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Why POLICE OFFICERS Were Just Kicked Out Of Starbucks

This is an absolute SHAME…

Some police officers in Tempe, Ariz., say they were asked to leave a Starbucks coffee shop on the Fourth of July because a customer complained they “did not feel safe” with the cops present, according to reports.

Five officers were drinking coffee at the Starbucks location prior to their shift beginning when a barista asked them to move out of the complaining customer’s line of sight or else leave, the Tempe Officers Association wrote in a series of Twitter messages.

Rob Ferraro, president of the police union, told FOX 10 of Phoenix that such treatment of police officers seems to be happening more often these days.

“It’s become accepted to not trust or to see police and think that we’re not here to serve you, and again, it goes back to — we take great pride of the level of customer service we provide to citizens, and to be looked at as feeling unsafe when you have law enforcement around you is somewhat perplexing to me,” Ferraro told the station in a phone interview.

The police union also posted a series of Twitter messages about the incident.

“This treatment of public safety workers could not be more disheartening,” the union wrote. “While the barista was polite, making such a request at all was offensive. Unfortunately, such treatment has become all too common in 2019.”

The union said it did not blame the Starbucks corporate office, adding it looked forward “to working collaboratively with them on this important dialogue.”

Earlier Friday, the union tweeted a parody of the Starbucks logo, with the words “Dump Starbucks” and the image of a hand dumping the contents of a cup of coffee.

A Starbucks spokesman told the Arizona Republic the company was still gathering details about what happened.

“We have a deep respect for the Tempe Police and their service to the community,” spokesman Reggie Borges told the newspaper. “We’ve reached out to the Tempe Police Department and Tempe Officers Association to better understand what happened and apologize. We want everyone in our stores to feel welcomed and the incident described is not indicative of what we want any of our customers to feel in our stores.”

Neither the barista nor the customer who allegedly complained were identified. Starbucks would not say whether the barista would be disciplined in connection with the case.

In 2018, an incident at a Starbucks shop in Philadelphia made headlines when two black men who were waiting for a business colleague inside the shop were arrested for trespassing. The Philadelphia police commissioner later apologized to the men and Starbucks closed some 8,000 locations for part of a business day to conduct “racial bias training.”

Src: Fox News


  1. Starbucks should have asked the complainer to leave. I have a
    feeling it was nothing more than an assinine stunt to make
    them feel big while it actually just made them look small and
    insignificant. These people are such stupid and ignorant asses.

    1. It was more than that. I would venture to say that the other customer was an illegal, criminal, or antifia. Or could have been all three in one. All or one does not matter. The police scares them because they now that the police means trouble for their acts of crime and distruction. Starbucks it is time you stand by America and what we stand for. You will get more customers by being true Americans instead of standing with they Left Wing Nut’s that have emerged thru the Democrap Party.

      1. If it was an illegal who asked for the cops removal, all I can say is how can you afford those prices at Starbucks. I am on SS and a small pension but I could not afford those prices just for a cup of coffee.

        1. mary i cant afford that coffee either i did once of the money i had i tried there coffee. ur right the price isnt worth it i didnt find it was any good. i love french vanilla and that was crapy. what the jurk did to the police what the heck why didnt he go to the police and say something lol he was a jurk and a lier, and probably an illigal person who didnt want the cops to get a good look at him or her to get there butts arrested. and starbuck get with the program and dont let jurks tell u what u can have in the store. u should have taken the jurk and take them to the police and let them tell the police lol u fools they would have asked his name and get the load down on the jurk. if u are not americans close ur expensive stores or get ur prices down where all american can afford

    2. To have suggested to the complainer if he felt threatened in the presence of the cops to leave the premises, would have been the right thing to do not the other way round. Too much respect is being lost in our modern society, to fail respect for parents, teachers, the elders and authority is a lost society, a great loss. Savages and animals retain a code of respect, they know right from wrong. Alas, this is the downward path for the sick modern man..

      1. Precisely…..why would anyone stay where they felt threatened??? Utterly childish garbage, but then again, it IS a Starubuck’s where they pull this kind of childish, liberal garbage on a daily basis, and the very reason I don’t use them anymore.

