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Obama Judge Deals DEVASTATING Blow To Trump

The left is doing everything to keep their illegal voter base in the country…

A federal judge appointed by former President Obama has expanded his ban on President Donald Trump and his administration building the border wall.

U.S. District Judge Haywood S. Gilliam Jr. stopped the construction on four wall projects that span 79 miles on the Southern border, The Washington Post reported.

In his order granting a permanent halt on the construction, Gilliam also cleared the path for an immediate appeal.

Gilliam last month in part of the same case temporarily stopped another $1 billion transfer for work on stretches totaling 50 miles in eastern New Mexico and Yuma, Ariz.

But he signaled then that environmentalists and border communities covered in Friday’s ruling were likely to prevail in their claims that the administration illegally shifted money that Congress never intended or approved for the wall.

Gilliam last month cited “Congress’s ‘absolute’ control over federal expenditures — even when that control may frustrate the desires of the executive branch,” and on Friday saw no reason to reverse course.

“Defendants do not have the purported statutory authority to reprogram and use funds for the planned border barrier construction,” he said.

“Absent such authority, Defendants’ position on these factors boils down to an argument that the Court should not enjoin conduct found to be unlawful because the ends justify the means. No case supports this principle.”

Gilliam’s latest 11-page opinion delivered a victory to the Sierra Club and Southern Border Communities Coalition, represented by the American Civil Liberties Union, which had argued the wall would irreparably harm “recreational and aesthetic interests” in desert expanses that include national monuments, wildlife refuge and reserves and rivers, they said.

Together with the U.S. Justice Department, both sides had asked Gilliam to speed up his ruling and enter final judgment so one of the president’s signature initiatives could quickly go before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit.

A Justice Department spokeswoman did not immediately respond to a request for comment late Friday.

However, earlier in the day, attorneys for the Justice Department and ACLU notified Gilliam that the government had said it planned to move ahead by Monday on the El Centro and Tucson border barrier projects and asked Gilliam if he intended to rule before then, so if he didn’t they could file emergency motions over the weekend.

“We applaud the court’s decision to protect our Constitution, communities, and the environment today,” Sierra Club managing attorney Gloria Smith.

“Walls divide neighborhoods, worsen dangerous flooding, destroy lands and wildlife, and waste resources that should instead be used on the infrastructure these communities truly need,” she said.

“Congress was clear in denying funds for Trump’s xenophobic obsession with a wasteful, harmful wall,” ACLU attorney Dror Ladin said.

“This decision upholds the basic principle that the president has no power to spend taxpayer money without Congress’s approval,” he said.

Src: The Federalist Papers


  1. So. Stop reporting all this crap if WE are NOT going to stand up to these tyrants. Drag him into the street and make sure his next stop is a nursing home. Or 6 feet under. I don’t know about anyone else. But i’m fed up with these people manipulating their authority. They are a bigger threat then ANYONE from rouge countries even. It’s high time WE THE PEOPLE send THEM a message. Every last one of them. These people are NOT guaranteed protection under the constitution. They are willingly giving OUR HOME AWAY. Stop letting them FORCE YOU to pay for their protection. Listen people. if WE do not step up. There will be nothing left of our nation. You will be on the run once these tyrannical idiot’s give our home away. while they rest comfortably behind their WALL. The WALL YOU PAID FOR. Forcibly. WAKE UP and let’s all of us get together and make our voices be heard. By US. Not any of them.

    1. I agree that all the liberal judges and the democratic congressmen and the stupid liberals that are ruining this country. One of the problems is that they are giving away this country to all the illegals and terrorists. All of them should be hung in the court square.

    2. Your correct JIM, HOWEVER, these reports always Fale to explain just how an lower court can hold More Authority, than an duly ELECTED PRESIDENT ?!.
      ONE would expect such TREASONOUS behavior from the communist, but an American judge ?

    3. Right on brother I feel the same. There’s no room for activism from the bench and whether they like it or not these pig judges are not legislators.

    4. When is this crap going to stop. Some dumb ass judge in po-ville stops the whole government of the United State. This is Bull shit, plain and simple. Step up to the plate President Trump, Obama wouldn’t stand for this, WHY ARE YOU. It is time to put an end to this crap by the Dumdocrats

    5. I think it’s high time the US Military steps in and takes a whole lot of Tyrannical Traitors to Gitmo and replace them with sensible people. This is getting ridiculous they are giving everything away right under our noses and we are sitting back letting them. They are passing laws that are extremely bad and blocking laws that are very good. If they keep this up there absolutely will be civil war and it WILL be curtains for the Tyrants no doubt.

