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Dan Crenshaw EXPOSES Rashida Tlaib As TOTAL idiot

She has a STRONG miss-understanding of this basic topic…

Texas Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw said Michigan Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s “deeply immoral” plan to give taxpayer money to middle- and low-income Americans is a basic “misunderstanding of economics.”

Tlaib’s proposed bill would directly offer an annual payment of $3,000 to individuals and $6,000 to families as a way to raise wages and alleviate poverty in the U.S., according to a report from The Washington Post published last week.

Crenshaw discussed the proposal Monday night with Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum.

After a brief discussion of California’s plan to give illegal immigrants taxpayer-subsidized health coverage — a move Crenshaw called “immoral” and “not fair to the taxpayers living there” — MacCallum turned the topic to Tlaib’s proposal.

“It’s a misunderstanding of basic economics and also human nature,” Crenshaw explained. “It’s a misunderstanding of economics because, one, we always have to ask the question, ‘How will we pay for it? Are we going to put our children into even more debt? Are we going to raise taxes on somebody else?’”

The Texas congressman noted that the U.S. already has “one of the most progressive tax systems in the entire world,” but such proposals entice “people not to work.”

“If you are making more than $49,000 a year then you’re gonna have an incentive not to take that extra job or extra promotion because you’re gonna lose your benefits,” he said. “It’s not a smart or efficient way to do welfare policy.”

The “better way,” according to Crenshaw, is “earned income tax credits or work requirements for able-bodied people to receive welfare.”

“That encourages them to get a job and to keep working and to promote themselves, to actually be self-reliant. That would be the moral thing to do,” he said before explaining why it also gets human nature wrong:

It also misunderstands human nature, because it’s basically making people dependent on government. We have to ask ourselves the question, ‘Why wouldn’t she just propose a tax cut?’ She’s not proposing a tax cut because she wants you to be dependent on government. This is deeply immoral. It’s just not the right thing to do. We don’t want another bureaucracy handing out money. We just want people to keep more money, so why doesn’t she work with us on tax cuts?

Alaska has a universal basic income (UBI policy) that distributes unconditional cash payments of $2,000 to each resident of the state. In a study by the National Bureau of Economic Research that examines the impact of UBI in Alaska, researchers found that the payment did not entice people to stop working full-time:

It is reasonable to expect an unconditional cash transfer, such as a universal income, to decrease employment. A key concern with a universal basic income is that it could discourage people from working, but our research shows that the possible reductions in employment seem to be offset by increases in spending that in turn increase the demand for more workers.

Part-time work, however, increased by 17%.

Forbes notes that there was also a “noticeable difference in various sectors. … For instance, in sectors where the goods or services produced could be traded outside of Alaska, part-time employment went down, but this appeared to be more than offset by increases in part-time employment in the non-tradable sectors of the Alaskan economy.”

Tlaib reportedly called the plan “earned income tax credits on steroids” and a “broader umbrella for families that make $50,000 or less if you are single, or $100,000 or less if you are a family.”

However, as Justin Haskins pointed out, how many more of the nation’s millions of unfilled jobs would remain unfilled “if people were encouraged by checks from the government to cut back their hours or avoid work altogether?”

Src: The Daily Caller


  1. Thank goodness we have people like Crenshaw in Congress. We need more.
    Tlaib is just like the rest of the Left. They want to make slaves out of all of the
    people like have the blacks and minorities. They want to illegals in so badly so
    they can make them slaves and make them vote for the Left in order to continue
    to get their handouts. The Left takes away the soul and dignity of people to serve
    their craving for Power and Control. Those currently under their thumb need to
    throw them off and learn to be independent humans again and no longer slaves
    to the Left. The minority communities are making such noise about slavery and they
    don’t realize they are just as much slaves to the Democrats and those who were
    brought here in the past. They have been kept down by those who they think are
    going to free them. Pathetic

  2. The Democrats are so desperate for votes they will promise anything to get them. They’d promise to give people free groceries for the rest of their life if they would get a vote out of it. How stupid are liberals? Democrats need to be voted out ASAP. They’re trying to destroy our country and turn us into a third-world welfare state. NOTHING is free. VOTE THEM OUT.

  3. NEVER ‘accuse’ any liberal of being a complete idiot – they will always find a way to lose even more ground.
    That being said, welfare should be handled at the local and state level – look how badly the feds have mucked it up and the libs still want to take more from the producers and give it to the too lazy to earn their own way.The term welfare bums was invented for a reason.

  4. Tlaib wasn’t promoted by Soros and Young Turk Islamists because she was smart, she was promoted because she was dumb, immoral and broke.
    Soros and Young Turk Islamists plan on 80 like her in the 2020’s to gain office and I’ll bet that the DNC allows it to happen!

  5. The Democrats are imploding from within their own party. The election in 2020 will be laughable. There is no strong. candidate to stand for the DEMOCRATs. Not one of the 24 people. Some are a joke. Some are desperate and only 4 have double digit numbers. And not one of them is acceptable!

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