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Pete Buttigieg EXPOSED For The MONSTER He Truly Is

He isn’t the clean cut politician that he is constantly portraying himself as in the media.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg has made a name for himself in recent weeks by attacking the religious beliefs of traditional-minded Christians, playing the victim card, and riding on the mainstream media’s infatuation of him and his campaign.

Buttigieg supports a government-run single-payer health care system, saying the socialist model is “the right place for us to head as a country.”

A Government-run “Medicare for all” system would “boost government health spending by $32.6 trillion over 10 years, requiring historic tax hikes,” according to a university-based analysis reported on by Bloomberg.

Buttigieg also backs socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY) $93 trillion “Green New Deal,” which will cost $650,000 per U.S. household over a 10-year period.

Buttigieg also wants to eliminate the Electoral College, which experts have warned will have serious consequences for America’s constitutional republic.

Buttigieg also wants to pack the courts if Democrats gain control of the White House and the Senate, which even socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has warned against doing.

Buttigieg’s most radical position is his stance on abortion. The far-left Democrat believes in full-term abortion, meaning he does not have a problem with a baby being killed up until the moment that it is born.

Just how extreme is Buttigieg’s view on abortion? Only 13% of Americans say they agree with him, and that was before the recent wave of pro-life movies were released — which are likely to drive that number even lower.

Buttigieg also supports impeaching President Donald Trump, a position that even self-described “progressive” Democrat Nancy Pelosi opposes.

Keeping in line with his far-left ideology, it should come as no surprise that Buttigieg holds fringe views on the Second Amendment. Buttigieg tries to mask his anti-Second Amendment views as being nothing more than “gun safety measures,” but he calls for banning semi-automatic firearms — a fringe view that often comes with calls for confiscating firearms from law-abiding citizens. Buttigieg says that “weapons of war” — which is code for semi-automatic firearms that the Left dislikes — “don’t belong in our neighborhoods in peacetime in America.”

Second Amendment reporter AWR Hawkins notes that Buttigieg has already claimed that “banning such firearms is compatible with the Second Amendment,” saying: “We’ve already decided that somewhere between a slingshot and a nuclear weapon, we can draw a line.”

Buttigieg has gained recent national headlines by repeatedly attacking Vice President Mike Pence for being a Christian who supports religious liberty and has received pushback from some in the LGBT community over his attacks on Pence.

U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell noted on Fox News last week that Buttigieg was pushing a hate hoax like Jussie Smollett and that he is only concocting this feud with Pence because he is trying to attract the attention of donors for his presidential campaign.

Grenell also noted Pence has publicly stated in the past that he stands against bigotry directed at the LGBT community.

During a CNN town hall on Monday night, Buttigieg was asked by CNN’s Anderson Cooper about the accusation that he was pushing a hate hoax like Jussie Smollett.

Buttigieg refused to respond.

Grenell said Tuesday on Fox News that he was “actually quite pleased to see that Mayor Pete decided to stop pushing this hate hoax.”

“I think that is an important sign,” Grenell said. “I think that it is very big of him to admit that the attacks that he has been doing for the last several days are not working and they’re not a good strategy.”

Src: The Daily Wire


    1. My dear Pete, go back to the Indiana city in which you are Mayor and quit the race, it will not benefit you to tell everybody how to live, solve out your own problems, get lost already.

  1. Mayer Pete. That’s what he’ll stay. He looks like a little wimp to me. Being gay does not get you into the White House. You have to have some backbone too. You are a loser Little Pets. Just another lying Democrap.

    1. BHUTTIGIEG IS A LIAR, HE SEEMS TO BLAME AND REPUBLICANS AND TRUMP THAT HARES HIM BECAUSE HE IS GAY. I DONT CARE WHERE HE GOES TO CHURCH OR WHO HE SITS NEXT TO. HE IS ALIAR ABOUT EVERYTHING HE SEES OUR president says or does, but is another socialist who needs to learn that what is being presented as Socialism is one step away from Cuba and Venezuela. Everything he has proposed so far has been totally ignorant of the values Americans have. No one ever heard, “LITTLE TWERP” talk anything that hasn’t been already got the American People. I don’t see anyone strong enough to go against Trump and win. And we don’t need any more Omar, AOC, (who is a flea on a dog’s back) and Klaib who thinks that Trump is evil. these women who only talk negative about Americans and scream nasty words should be taken aside and tell all 3 that they need to stop or resign.

    1. Mr. gay Buttgouger needs to be stopped! If you think the Clinton/Lewinsky stench was bad, just wait until the Oval Office smells like a rectum!

  2. Where do the Deamoncrats pick all these losers that are running for Pres? Their list of LOSERS is up to 20 right now, not any of them have any credibility, they all come in like a winter blizzard and will all LOSE and leave with a whimper never to be remembered again. They truly are a pathetic bunch of LOSERS…. hahahaha

  3. Buttigieg is an embarrassment. He should do us all a favor and just go away. Every time he opens his mouth, he digs the hole deeper,

  4. Butt G is just another opportunist using the same old deflect tactics, IE: race/gender/religion/sexual orientation/hate. Only diff. he’s a Bho type snake charmer instead of screaming his poison out loud.
    Only visible diff. from B2 is sexual orientation, these days that seems 2b a plus.

  5. Pete Buttigieg’s head is bigger than his whole body and that big head is completely empty! He’s a air head who knows nothing. The only thing he is sure of is his gay partner!

