Candace Kanavel is a multifaceted individual, even boasting a tiara to her name!

This remarkable member of the SWAT team in Tempe, Arizona, is preparing to make history as the first law enforcement professional to grace the stage at the Miss USA pageant, as announced by the Tempe Police Department.

In a conversation with Phoenix’s ABC affiliate KNXV, Kanavel expressed her desire to offer a glimpse into the lives of those in law enforcement. “Officers have passions, families, and myriad interests beyond their job,” she shared.

At 27, Kanavel isn’t just a regular officer. She holds a crucial role as a SWAT hostage negotiator for the Tempe Police Department. Having been titled Miss Arizona earlier this year, she observes a fascinating overlap between her two worlds. “Whether I’m in my police attire or donning my pageant sash and crown, my goal remains the same: to aid those in need. It’s the same mission, merely a different attire,” noted Kanavel, who proudly acknowledges her Japanese American heritage.

She’s a firm believer in pursuing diverse passions and encourages everyone to break free from societal labels. “Society often tries to confine us to certain roles. But my journey demonstrates that we are not defined by these boundaries. We can achieve whatever we set our minds to,” she passionately added.

As she gears up to contend for the coveted title, Kanavel cheekily shared on Instagram that meeting Sandra Bullock, the star of the film “Miss Congeniality” – where Bullock plays an FBI agent who goes undercover in a pageant – is on her wish list.

The Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, Nevada, will be buzzing with excitement for the 2023 Miss USA pageant, where the reigning Miss USA 2022, Morgan Romano from North Carolina, will pass on the crown to her successor.