So it has come to this…

Failed 2020 Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren recently attached an amendment to the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act which Sen. Tom Cotton stated was considered a “push to erase American history.”

Cotton said, “It may be portrayed in the media as Confederate named bases but it’s far more radical. It’s far more extreme. It would require a crane to go into to Arlington Cemetery and carry out the Memorial to war dead.”

“It would do the same thing to cemeteries all around the country. It would shut down exhibits in military museums of the Civil War.”

“It would require the removal of paintings from the Walls of West Point depicting Civil War battle scenes. That’s how sweeping and radical this proposal is.”

When Warren introduced to amendment, she said, “This bill covers more than military bases. It also requires name changes for federal buildings and streets on those military bases and at other installations that celebrate the traitors who took up arms against the United States to defend slavery.”

Warren doesn’t seem to understand that changing names will not change what happened. Read the full story here.

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