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Under Pressure, ANOTHER Republican Abandons Trump

Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) will break with President Trump and vote to reopen the government without funding for a border wall, his spokesman told The Denver Post editorial board. 

Gardner is one of three Republicans expected to vote to advance the “clean” funding bill. 

Gardner’s spokesman told the Post that the senator planned to vote for a “clean funding bill … with no border-security funding attached.”

Gardner, who is up for reelection in 2020 in a state where Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton defeated Trump in 2016, also intends to vote for a measure backed by Trump that the Senate will consider on Thursday. 

Sens. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) and Susan Collins (R-Maine) are also expected to vote for the clean funding bill.

“I’m in the camp of being happy that we’re going to be going to the floor and having an opportunity to vote on proceeding to anything,” Murkowski said. “I’m not very optimistic at its chance of passage but we’ve got to get ourselves off of dead center here.” 

Collins has said she will vote to advance both bills, and Murkowski told The Washington Post that she would definitely vote to move forward with Trump’s bill. 

Both of the measures the Senate is considering on Thursday are expected to fall short of the 60 votes needed to advance.  

The Senate will first take up Trump’s immigration-centric proposal, which asks for $5.7 billion in funding for the wall and would grant protections to some immigrants.

The second proposal involves a two-week stopgap funding bill to fund the government through Feb. 8 and allow time for lawmakers and Trump to reach a long-term deal. 

source: thehill.com


  1. Well you just lost 17 votes on you next election from one family. Now we will spread the message to our friends and co workers what a wavering, spineless person you are. When President Trump needs you most you abandon him. Shame on you …

  2. I guess if the price or monetary value of the gifts is great enough then some dishonest elected beings will jump ship!!!

  3. If these elected representatives will not stand up to the left, we may as well close up shop and enjoy a dictatorship.

    Things have gotten so bad over the past many decades that the only way to drain the swamp is to a hard line.

  4. These three senators can be thankful that they are not from my state or to put it another way, that I don’t live in theirs. I would be come their worst nightmare. Newspaper, radio and TV ads come to mud. IF YOU ARE A REPUBLICAN ANSD WERE ELECTED, IT WAS BECAUSE OF PRESIDENT TRUMP. if YOU THREE WANT TO BE DUMBOCRATS JOIN THEM AND SEE IF YOU GET REELECTED. YOU ARE A DISGRACE.

  5. Corey Gardner’s vote saddens me. I am a conservative Republican from Colorado and I will remember this when I vote in the next election!

  6. It’s not a big surprise Murkowski/Collins are not voting for security on our Southern border. Murkowski told reporter that the wall cost too much money. The Coast Guard needed that money to buy a new ice breakung ship. Russia & China have several new ones. We need to protect our borders in Alaska from all the Russians and Chinese illegal immigrants.

  7. Yeah fund the government, and leave the borders open to all the invaders possibly bringing in diseases that we have eradicated because of laws that your fellow lawmakers passed years ago, that made us safe from some very deadly, communicable diseases, that people 50 and younger have not had immunizations for. Open them damned borders up for what? More votes for the Democrats, give them funds that Americans have worked for? Or give them the opportunity to get elected into government and change our Christian nation into a nation that praises the bastard allah. Our Democrats in government would rather bring in Muslimes that hate us, than to close the borders , to save Americans.

  8. Thanks I thank after 8 years in office Mr Obama is liberal and the face of Dems if you read the book Obama corruption by Michelle Malkin author with his Chicago policitans he hired to DC most without Senate confirmation we saw how domestic and foreign policy were under him and his cabinet he might have committed impeachable offense in perjury or obstruction of Justice besides bin laden he average president

  9. Hell no u dumb ases thats a stuipd ??? They dont derserve nothing except they can walk back where they came from !!!! U want to come in the u s do it the rt way!!! They did earned any befents!!!!! So quit giving our money away !!!the homeless. Vets earn theirs !! If u all had built the wall 40yrs ago we wouldnt have half the problems we have today with drugs and murders and rape!!!!!! U all dont have any common sense !!!!! No money to them illegal !!!!thats all i got to say about that!!!! So u all wake up before its too damn late!!!!

  10. What do you expect from Murkowski and Collins. Gardner I had hope for but I will add him to the RINO list. Mr. Trump will expose the Americans who are for the Country, the RINO’s who are for themselves, and the dems who are mainly communist.

  11. corry gardner is up for re-election in 2020 the Republican national party should be developing a list of possible primary opponents right now to send him and other spineless turncoats a message.

  12. Shame upon you, Gardner! Almost makes me happy to be living in WV in these times and not back in CO where “limp” characters can’t take the strain to be loyal to their party.

  13. Shame on you Corey Gardner! Almost makes me happy to be now living in WV after living in CO for 30 yrs. WV people stand by their political representatives, no “limp” characters here.

  14. I think it is time to take Collins, Gardener and Murkowski into the back room and teach them politics 101. You call yourselves Republicans, then act like one.

  15. I cant say much considering I come from California and have the biggest idiots representing us.

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