Was this the best he could do?

Recently, former Vice President Joe Biden decided to attack President Trump and stated that “Putin carries around Trump akin to a caged dog.”

Biden held a virtual campaign fundraiser and said, “While in fact, he’s coddling Putin — Putin carries him around like a puppy in one of those little puppy cages.”

Biden also added, “While that’s going on, he attacks the senator from Illinois — who is a literal hero — combat veteran lost both legs fighting for her country and he says she’s not a patriot. Folks, we cannot let this stand.”

He continued saying, “I can’t tell you how I felt today when I heard the President of the United States Donald Trump questioning your patriotism. I found it virtually disgusting, sickening. I know you can handle yourself. I said, ‘I’m glad I wasn’t standing next to him.’ You said you can handle yourself. You already have. You’ve done that.”

Seems like Biden is trying to grasp at anything he can in order to attack Trump. Not having actual rallies for people to boost moral will hurt Biden in the long run.

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