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University Students Raise Tuition For Slavery Reparations

This is in their minds somehow considered reconciliation.

Georgetown University students voted this week in favor of a resolution that will force them to pay an annual slavery reparations fee.

Students at Georgetown University passed a referendum this week that seeks to address the fact that the institution once owned slaves. In 1838, the university sold the slaves to pay off its debts. As a result of the resolution, students will now be charged an additional $27.20 per semester. The amount was chosen to represent the 272 slaves that Georgetown University sold in 1838.

Over two-thirds of those who voted favored the new reparations fee. The money collected from the new student fee will go towards the creation of a fund that will be donated to schools and health care programs in Louisiana, where 4,000 known descendants of the 272 Georgetown slaves now reside.

In a statement, Georgetown University Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Todd Olson said that the university has met with the descendants of the slaves that were once owned by the institution.

Since 2015, Georgetown has been working to address its historical relationship to slavery and will continue to do so. Georgetown has taken initial steps to seek reconciliation, beginning with offering a formal apology to Descendants; renaming two buildings, including one for Isaac Hawkins, the first person named in the 1838 sale; and offering Descendants the same consideration in admissions that it gives members of the Georgetown community.

Since President DeGioia traveled to Louisiana in June 2016, Georgetown has met with many Descendants and heard many important ideas about how we might move forward together. The Descendant Community, the Society of Jesus, and Georgetown are working together towards reconciliation and transformation regarding the legacy of slavery. The W.K. Kellogg Foundation is providing its knowledge, experience, and resources to facilitate this work. The process is anchored in the practice of trust-building, truth-telling, racial healing, and transformation.


  1. I would like to file in behalf of my family for reparations for the 27 of 28 that fought for Lincoln to free the slaves. It is true that the Democratic Party was the party of Slavery and after we won the Civil War, the Democratic Party started the KKK. I am writing to make my wishes known so that there can be a just end result. As all of the slaves of that era are dead, the survivors of the Army of the Potomac and other Union Forces should be the only ones to receive Reparations.

  2. Slavery ended long ago. Move on and stop trying to get something for nothing. None of you were slaves and I never owned any so I don’t owe you one damn penny!!

  3. I can see it now Georgetown will be an All Black Communist School within a Decade!!!!!! If it survives at all because the price of those Reparation will only go up with the Greed of Democrat’s

  4. Why not? The money is not theirs; because the tuition is being subsidized by the taxpayers.

  5. If you ever were in the Army and learned battle field first aid—–you would know opening wounds does nothing to help heal——how far do you want to go back——-I’m sure there are descendants of the Napolieantic wars somewhere. Glenn Bober Surprise Arizona

  6. How many of these students graduated grom 8th and 12th grades? Is it that our education system is really that broken/messed up? I realize that a vast majority of the teachers/Professors are TOTAL IDIOTS.

  7. “Breaking news” for all of them extortionist and them stupid frauds who, because of twisted most foolish deceitful minds, continue on hanging on with their dragging of their “victimhood” agenda. Any of them imbecile crooks need to understand that, here in the USA, slavery ended way over 150 years ago. However, if any of them shameless liberal progressives .. aka “democrats”, desire to cash-in and obtain the “reparation$$$”… then, the “leaders” and all who support such an idiotic, wrongful and vindictive proposal; these should start by going after all of the (historical) well known culprits .. starting with their presenting of such said “demand” to all the known descendants of them African kings, the tribe lords, chiefs and of the gangs of criminals of such a time .. to them, the soulless ones who, for gold, money and goods initially started the “good business” of selling their own black people, their own slaves captured as spoils from quarreling wars .. for, even their own most defenseless and abused among their poor, many of these black human beings didn’t escape being sold to the white slave -traders. Starting from there, then turn to all of the descendants of the known US Southern-democrats’ States .. since the majority at the time were known to be all in favor and in support of slavery .. to the point of they even went to war just to keep on maintaining such an inhumane “business”. That’s the “democrats” for you. Crooks all of them.

  8. What is that saying about ” SHOOTING YOURSELF in the FOOT”, most of the parents paying those Idiots tuition are not going to want to pay for that. = Different School.

  9. What are they going to do about the mixed couple and races are they going to have to pay. My family didn’t have slaves and we came here as indentured servants so do we have to pay? If the students want to pay let them, whose money are they paying with theirs or their parents? but, do not force every american to pay. What about their ancestors that sold them into slavery in Africa

  10. Slavery ended long ago. Move on and stop trying to get something for nothing. None of you were slaves and I never owned any so I don’t owe you one penny!! I live in the South, we respect each other, maybe you need a history lesson, you are the ones dividing the Country with your racism!

  11. Total BS. Just a way for some people to get something for nothing. I personally have never been prejudiced towards anyone,never owned a slave or knew anyone who did. We are all equal under the eyes of God.

  12. By all means I think they should find as many of those people who were slaves back then and pay them a nice little sum!!!

  13. You know 50 years ago kids ith high gpa’s (the smart kids) went to college and lower gpa’s went to trade school. Now the stupid kids go to college and the smart kids go into the trades. Georgetown clearly has some of the most stupid kids. My company just got a new rule no Georgetown students will be hired. No matter what they study or how good there GPA they are stupid people and I dont need them.