    6. I am willing to do what ever Necessary to read our country of these heinous judges liberal faggot homosexual judges. Please start posting there home address the rest will be done. Guaranteed

    7. Sure and it so simple for the lawmakers to give illegal aliens my social security and raise our taxes to pay for their kindness!

  2. most likely this Judge is a 9th Circuit Judge and the 9th Circuit is the most overturned district Court in the County by a large margin over any other Court in the Country so this too will probably be overturned by a higher Court

    1. i’m sick and tired of the 9th circut court! Things need to change and now for the good of our country! This damn judge or judges don’t know what they’re talking about and have probably never even viewed the areas they are talking about! Congress can sure as hell spend all the money they want ours without the American taxpayers approval I despise the Democrats they are worthless and I despise Obama and his cabinet! Can’t wait till they are all prosecuted and in prison!! Congress forgets that the money their talking about is our money not theirs and we want the WALL!!!!

      1. Why don’t Conservatives find a way to bring their propositions to a Trump appointed judge and obtain a favorable legal decision before the libs can even react and block them in the 9th Circuit Court??
        It becomes a case of the firstist with the mostist.

      2. That is just the Point Congress has that power and Congress allocated that money to be spent on OTHER things than tRUMP’s wall. tRUMP is attempting to reallocate that money away from where Congress assigned it to be spent to a project they did NOT allocate it for. And that is the Reason the Judge found against Trump and in favor of the constitutional right of Congress to assign where that money is spent.

      3. No, “WE” don’t want the wall, some people do. But not everyone. Why is it every time I read these Conservative-based sites I can’t find any comments that balance out the one sided view? At least when I read the Democrat/“Left” based sites there is a mix of comments as far as point of view goes. This country is OUR COUNTRY, no matter our individual political points of view. And it’s about time we try to come together on things, with some give and take on ALL sides. We’re all here for the duration. No one “side” is looking to up and leave. So Cooperation and Compromise is what will make “US”, ALL OF US, create a happier state of mind, a healthier economy, and a country that other countries eager to emulate. How about it, people?

      4. Lets see Judge Kelly an President Trump appointee ruled AGAINST him when he revoked CNN reports press pass. How about Judge Bates an appointee of President Bush Sr. ruled AGAINST the President and his order to get rid of DACA. How about Judge Friedrich who ruled against the President that Mueller’s appointment was unconstitutional. Guess what President Trump appointed that judge. Lets not forget Judge Sabraw appointed by Bush Jr. that ruled against the President and his separation policy at the border. Then we have Judge Mendez appointed by Bush Jr. that ruled against President Trump when he tried to stop Sanctuary cites in CA. Remember the President said he expected that judge to rule against him because he was of Mexican heritage. Then of course we have Chief Justice Roberts of the Supreme court that rebutted President Trump in saying that “we don’t have Obama judges or do we have Bush judges” This is the AMERICAN system of government. It was what the Founding Fathers set up. If you support one part you MUST support ALL. If not go to a country where the leader is the final say in ALL matters. Personally I would rather have a system that has the checks and balances that America has.

      5. Well the 9th circut has changed somewhat to the right with president TRUMP apointment of two maybe three right of center judges. Maybe the change will balance the 9th circut to a neutral and bring back fairness in law.
        OR! The left will progress right into the Marxist communist shit they aspire to be now.
        Will Jesus judge them with extremely harsh? I certinly hope so, making the shit that is dim-o-crap party. Consider this abortion; 70+ million dead babies since Roe vs Wade, promoting dievancy, promoting homosexuallity to the children who escaped the mass murder that the dim-o-craps perpetrated on them, promoting sloth by making a perminate lower class human class through perminate welfare, non pay housing slums, free food cards ( thou shall work 6 days and on the 7th rest. Thou shall worl shall eat those who don’t work don’t eat.
        Hey grandmothers and grand paws, if you vote dimpcrap you are endorsing every one of these things, killing babies, homosexuallity,welfare generations ect. yes you who vote dim but say (well I don’t approve of these things but vote dim anyway, well you are going to hell as fast as those who do this demonic things) yes you when you vote for this, is the same as doing and hell is in your future

    2. Step up Anericans quit cowering and running from the demorats, crush them take them out of office. TELL OBAMMA To shut the hell up,he is a traitor to this country. As a veteran I’m told freedom is not free. BUT IT IS VERY free to the illegals, asylum seekers and them to dam lazy to work living on welfare. Why must we fight and die for our country for nothing.The Democrats are for murdering American citizens and wasting millions of tax payer taxes of the working class .Standup america as we do when we fight for the country we love. I understand unless your a citizen of this country you have no rights .But those mentioned above are given more rights then American citizens.Crush the demorats.

