All because things didn’t go her way…

At a Bernie Sanders (I-VT) 2020 campaign rally in New York City on Saturday, Carmen Yulín Cruz, mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, said that thousands of Puerto Ricans died as a result of Donald Trump and that climate change is real and also responsible for deaths in the U.S. territory.

“I am not a climate change expert,” Cruz said while standing in front of “Bernie” signs. “I am a climate change survivor.”

“I don’t know how warm the ocean is going to get or how high the tides are gonna go,” Cruz said as the crowd chanted “Ask a scientist!”

“I do know this one thing,” Cruz said. “Climate change is real. Climate change kills. “

“Three thousand Puerto Ricans did not open their eyes this morning because of a president that was too concerned about looking good rather than doing good,” Cruz said. 

“Two hurricanes not one had hit Puerto Rico,” Cruz said. “Times were hard. There was no food, no electricity. No water, no medicine.” 

“Help was not getting there,” Cruz said. “We were dying and President Trump was killing us with his bureaucracy and his inefficiency.”

“You know he said he couldn’t get help to Puerto Rico because we are an island surrounded by water, lots and lots of water,” Cruz said. “Ocean water. That is a quote by the president of the United States.”

Congress gave the island roughly $43 billion in aid, but only one-third of it was delivered. Democrats blame the Trump administration, but federal officials blame the Puerto Rican government for corruption and financial irregularities.

The number of hurricane deaths varies between 64 and 2,975, depending on the source.

Cruz made the remarks at the Sanders conference in which the senator was publicly endorsed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). Ocasio-Cortez worked on Sanders ‘ 2016 presidential campaign prior to her own election to Congress.