During the GOP debate on Wednesday, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) criticized the influence of teachers’ unions, notably referencing First Lady Jill Biden’s affiliation with them.

“Today’s public school system isn’t controlled by its citizens but by the teachers’ unions,” remarked Christie. “People like Randi Weingarten and her team prioritize defending certain teachers over championing the welfare of our students.”

He added, “When the president’s spouse is affiliated with teachers’ unions, it’s hard to challenge their dominance daily. It seems there’s a daily advocate for some teachers within the White House, rather than for student excellence.”

“A U.S. president should challenge the teachers’ unions. I did it in New Jersey and will continue to do so if I become the president,” he declared.

During the debate’s segment on education, ex-Vice President Mike Pence responded to Christie’s mention of the president’s marital connection to the union. “While my wife isn’t part of the teachers’ union, I should mention that I’ve shared my life with a teacher for nearly four decades. Just being transparent,” Pence noted.

The First Lady is associated with the National Education Association. President Biden has expressed his strong support for unions and was seen supporting the United Auto Workers recently.