    3. No he’s some puke district judge who thinks he can legislate from the bench. Every judge who does this should be disbarred and thrown in prison.

    4. I pray that you are right!! It seems strange to me that a very liberal judge in a very liberal court system has that kind of power over a president that the WHOLE country elected, whether he likes it or not!! Go President Trump!! And let’s not forget that many of these YOUNG MEN from Central America are sneaking over and waving the flags of the country that they say they want to leave and not the flag of the country that they are planning will pay their bills from here to eternity!

  3. Judge Gilliam is a CROOKED SOB and a BIG POS. he is totally overstepping his authority

    1. Let me be clear! I am a natural born American. I am a citizen of the United States. You dick
      esp wonders on the bench are putting my life and livelihood in peril by your stupid road blocks to building the wall for my protection! I really hope the democrat leaders and the Rinos get what is coming to them in the worst way!

    2. L.G., THESE Socialist/communist, know no Honor, and your correct, the 9th. District seems too hold NO LEGAL AUTHORITY, to overrule a seated President, that is a power held exclusively by congress.

    3. It seems at laws school never have any book of teaching student subject of kiss ass and ruling any against a judge conscience and their heart but always protect people right not his dog of kiss ass for politic as we often seen occurring it on our justice system recently, poor of our justice being raping by these judge, American and themselves know who they were ??!!

  4. President Trump needs to start sending the illegal immigrants to the sanctuary cities so and democrat state that are refusing to do anything about the crisis at our borders they talk about it but never do it tired of hearing we are going to do this and going to do that and then never do it hell start shooting invaders of our country hell the democrats kill babies that are American citizens if that is okay then why can’t we stop invaders of our country

  5. One rinky dink judge has big balls to cause these kind of problems. He needs a castration by the DOJ and returned back to his closet with the rest of his croneys.

  6. I think it’s time for these bleeding heart aholes to have their neighborhood, backyard, alleys invaded..Let them experience someone pounding on their door demanding shelter.. I never thought I would see evil of this capacity prevail in the United States of America..

  7. Nope no judge has this authority. Some activists boo hooed to the court and this judge caters to them and cuts Trump off? Nope no judge has authority over the potus money flow or infrastructure that is for national security. Trump build that wall and use that money and the pentagon money too. the judge needs to be locked up for this.

  8. I too am tired of the 9th Circuit & Democrats BS undermining everything our country stands for! I’d tell you what I’d like to do to them all but don’t need law enforcement knocking at my door. Where’s the damn IG report? I’m loosing my patience with these Democat investigations! It’s taking way too long & I’m not sure whose side the IG is on. Something needs to happen soon or I’ll be assemblying my own army!

  9. So far, most of these judges are Obunghole judges. There’s a problem with our system, when a nobody judge, from Podunk nowhere can stop the president from doing his job.

  10. Looks like the Courts have more Power than POTUS!! Unelected people making choices without listening to the Voters. Maybe Barr needs to look into this mess as well. Just doesn’t really make much sense that a Judge sitting somewhere, can tell POTUS what to do. Don’t recall that anywhere in the Constitution??

  11. This is a total Obama minion. He is truly an obstructionist. He shouldn’t be the one to interfere with the safety of the American way of life.


  13. It’s really funny how these activist judges don’t know the law. Someone should shoot every one of these scumbags who think they can legislate from the bench. Put every one of these pigs in prison where they belong.

  14. Judge Gilliam did the right thing. He could have sat on the decision, but he did not. His ruling will be appealed to the next highest court and then end up in the Supreme Court. I did not approve of his decision, but if he did not make the decision he did, the issue would never end up in the Supreme Court. Thank you Judge Gilliam.

  15. So when America becomes another Third World country, will the people living in the United States even give a rat’s ass about the environment?????????
    HELL NO!!!!!!!

