Democrats are going to pay for this…

President Trump, fed up with the constant harassment from Democrats, counted numerous things that former President Obama could have been impeached for if he received similar treatment.

TRUMP: “Look the Democrats are not good politicians. I think they have a lousy policy, they have a policy of open borders and sanctuary cities and crime. It (their policies) brings all of this crime and drugs. They have a horrible policy.

But you don’t have the Mitt Romney’s of the world.

You don’t have people that will go against the party. They (Democrats) stick together.

I respect that. The other thing is they are vicious. There are much more vicious.

We would never do a thing like this.

They could have impeached Obama for the IRS scandal, they could have impeached him over guns.

They could have impeached him for many different things.

They didn’t impeach him.

They never even thought of impeaching him. Here, think of this.

I’ve gone through the impeachment thing now since the beginning. On Russia, on Mueller, on all the stuff, okay?”

Src: The Federalist Papers