No good deed goes unpunished. California lawyer Robert Barnes has come forward to offer his services to the families of the Covington Catholic High School Student. Those who have vilified the students responded by send the lawyer threats against his life.

The most recent and severe threat came after Barnes issued a 48 hour warning. The warning detailed that any outlet that made defamatory statements about the students retract and apologize or face potential lawsuits.

Barnes explained that, “because these are all private citizens and many of them minors and kids the law is that saying anything about them is libel. And you don’t have a defense of actual malice all you have to prove is negligence.” 

“So a lot of these journalists who have been saying false statements about these kids, false statements about the kids at the Lincoln Memorial, false statements about various photographs that are related to the school, slurring and libeling the entire school and all the alumnae of the school and all you have to prove is that they were negligent in doing so. At this standpoint at this point in time it is clear that anyone who continues to libel about these kids has done so illegally and can be sued for it,” he added.

In response, the attorney received an email stating, “I am coming to bomb your office. Get ready. 48 hours. Be ready.”

Barnes took the threat in stride declaring, “if the goal was to deter me in helping these families, it had the opposite effect.”

However he also noted how this was an example of “how dangerous the establishment press can be when it excites madness with libelous lies.”

This story has truly brought out the worst in the liberal public, it’s good to see someone holding them accountable for their actions.