    3. You took my words almost EXACTLY!!!! I hope when they get robbed the police say they have been asked NOT TO GO TO STAR SUCKS!!!!

      1. Yes I agree, it would be great Karma if this store were to have to call 911 for the police and there was no answer!! I have been getting Starsucks pods for our Keurig coffee machines for years but of course that will end as of NOW! Sadly this damn company has turned anti American and no longer deserve to be in business in this country!

    4. I would have told the barista to kiss my Asz! They bought thier coffee and have every right to be there. People like the barista and complainer have No respect for anyone, much less for themselves!

    5. I will NEVER step foot in a Starbucks again as long as I live. Wouldnt bother me is it went out of business!

    6. i personally hope that when starbucks and this moron person need a cop – they don’t show up. it’s ridiculous that someone was offended bc cops were in a place getting coffee – (which sucks anyway).

      i myself have chosen to not support any place that hates – esp cops – i have told many people not to support starbucks (actually it’s starbucks sucks)

    7. yes the complainer should be asked to leave. they have a choice. starbucks employess in tempe are the dregs of society along with their patron.

    8. I would let all criminals there know that the Starbucks is now available for the taking as no self-respecting police officer would answer any call from that store. They would not want to scare any Starbucks manager or employee and that would be true for all Starbucks stores.

    9. I hope this Starbucks never has the occasion to need police.
      I think the response time will be very slow.

    10. Well said Sandra….. I was thinking the SAME thing and would’ve done JUST That if I were the barista

  2. If star bucks knew how much I spend at their store’s they would think twice about how they treat our police officers. I would have asked the customer to leave are totally ignore them. But I will NOT be doing business with star Buck’s anymore.

    1. Good for you!!! The very idea that policemen who are taking a coffe break would be harrassed like this is very depressing and shows how little our younger generation understands how “bratty” some of their generation have become! If I had been anywhere near this childish behavior, I would have probably been asked to leave too, because I would have been shaming those BRATS and shaking my head at the stupidity of the person who asked them to leave. Does anyone believe that if you had some nasty punks follow those brats in and accost them for their wallets, credit cards, cash money, etc., they wouldn’tt have been whining for the local police to come to their rescue? What kind of spoiled brats are we sending to college these days?

      1. How do you know it was a young person? Why call the person a “brat”? What’s wrong with someone not feeling comfortable with a bunch of cops around? Considering officers killing innocent people and their reasoning is always the same, “I fear for my life”, why can’t a citizen feel the same way when they see a a bunch of cops? Whining is not inclusive to young people. I’ve seen older persons become whiners, on top of being irritable and disrespectful to anyone. From your opinion you sound like someone who doesn’t like young people. Stop stereotyping! All young people are not bad just as all officers are not killers!

  3. if Starbucks management at that location had any sense or balls they would have told the idiot complaining customers to pick up and LEAVE FORTHWITH

    if Starbucks management att

  4. You cannot pay me enough to go into a STARBUCKS PET ALONE DRINK ONE OF THEIR FOUL SMELLING DRINKS and I have been drinking coffee since 1962.

  5. The server should have told the cops that a customer was getting out of hand and needed removed


    1. How do you know it was a young person? Why call the person a “brat”? What’s wrong with someone not feeling comfortable with a bunch of cops around? Considering officers killing innocent people and their reasoning is always the same, “I fear for my life”, why can’t a citizen feel the same way when they see a a bunch of cops? Whining is not inclusive to young people. I’ve seen older persons become whiners, on top of being irritable and disrespectful to anyone. From your opinion you sound like someone who doesn’t like young people. Stop stereotyping! All young people are not bad just as all officers are not killers!

  7. As long as we cater to these idiots they will keep on doing this asinine crap. It’s time to either put the foot down or put it up their ass.

    1. Just another store on my list that I refuse to do business with. Right next to Nike and Ben & Jerry’s and Dicks sporting goods. I vote with my wallet. To deny service to a customer, in uniform or out, police or military is unacceptable. Especially since Starbucks has needle deposit boxes in their restrooms.