  16. This judge keeps talking about the law, Presidential rights, but it makes one wonder about about how much hate for the President comes into play. It’s sickening how they let Obama do anything he wanted without much restriction, then obstruct everything President Trump tries to do. The double standard in the American judicial system is overwhelmingly evident.

  17. This judge needs hung up and his ball need cut off and shove in his mouth. I’m sick and tired of all these dirty bastards we need to put a stop to it now.

  18. Oh how absolutely heart breaking! Poor little baby donnie didn’t get his own way. Oh boo hoo hoo.
    This silver spooned asshole has not business even being in the oval office. What an abject disgrace he has been to our country.
    He kisses ass with some of the worst dictatorial tyrants in the world and pushes our most trustworthy allies aside. LOCK HIM UP!!

  19. Just wait until they’re so many of them in the country and there’s no place to put them in a knock on your door and say I’m going to live with you like it or not that’s what’s going to happen eventually the president’s new theory should be Americans first we’ve got homeless in the street we got people they can’t get medical attention why do we have to give medical attention to illegal immigrants I’ve never seen so much hate in the world this president is the best president we’ve ever had all he wants to do is take care of our country and the Democrats they even hate each other now they fight it monks them selves they don’t have one candidate that could be qualified to be president of United States it’s pathetic Elizabeth Warren she’s the top of the list and then Harris who the hell are these people take care of Americans first that should be our new saying in this country take care of Americans first

  20. How in this world can WE as CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA take any more !!! I am also SICK and TIRED of these so called judges going against President Trump. President Trump is the BEST thing that has happened to AMERICA in several years. HE is trying to HELP ALL of US and keeping his promises. How can the Democrates even hold their heads up and tell all the lies which they are telling the American People. Votes is all they care about. Don’t they realize that after all these illegal people get over here that they WILL TAKE OVER THE USA. Just look at the MUSLIMS in our Senate. They are telling lies after lies; confusing the young people which have NO idea. Socialism will NOT work here in the USA. PLEASE PEOPLE WAKE UP BEFORE ITS TOO LATE. KEEP GOD IN OUR COUNTRY !!!

  21. Really your so called Dems poops also voted at one time for a wall you idiot and yes the president can move money around for emergencies you idiot and I don’t know of a bigger emergency that’s this you no good for nothing obama crappy judge!!!

  22. So tell me….if the President of the United States has no power to spend taxpayer money, why are ALL the Democrat presidential candidates promising to not just spend but increase our taxes for illegal aliens? They cannot raise taxes on the illegal aliens because they don’t pay them to.start with. Before long we won’t even see our paychecks, they will be going straight to the illegals.

  23. NO, its not Trump’s “Judge Problem”, ITS AMERICA’S JUDGE PROBLEM. A big part of the Judicial system is populated with Obama judges who care NOTHING of the Constitution or the Rule of Law, rather the rule based upon ANY action that does NOT COMPORT to the Left Wing Socialist Agenda!

  24. F–k this judge. Keep building Mr. Trump. You are the President not this POS. Move forward & let the Supreme Court make a ruling. pres. obumma did exactly what he wanted to & thumbed his nose at the courts. These leftist judges eat s–t. We must stand up & fight these dirt bags. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  25. Had any of these judges ever been to the border? I believe that the border wall is being built on the border, how can the wall create any thing like create division of communities, infringe upon recreational areas, or displace monuments. it seems to me that judges are not educated to the problem which the wall is attempting to prevent illegals to overrun our country.

  26. Do you people see what will happen if they get the W.H. more asshole judges like him and then this shit will get real , we may have to fight for are country all over again.

    1. I can understand a Judge having the authority to put a temporary hold on something people challange a POTUS for doing, but it just blows my mind that they can just stop anything they want with or with out justification. One would think the judgement would have to go to a automatic review with a group of judges. The Judges in this 9th Circuit Court control the whole country! and that is wrong!

  27. This duck assed judge and the whole 9th circet court is so full of shit thats why their shit rulings are overturned in higher courrts. Their shit gets dumped back on them.

