump’s alignment with the conservative values he once advocated for during his presidential tenure.

She emphasized that the Trump administration, in which her husband played a key role, had been steadfast in its conservative approach. Nevertheless, Karen Pence pointed out discernible changes in Trump’s recent declarations, suggesting a possible shift away from these conservative values. She alluded to certain statements by Trump but did not specify which ones.

Tony Dokoupil, a CBS co-host, cited polls indicating that while Trump enjoys the support of many Republican voters in states like Iowa and New Hampshire, they don’t necessarily perceive him as a true conservative. In response, Karen Pence opined that a closer analysis of Trump’s recent comments would unveil a contrast with his earlier standpoints. She shared that she and her husband aim to raise awareness about this perceived shift, with plans to emphasize this during an upcoming debate, where Mike Pence is set to participate.

In the forthcoming GOP presidential debate held in Simi Valley, California, Mike Pence stands as one of seven participants. Trump, who currently leads in the GOP standings, has decided to skip this debate again, preferring an engagement with autoworkers in Michigan. Current polling places Mike Pence somewhere between the fourth and fifth spots among the candidates.

During the interview, Karen Pence subtly conveyed her apprehensions about Trump’s potential return to the White House if her husband doesn’t secure the nomination, stating the importance of not placing individual interests above the Constitution.

Despite the strong alliance between Trump and Mike Pence during Trump’s presidency, there were notable differences between them, particularly related to the events of January 6, 2021. Trump’s efforts to persuade Mike Pence to reject the 2020 election results, which Pence viewed as contrary to his constitutional duties, created significant tension. Mike Pence has been vocal in his disagreement with Trump on matters related to prioritizing personal gain over constitutional obligations.