  8. More sick leftist behavior. Folks, we do not have the right to not be offended, period. That is a slippery slope that no one should want to go down. I would have told that customer the obvious, that police are there to protect us and if you do not feel safe, you must be a criminal.

    1. That’s stupid on your part! As if customers can’t complain about cops? Why not? Officers of the law are to protect. Considering the circumstances of today, the here and now, there are officers killing innocent people. Obviously, there are people who also see groups of officers as not a deterrent to violence but a threat to one’s life!

  9. the police should of asked the complainer for proof , if legal ect , the out right disgrace Starbucks .dump should be fined big time the coffee maker should be punished big time

  10. I have never been in a Starbucks. Being raised as a Cajun, I drink real coffee not that pu$$y stuff them Yankees sell.

    1. Horrendous treatment of the right (Police officers always represent the right to a moronic liberal) is NEVER considered discrimination. That’s a charge that’s reserved for the left to make whenever they get their feelings hurt. Just as a black person cannot be a racist, a liberal cannot be guilty of discrimination.

  11. If this is their attitude I say go scorched earth on them and don’t their products at the cafes or in the stores. Maybe they should call a bunch of Libertard Snowflakes the next time there is criminal activity at one of their stores.

  12. Actually it’s much more a political than a trust issue. I think that Starbucks would be “eating crow” when one of our Nation’s Finest” would prevent a robbery (or worse) there. Starbuck’s should be ashamed of themselves for treating our police officers like that and needs to rectify (like APOLOGIZE?!?) this situation. Thank you, on the police force, for putting your lives on the line every time you put on that uniform and I am VERY grateful for it. Thank you much, and have a great and safe July4th Holiday . . . Trump and his allies 2020.

  13. Poor little left wing nuts. They should feel safer with police in there. What if there had been a terrorist attack after the police left? It’s a shame that police can’t even get an over priced cup of coffee because of the lunatic left.

  14. I’ve already posted this but I’ll do it again. I’ve instructed all of my people to stay away from Starbucks and any other business who treats them this way. And to Starbucks, if you need the police they will be there. BUT it may take a little longer since there are”customers” who respect the uniform that must come first under any stress.

    1. I as a customer, would have joined the officers,and probably confronted the liberal customer and the Matias.

  15. To bad the barista didn’t feel comfortable enough to tell the offended customer to take a hike and feel free to never come back!

  16. They probably did feel uncomfortable if they had something to hide. Maybe they were wanted for a crime and afraid of being apprehended. Guess what I hey should have felt threatened – what a stupid barista! They should have asked for clarity what’s he officers did that was so threatening if they couldn’t provide an answer then disregard the complaint. The act of the bassists potentially put everyone else’s lives at risk for one who “felt threatened”. My suspicion though is that the complaining person didn’t fell threatened either they felt Hate which is a different emotion and it was permitted to win that day. I will begin to make my coffe at home now Starbucks just plain stupid move on Starbucks part!

  17. When I worked as a waitress in the 80’s, police officers were given free coffee and discounted meals anytime they came in in uniform as a thank you for what they did everyday. This was shameful, they were paying customers too, how sad when 1 customer can dictate who can or can’t be in Starbucks! Starbucks needs to apologize to the officers involved AND the local police department and make sure ALL officers are welcomed at ALL locations in the future. Other businesses should follow suit and show our officers we still respect them.

  18. I think that this is just another disrespectful step by STARBUCKS. After 9/11 a Marine unit wrote to the company and asked to purchase Starbucks Coffee. They were willing to pay the shipping but the reply was Starbucks doesn’t support the war, therefore we can not fulfill your request.

    I haven’t been in a Starbucks for for more than fifteen years and neither have a lot of Marine parents and now there will be a lot of Police parents that won’t be using Starbucks. They want your money but they don’t have enough integrity to support Law Enforcement.

  19. So…If I go into a store or a restaurant, and I don’t feel “comfortable” with all of the Liberals in there, can I ask management to ask them all to leave? I’m going to try that and see what happens.