  28. Unfortunlitly this is how the Founding Fathers et up our government. The only way to change it is by legislation. Lets be honest if we go back in time to our history MANY Presidents have had their spending and policies shut down by the Judicial system. Most of the time it was by judges appointed by the opposite party. This is how our system works. While not perfect it is what we have. As soon as the people in DC that make policy start changing it then we will se different outcomes. But to call for any American judge to be “Drag him into the street and make sure his next stop is a nursing home. Or 6 feet under” Is a black eye to the Founding Fathers. You sir should NOT be allowed to vote for you and your opinion go directly AGAINST what America stands for. I am just as upset if not more about the illegal problem. Being in the construction trades for the last 42 years. I have seen how the illegals have hurt our rate of pay and way of life. But to state that SAY Judge should be killed or put in a nursing home is boarder line of the way Hitler and the Nazi’s took over Germany. Lets look back tot he FIRST American Flag put forth by Benjamin Franklin Which stated Unite or Die! We are at that cross road again. If we don’t come together as citizens and Unite to make America great again instead of waiting for the Americans that currently control 94% of our wealth. Who with the help of Citizens United have taken over our Government. WAKE UP!!!! If border security was SOOOO Important to the GOP then they would have done something while they had un restricted power controlling all three houses. Like when they gave 4-5 Million illegals Amnesty during Reagan and Bush Sr administrations. So please lets stop calling for the killing of our fellow Americans that we do NOT agree with. Lets instead look to make America Great by coming together and finding common ground LEGISLATION to bring America back to the middle.

    1. If border security was SOOOO Important to the GOP. then they would have done something while they had un restricted power controlling all three houses.

      That is because the RINO’s run the GOP for their donors and not the people. I will agree that we should not threaten people we do not agree with though. Who do we think we are, ANTIFA or the Left?

    2. What you seem to miss here, is the eons old human condition! There is no perfect system,, get that in your head,, there is no form of government that can constrain all of the people, all of the time! Because of simple facts about human beings,, We’re not ever on the same page,, no matter what the issue, beyond politics, religion, or anything else that human beings do either for their enjoyment, or for anything or any reason. Just our age differences is one major problem with any government idea. Older people from around 40 years of age up see things very clearly!! But,, any of the younger people, from age 10, to 25 – 35, see things in a much shallower way,, thats a sad fact in itself!! Now, let’s add the fact that they’re all coming from varying types of home lives/discipline(s), and different religions and education(s). Now this is a recipe for disaster!! Fact! The founding fathers were smart,, but at the same time they were jerks!! Because at any period in mankind’s history, learned men/women saw this serious cocktail of problems just as I do! And so the founding fathers should’ve added to the constitution a legal way of breaking deadlocks, and preventing one party or the other from scheming to defraud the other political party! Which in turn, defrauds us, and many times,, can put the people’s lives in jeopardy. And there’s really a couple of ways that they could’ve used to stop what’s happening to the entire Republican Party and of course, our president. They could’ve allowed for a committee of qualified American citizens, a blend of members of both parties. These people could be called upon, just the same as being called for jury duty. And they could handle issues of great importance, such as the border wall for instance. And once these people are chosen and called together, They would have to take an oath of allegiance to come to an absolute END. And they could either appoint an even number of jurists, or, an odd number. But either way,, because they know that they
      MUST COME TO CONCLUSION in any matter that may come before them. And this way, it would be the people, the actual citizens,, who would make that crucial decision. And of course, these appointed jurists would be given time to totally immerse themselves in the issue(s) before them, and that would give them the ability to weigh all direct-issues, and, learn fully, ALL PERSPECTIVES from all those who would be affected directly, or indirectly by the decisions that they may decide on. I thought this over great many times,, and I do not see any problem with that. The reason is, that the final decision would actually be given to the people! And so, there would be no usurping of government, no threat to the constitution, and an i’ve thought this over great many times,, and I do not see any problem with that. The reason is, that the final decision would actually be given to the people! And so, there would be no usurping of government, no threat to the constitution, and an outcome that we could feel good about for us across the country.

  29. the presidents main job is the protect the legal Americans and no one has the power to stop him so , why are we dealing with the left over garbage from the , the no body piece of crap the never was a real president , only a traitor to our America , I remember when his bitch wife said its only a flag , that low life was talking about what millions of Americans died for and still defend today…. screw the judges and build the wall.. GO TRUMP no matter what .. and those who get in the way of this country , lock and load

  30. Sounds like another Democrat lemming who is on George Soros’ payroll!!!!!!!
    Count me in on another American Civil War!!!!!! The Dems need to be wiped out!!!

  31. What would you expect from an O judge? Doing their level best to destroy the country as best they can.

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