  14. These students had nothing to do with slavery. Why should anyone have to pay. All those people that had slaves are dead. Why don’t you go after them to pay. You people are dumber than a box of rocks.

  15. Make no mistake, you are paying for these reparations. The vast majority of these students already have student loans. They are just adding to these federal loans. Which means American taxpayers are paying for them. As far as getting repaid later. Have you seen the interest rates on student loans? Have you seen the default rates and all the ways students can skip repaying these loans? No, you and I are paying for this.

  16. These useless idiots need to go to work to pay their own way. It’s easy to say ‘pay more ‘ when daddy is paying for it.

  17. We have only ourselves to blame because we put up with mediocre teachers. You get what you pay for. The graduates of all our public and private schools have been systemactically brainwashed by ill-informed and educated, mostly liberal teachers. They will blame it on the pay but the pay was never why people went into teaching. Now there are much higher paying jobs for those in math, science, physics and forget geograph and proper English…Unless you travel with your kids. Better salary as a travel agent than a geography teacher. I’m not blaming the teachers. It’s our values that are amuck.

  18. Slavery ended long ago. Move on and stop trying to get something for nothing. None of you were slaves and I never owned any so I don’t owe you one penny! Get off your butts and EARN a living like the rest of Americans do!

  19. DEAR MODERATOR/S, EVERY SINGLE comment I make here is tagged “Your comment is awaiting moderation. This is a preview, your comment will be visible after it has been approved.” Do I have to file suit for violation of my Free Speech rights to stop you from silencing me????

  20. DEAR MODERATORS, the following was posted and NOT Moderated. WHY are ALL my comments flagged?

    1. “Slavery ended long ago. Move on and stop trying to get something for nothing. None of you were slaves and I never owned any so I don’t owe you one damn penny!!” (basically the same as my comment yet, was not Moderated!). PLEASE DO NOT DISREGARD MY COMMENTS, I AM FED UP WITH BEING CENSORED HERE!

      1. This issue has been going on for years. while the injustice of slavery can never be repaid and the affirmative action programs and the war on poverty that started in the 1960’s was a way of addressing the issue. To those who didn’t take advantage of these programs and ‘missed the boat’, too bad. The gravy train has left the station and if you missed it,there’re no later trains. As for me and my family, all my ancestors came from North of the Mason Dixon Line and I never owned any slaves so I don’t owe you blacks one damn penny! !And i’ve got the genealogical proof to support this. For those who feel guilty, you apy this.. The American people have moved on. I suggest you do the same and get with the program.

    2. MODERATOR/S; THIS Comment was submitted above with NO Moderation intervention/silencing “Slavery ended long ago. Move on and stop trying to get something for nothing. None of you were slaves and I never owned any so I don’t owe you one damn penny!!”

  21. I have ancestors that fought and died to support the “freedom for slaves.” I have never met them, my parents never met them, my great grand parents may have never met them. The only recollection I have is what was taught in school many years ago. Of course that part of history is quickly being erased, torn down, and removed from history forever. Since we are giving handouts, where is mine. The same thing can be said about these people who claim ancestoral slavery. How can it be said they are being deprived or oppressed, I can’t think of one opportunity that isn’t equally available to all races. As stated by Mr. Leftshot, we all pay for this insanity.

  22. Due these stupid people forget that “white boys died to end slavery” Do you dumb asses forget that!!!!! WHITE MEN DIED FOR BLACK PEOPLE AND TO END SLAVERY….WHAT DO THEY GET? ASSWIPES

  23. I agree these kids have shit for brains to offer to pay for things that will somehow show that the university is sorry for things that happened over 100 years ago . Having lost jobs due to Affirmative Action to people unqualified to do those jobs I have suffered enough and will not be giving anything to a class of people who have been living off well fare for generations gotten every chance to do better but choose so sit and cry for more moremore .

  24. This decision just goes to prove that our youth are not being educated! They are being used as political tools for the extreme left. Most of these students are nothing but sheep being led by people that have a political agenda to satisfy. To prove my statements, the issue of slavery is at the forefront of this decision. Why are they stopping with the blacks, they are not the only people that were enslaved. History, aka…slavery is only being taught that black people were the only slaves that are important. There were other races that were slaves, Italians, Jews, Irish, Scottish, American Indians, Chinese, Asians, Mexican, just to name a few. Why is a reparation for black people only being taught in this country. WAKE UP!!! This is being pushed by the political left in our govt. (White People) who have a political agenda to divide this Great Nation. The youth of this Nation are being brainwashed by our teaching institutions in this country that are run by the Political Left. Think about this…..Why are they just stopping with the black people??? There is an entire welfare system set up for mostly the black people in this country, now they want more money handed to the black people in this country that had nothing to do with slavery. Nothing is ever free, somebody has to earn it to have it taken away to be given to somebody that did not earn it. Dependancy is being taught to our youth, not Independancy. Why is that????? Dependancy is just another word for slavery of the masses to the govt. WAKE UP AMERICA!! Become involved in what your children are being taught, if not, don’t complain when reality finally reveals itself to you.

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