  20. I feel safer when police are in the shop I am in. If you feel unsafe then you must have something to hide. I think a lot of Communist, Democrats have a lot to hide. I think we should tell them they are not welcome at locations around the country just as crazy lady Democrat congress person. The most racist person I know.

  21. I stopped going to Starbucks when they did the straw thing.
    If enough people stop buying from them,these incidents would not be tolerated. This is pure corporate liberal crap. Join me by going to your local independent donut coffee shop,and enjoy REAL coffee and old country hospitality.





  25. If Donald Trump isn’t re-elected in 2020, this kind of leftist crap will get a lot, lot worse.

    Once the socialists get into power, you can forget what was once “The United States of America”

    To JFK: we really miss you Jack. “You wouldn’t know the place.”

  26. The police officers should have just spoken up and said “can we have a show of hands of anyone who feels less safe with us officers sitting here drinking our coffee?”. “There not a single customer raised their hand”, and sat back down.

  27. In Tempe AZ I would go on record that the offended person, was either an illegal alien or close kin to one. A drug dealer, coyote or mule. Any other mention would just be a GUESS!

  28. How stupid is that asking the police to leave because of their presence was making some liberal putz say he felt threatened. Now what do they expect the Tempe police to do if Starbucks calls them to respond? Should they respond as usual or wait for a security service to do it?

  29. Well, yet another reason I won’t go pay $7-12 for a cup of lousy Starbucks coffee!
    So let me get this straight- An anonymous customer complains that they don’t feel safe with police officers sitting drinking coffee – So the waitress (barista is a bs title for someone trying to act like they actually have a decent job) Asks the police – you know Other Customers- to leave or get out of the first “customer” snowflakes sight?!

    Because out of sight I guess is out of mind! lol seriously?!
    How Effing sick are these Starbucks workers? Did it never occurs to them to say, they are not doing anything wrong and if you do not feel safe- You are free to leave! Why does this imbecilic crybaby right not to feel “uncomfortable” overrides Anyone else’s Right to sit in a public place and drink coffee IN A Coffee Shop!

    About a month ago I read about some deranged Leftist liberal who got epicly triggered when an old man (who happened to be Jewish) sitting in Starbucks drinking his coffee and minding his own business was verbally assaulted for wearing a MAGA hat. She screamed at him standing there berating him, calling him a Nazi, yelling at all the other customers to join in and harass this elderly man. She left, came back five min later and threatened to call the police on HIM saying she wanted to get his personal info to doxx him and his family. She later went on FB and encouraged others to find out who he was – she took his photo and posted it offering money to anyone who would doxx him and his children!

    I am fairly sure this senior citizen did not feel safe in their establishment but his feelings I guess did not matter as he was not the one complaining and making a scene.

    I hope when Starbucks needs the police to come and save them in a robbery or help them with a violent customer (probably some major snowflake meltdown) they decide that they will stay out of the line of sight so the customer won’t feel “uncomfortable” with the police there. Gotta wonder though was this snowflake hiding something, maybe a criminal, an illegal, drug dealer waiting to make a sale… couldn’t just be three guys in police uniforms were so terrifying. Bunch of idiots.

    Boycott Starbucks and let them know we are sick of their liberal pandering and try common sense.
    MY Rights Do not End where Some Snowflakes Sensitivity Begins!

    1. SPOT ON…Saul Alinsky’s rules for Socialists states that NO contrary opinions must be heard AND for his followers to SHOUT DOWN opposing views. Lefties have become good at this and the government IS encouraging more of the same. In Portland, the dimwit mayor wants to disarm the Police AND ordered them to stand down while antifa is beating the hell out of innocent bystanders. So, he encourages the ANARCHISTS (antifa) to violently break the law. Maybe the Portland mayor needs HIS butt kicked.

    2. Well said Sandra….. I was thinking the SAME thing and would’ve done JUST That if I were the barista

  30. As reported, the customer needs to be educated. Statistically, people are much safer in the presence of police officers–by over an order of magnitude. Additionally, law enforcement is the second most law-abiding demographic of over 100 demographic groups tracked. Which is the first most law-abiding group? Concealed-carry permit holders.

