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NYT Writer ATTACKS Navy Seal Dan Crenshaw, Gets DESTROYED

He even went as far as to compare him to Ilhan Omar. YIKES…

Don’t mess with Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw.

Just don’t do it.

Not only is the war hero a former Navy SEAL, but he’s an all-around good guy who has facts on his side.

Crenshaw has gone toe-to-toe with numerous Democrats since winning a seat in Congress, and he has shown no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

From Daily Wire:

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) slammed far-left New York Times writer Wajahat Ali on Tuesday after Ali mocked the notion that Republicans like Crenshaw were “patriots” and falsely claimed that Crenshaw did not support the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund.

Ali made his vile comments in response to comedian Jon Stewart slamming members of Congress on Tuesday over their failure “to ensure that a victims’ compensation fund set up after the 9/11 attacks won’t run out of money — and for skipping a hearing devoted to that very crisis,” Fox News reported.

Check out Ali’s deleted tweet:

Crenshaw’s response:

Ali then tried once more, because why not, right?

During one of his numerous deployments to Afghanistan, Crenshaw was blinded by a roadside bomb. Dan lost his right eye but surgery saved the vision in his left eye.

He has received two Bronze Stars, the Purple Heart, and the Navy Commendation Medal with Valor.

And yet, none of that matters to far-left, unhinged liberals who seek to defend embattled freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar (MN) at all costs.

Crenshaw was dismayed when he heard that Omar said “some people did something” on 9/11, as were all proud Americans.

Src: Flag & Cross


  1. It’s a shame that people in Congress and the media can’t respect a war hero. It is terrible that facts were not investigated before someone chose to throw mud. I’m sick of all the mud slinging.

  2. Kay, your right even some of our Politicians over look our Veterans, or First responders. Politicians are actually doing more for the illegals than our Veterans and First responders. They want to give them free heath and Medical Ins. Low class and Middle class illegals. California will tax the working people and it will cost $98 Million a year. This is the Democratic Party voting for this. And our First responders from 911 are having a hard time getting what they need. Our Society is so backwards I can’t see straight. I used to be Democrat but after their hate and bullying and being so Obsessed with Trump and not having control of their own party. Pelosi needs to resign she’s lost all control of herself. Some of her party needs to be checked for their behavior. But she’s scared they’ll fight her back. Wake up Americans!!!!

  3. The NYT dude is as stupid as the idiot AOC
    send them both to front lines and give a
    rifle with no ammo and tell them if they
    get back they can say what their stupid
    idiotic mouths were saying, then send
    them back and DO NOT LET THEM BACK

  4. Anytime a DemonRat Says They’re a ” Patriots ” Ask Them If They Voted To Fund The 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund !!!

    Omar May Be ” ALL FOR IT ” but…That DOESN’T PROVE She Actually Funded IT…just sayin

  5. i know u dont mess with a navy seal how stupid was the jurk. my dad was a marine and he would not take any crap from any one. them service men and women who are or were in special forces they know how to get things done

  6. This is just a case of a Liberal Dem Muslim trying his best to defend the indefensible anti-Am. Omar with a pathetic attempt to take on a real Hero who did do something, to some people, after 9/11! Where were you Whajhat Ali?! Still in your middle-school madrassa listening to your left wing Immam tell you how heroic the Jihadist soldiers for Allah, who flew those planes were? Or maybe You took up arms and joined the Seals?…oh, no, you became a “journalist” who sits around giving your biased unfounded opinions, supports other Jihadists like Omar and Talib and tries to tell the rest of us how Morally superior you and your ilk are to the average Americans. lol you are the one who will look like the fool each and every time. Oh, and your non-apology was a joke too.

  7. NY Writer in my eyes–next time he goes overseas no protection–and why didn’t he day his name–live up to your comment against a American Hero Also, all these comments by the news people overseas -better wash their mouth and actions–because they completely make idiot of themselves–they make big idiots by making a big fool of themselves\\ –with the women and conduct–they make the military people very uncomfortable Most of the news people think they get the same protection in overseas places as they do at home… The US Constitution only protects them here. This makes the Americans uncomfortable around them.

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