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Trump Publicly HUMILIATES CNN’s Jim Acosta

He hit Acosta where it really hurts…

President Donald Trump taunted Jim Acosta on Saturday after the CNN journalist returned to the beat after promoting his book.

Acosta asked if Trump purposely ignored a journalist’s question about the death of Jamal Khashoggi during a meeting with Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman because he was afraid of offending him.

“No, not at all,” Trump replied. “I don’t really care about offending people, I sort of thought you’d know that.”

“By the way, congratulations, I understand your book, is it doing well?” Trump added.

“It’s doing very well Mr. President,” Acosta replied.

“Really?” Trump asked.

“I’ll get you an autographed copy,” Acosta continued.

“Good,” Trump replied. “Send it. I want to see it, send me a copy.”

Although Acosta’s book briefly made the New York Times’ top ten best sellers list last week, it is currently ranked at #1,308 on Amazon.

Src: Breitbart


  1. It is always so fun to see the President – who could think circles around this idiot- troll Acosta and put him back in his place!

    Acosta is like that annoying spoiled kid in middle school who came from the most affluent family in the area (who’s only so-called friends are the ones whom he gives goodies to) and therefore thinks he is somehow better, smarter, more capable and witty then anyone else, but is constantly being ridiculed – both to his face and behind his back- by 99% of the other kids.

    What a pathetic little man!

    1. I still love when Trump pulled his WH press card. He said on camera he was on his way in to do his 8:00 hit when he was stopped at the ent by Secret Service. The “hit” reference shows his true colors.

    2. Trump can’t write or read. Barely speaks.”Taunting” is a fine,fine quality in someone. Trump is a paranoid lunatic.

  2. I wouldn’t accept a gift of Acosta’s crummy book! He is a hateful, biased, liberal, stinkin’ hunk of excrement!!!

  3. gm
    JUNE 25, 2019 AT 8:04 PMThe democrats and some republicans in congress are criminals and should not be allowed to question the government as they are in no position to do so, since they are under investigation for crimes against a legitimate president, we shall soon learn. They continue to revel in sedition and treason here and countries they connect too. They remain defiant towards the rule of law as though they are untouchables and above the law. Everything they do they blame the republicans of, when its them who is above the law as evident of their behavior and crude talk. The republicans have to jointly hold a meeting to fix this problem and work around it to overcome these creatures who are bent on the illegals to come and assure them of work or even to replace citizens with cheaper labor. Freedom of speech and liberties is fine, its when it gets out of control and there is abuse of this freedom, harsh measure have to be introduced to discipline the situation or it gets out of control, people become lawless. And, this is what the democrats want, so as to put pressure on Trump. Well, they are not going to succeed, Trump’s got balls of brass. It’s they who have to be careful what they do otherwise it will come back to bite them where it hurts the most. There are some real bad reps in the demo. and repub. and its time the people remove them from the government come 2020 polls. This must be done by the people and by the people only not the politicians or the rich and powerful or Hollywood who use the people to voice their opinions as they have a lot to lose. People on both sides of the isle must get together and vote bad politicians out in the country’s interest and yours. Trump needs the support of the people and he will fight till the end against demo.& repub.
    who are false prophets, and preach, but do not practice what they preach to make false promises of all things free only to get into power and do the opposite, once they are in that’s it you cannot remove them, and, who loses, the people and, the rich gets to have their way, to only put even more pressure on the people who they consider as deplorables. Wisen up people, lets get rid of the bad politicians for good, for we the people rule by our voice and not theirs, so be it.

  4. Clearly, Acosta is trying to operate way beyond his depth. He desperately needs to go back to “reporter school” and learn what it means to REPORT the news, rather than write your own opinion.

  5. Yes, Lzib, that is the best analysis I have ever read about Mr. Acosta. I knew that kid when I was in High School. He was the grammar school principal’s child. I never met a less logical, less aware, less mindful child in my life. He bragged to me that when he grew up, he would be a journalist. I asked him why? He said, “So I can tell everybody what to think.” I smiled and said, “Well, I guess if people don’t have their own ideas, maybe they will pay attention to your ideas, instead. But what are you going to do about the people who think you are stupid, illogical, ignorant, and selfish?” He looked very offended and said, “Why would they think that?”

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