  31. The local Starbucks in North Fort Worth had both the signs required by Texas Law to prevent Customers from bringing firearms into their Starbucks. I could not understand what happened. Now, I know. Those signs were removed, and our local Starbucks now permits people with Texas Licenses to Carry to enter our Starbucks. The Texas Department of Safety calls a “concealed weapons permit” a “License to Carry”. Apparently, our local Starbucks is managed by someone who actually reads the FBI statistics for retail food establishments getting robbed. Here in Texas, if you want to see an armed robbery, all you have to do is order a full breakfast at the local Waffle House. Before you can finish your waffles, eggs, and bacon, the restaurant has a percentage chance of being robbed at gunpoint. Why? Because the Waffle House has a company-wide policy that Law Enforcement Officers who bring their service weapon into a Waffle House will be asked to leave the premises. Some Waffle House managers will actually refuse service to a Law Enforcement Officer who comes to their drive-thru window.


  33. Funny thing is, who will be the first one they will call if they are really threatened?

  34. Any manager with an ounce of guts would have told the complaining customer, “Those officers are here to protect you and me. If you have a problem with that, then I suggest that you buy your coffee somewhere else.” But, that’s too much like right. Right?!

  35. Let’s see Nike, Starbucks, Target etc etc I don’t shop at any of them but it might be good idea for all conservatives to stop giving money to those companies that have proven to rollover every time some snowflake gets their panties in a wad. Very simple hurt the bottom line and never go back. These companies expect us to whine for a while than we go back giving them our money , so we have a choice, we can make difference it’s up to us.
    Hope they don’t get mugged or robbed

  36. Boycott Starbucks. Did you know they send their employees for liberal brainwashing that they call training? I will never even enter a Stopbucks because they suck, their coffee sucks and they donate to only liberal candidates and the leftists programs. PP and the SPLC are two big one, plus they don’t believe in any religion and don’t allow any kind of religious symbols or the employees get fired. They are all haters and God haters.

  37. It’s apparent that Starpukes is on the “progressive” side, not the side of decency. It is therefore imperative that all decent people show their dissatisfaction with this organization by ceasing all further commerce with them. There are countless other places to buy similar products, and it’s time to do so. May they rot in hell.

  38. I will not be surprised if any future police response at Starbucks call will be delayed due to the officers needing to obtain an okay to respond to any Starbucks call.

  39. The PEOPLE should shut this confused anti American company down, who want’s overpriced coffee with a side of communism?

  40. We all know Starbucks and its clientele lean left. It might have been a worker using a customer as an excuse to get the cops to leave for God only knows what reason. If it was a customer his or her photo should be posted. I won’t use Starbucks.

  41. Good job Starsucks!! Go ahead and call the police when you have a problem. And wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait. And then wait some more!!! If I were a cop, ANYWHERE, I would be very very very very slow to respond.

    1. I hope they all are too busy to ever respond to Starbucks. Let them fly on their own!

  42. There are POLICE who do a dangerous job honorably and well.

    There are COPS who are putting in their time until they get their pensions.

    And then there are PIGS who give the rest a bad name.

    Where is Frank Serpico when we need him?

    Like every other person in America, those with badges are not entitled to automatic respect; they, like all others, must EARN it.

  43. Telling the complaining moron to sit with ‘its’ back to the officers made too much common sense for the ‘barista’? I’m a now retired LEO f. I’m proud of that. for 15 years after doing 36 years on the insane streets of Chicago. I’m white and did much more good for Black folks than all Democratic pols combined. I stopped Starbucks when their CEO stated that anyone who believes in traditional marriage should take their business elsewhere. Imagine that, these loonies NOW think they have a right to control our thinking and opinion. I’d also suggest that the complainer was a ‘KILLERY’ backer.

  44. I think they should either fire or deport the person who was stupid enough to tell the officers to leave. If not then all good Americans should quit buying Starbucks products. Do what the morons do, put em out of business.

  45. I wonder if the offending group were MS13 members, would they be asked to leave. If the customer was afraid then maybe they should have left. If Starbucks were being robbed who would they call. right the police that have sworn to protect and serve. The barister should have made it clear that the 6officers were customers and had as much right to be left in peace. If you are uncomfitable were you are <leave. You should thank the officers for their hard work.

  46. Next time when you need help don’t call the police call your street gangs . You don’t deserve them. Advice: Stop going to Starbucks!!!!

  47. I’m just taken back that other customers didn’t support the cops who were seemingly there only having coffee and that some one didn’t challenge the troubled complainers. Yah these upstarts are probably following the instructions of Maxine Waters who instructed her anarchists allies what to do when they are offended by anyone they believe leans to the right of their politics and thinking.

  48. Close Down All The Starbucks and send them to Venezuela, Red China and Iran!They should be sued by Police Departments and Ex-Former Customers for stamping out their personal rights! They have violated the American Constitution and the Policemen’s Civil Rights! The federal government ought to close them down for overcharging for a stinking cup of coffee!Why are they allowed to have a monoply on coffee,anyway? I can get a better cup at Burger King very much less!All those young punk liberal commie creeps are the only ones who hang around there! Starbucks’ is a disgrace to our country!

  49. Close Down All The Starbucks and send them to Venezuela, Red China and Iran!They should be sued by Police Departments and Ex-Former Customers for stamping out their personal rights! They have violated the American Constitution and the Policemen’s Civil Rights! The federal government ought to close them down for overcharging for a stinking cup of coffee!Why are they allowed to have a monoply on coffee,anyway? I can get a better cup at Burger King very much less!All those young punk liberal commie creeps are the only ones who hang around there! Starbucks’ is a disgrace to our country!

  50. Well, Well! Time to get real. If the creep is afraid when cops are near, in a public place, in uniform, in a group, gee, is not that just too bad! It should leave the area immediately. An employee could escort it to the door and suggest that it “grow-up”, and stay away until it does.

  51. I was out for dinner last night and had not heard of this until then. People are offended my Police Officers that have taken an oath to defend and protect them. REALLY??? Why was the customer not asked to leave???

  52. Are you telling me there is not enough Patriots left in Illinois to tell the starbucks management they feel threatened if the Police are told to leave. There is no telling what the pervert that was demanding they be kicked out would do after the Police departed.
    Starbucks could be the recipients of Patriot reprisals.

  53. i think all police should be removed from coffee shops and also donut shops so their racist stanking muthafucking asses won’t get sugared up and kill the first black man they see, fuck them, their momma’s and all the rest of you police ass licking muthafucksa!

  54. I hope people boycot Starbuck’s and they are put out of business and I don’t know why the Police go to these places because there is no telling what they put in thir food and drink. The liberals are the lowest of the low and they are doing what Maxine & the other nuts told them to do.

  55. This is just backwards. they should have told the ‘customer’ the establishment is open to the public, including the Police. If someone comes in & shoots the place up, he better hope one of us with a permit is in there. More & more, that’s less likely. Starbucks is getting a reputation & we won’t go. Heck, we make our own coffee, that stuff is stupid expensive & not worth the money. It’d be funny if the Police walked over to him & asked him what his problem was & asked for his I.D..

  56. If they didn’t feel safe with the cops there, they better never be in a store where I am drinking. I respond to bad looks and stupid comments and they won’t like it.

  57. Starbucks has shown discrimination against Trump supporters, blacks, and now police officers. My question is: WHY are we still patronizing this establishment? I refuse to give them my business.

  58. When I enter an establishment, be it a coffee shop, restaurant, 7-11, etc, and Police Officers are present, it makes me feel safer. I feel that some criminal will not be robbing the place and the people in it with that presence. It had to be either a criminal with outstanding warrants, an illegal, or a Social Justice Warrior snowflake, flexing their ideological “muscles”. Mind you, none of these people could ever do the job the men and women in blue do.

  59. if whoever complained did not want to see the police then they should remove themselves.
    This sensitivity thing is ridiculous. Ido not like to see the illegals in our country so remove them.

  60. Hmmm, what do you think the police response time will be when this Starbucks reports a robbery in procesd.

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