  6. Of course he is a monster as is all queers. Just see what happens whenever one is left in a room with a child.

  7. Buttboy’s daddy is a hardcore Socialist Marxist Communist that in writings and confessions of his past that he endorses daddy’s idealogies.

  8. This big talker is worse than Sanders. He is lawless and.wreckless. No morals at all. Killing babies to full term is sadistic and vile. He is a vile person with a wicked heart but consider those who voted for him so therin lies the rub. Corrupt birds of a feather flock together.

  9. Pete is just ANOTHER DEMOCRAT that thinks that the American Public are IDIOTS!!!! Well, PETE you are so full of $HIT that YOUR septic tank is flowing over!!!!! You need to be put on a shuttle and sent to the MOON. That is where YOUR sorry A$$ belongs!!!!

  10. This dickless commie says weapons of war don’t belong in our neighborhoods during peacetime. We are not at peace right now. We haven’t begun swapping boolits with the commies, but it is coming. Currently we are just at ‘talking” war with the commies, and have been ever since that black butt plug dirtied the White House.

    What I cannot understand is how these filthy, sodomites get elected to any public office? they do not belong in the public “eye”. They all need to crawl into the cockroach holes where they belong. Stinkin’ rotten queers.

  11. We the people have to do something soon. before all conservative views come under attack

  12. Sad that mental illness people think that it is ok – and can condemn normal people

  13. Peace Time America What a Joke this Penis Breath piece of excrement is. America Hasn’t been at Peace since Eisenhower was in office and telling people they don’t have the right to defend themselves from Robbers, Crooks and Thieves Like him is not going to HAPPEN!!!!!!!

  14. Looks like the Democrats are all crazy. They are also the strangest bunch of freaks that ever threw their hat in the ring. From sleep over Kamala to same sex marriage Little Petey, and the list goes on. What a bunch of losers.

  15. i haven’t been able to get past his last name starting with BUTT, especially given his being gay.
    Just joking around a little. i am from Indiana and thete is no situation that would cause me to vote for him.

  16. Well, I hope none of these crazy ideas comes to pass as I and a vast majority of Americans cannot AFFORD IT! under Obama, I made about $28k a year and struggled living week to week, not even month to month. In the 2 years since Trump came office I have more than doubled my income and this year cleared $61k the most I have ever made, yet still less then the $65k per year per family to pay for Bernies BS- and that doesn’t even count the Trillions of $$$ under AOC which I take it each family will be paying in the six figures to cover a year. Sorry, Libs/Dems but not only will your programs set us back by 100 years and leave us in the horse and buggy age, but We Can’t Afford Your so-called Compassionate Democratic Socialism! It is a lie, there will not be good quality health care, there will be NO free Education, we cannot forgive all those Student loans the Obama/Dem administrations told all the kids to get, and there will not be an overturning of every technological advance over the past 100 years. These are all just BS power grabs and lies to gain Votes. And if the lies and fake promises of freebies don’t work- then you plan to get criminals, terrorists, rapists, and murderers to vote alongside illegals and 16 yr olds. Is that really all you Got? Can’t you just find good commonsense ideas that helps alllllll Americans (not illegals) not just Dems, not just the PC left!

    Your crazy ideas will destroy the USA and turn us into just another mediocre EU satellite.

    1. What job do you have that went from $28000 to $61000 just because of Pres Donald Trump? Help guide a fellow American, Republican or Democrat.

  17. We really have a mess in this election system. ONly about 11 % of the legal voters that will participate in the elections actually KNOW the candidates. The rest vote strictly party lines and don’t bother to background the candidates. AND that is how this bunch of crooks got into congress in the first place. Take Pelosi for instance. If a true, responsible, investigation was accomplished on her and her “deeds” were exposed the voting public would be outraged. She has used her position to “guide” government contracts to her’s, her husband’s, and her son in law’s businesses and she collects over a half million dollars in salary and benefits NOW. AND she will retire at that figure. She guided the congress away from the social security system the working class has and she holds the cola to a minimum while congress has full benefits with an unlimited health system. The cola(cost of living allowance) is supposed to be figured against the cost of living. But Pelosi had it changed so that groceries and transportation were not allowed to be figured in. Bottom line: the woman has used her position for only herself, her family and her friends. But democrats continue to vote for her because of the party line. Everyone truly needs to look closely at these candidates before casting a vote.

  18. When a man actually believes that doing what even a “DOG” will NOT do, and I mean take the hershey highway, sorry Hershey, and do what GOD made man and women ONLY to do, then you can bet this man’s mind is well nigh “GONE” His whole outlook on life is shot! This man has IGNORED History, and he has Ignored GODs warnings against Sodomy and he actually reveles in the same! Romans 1:32 KJV This man has about as much reasoning of common sense and direction as a Blind Bat Backing int a Blizzard! President? NO, NOT even dog catcher! In FACT, this man is NOT even a good “Hoosier” I know people from Indiana, and most think w/a conservative mindset, but this man, he is perverse in what and how he thinks! WHY, homosexuality doesn’t even do what is natural and needed, PRODUCE Offspring, it ONLY recruits! How can a man who thinks like this man, run this nation or even a city? Mr. Mayor….1 Peter 3:18 KJV

  19. personally i’m not against gay but if he’s for full term abortion then i’m against a gay president.

  20. This frenzied editorial illustrates the delusional worldview of Trumplandia, where “monsters” crawl out of differing policies. The only thing “monstrous” about Pete is your demonization of him. Meanwhile, there is Donald Trump. You should examine your own thought processes here, though I suspect you never will. I’m an old Reagan voter, and the pathetic shrunken mess that is the current GOP, sucking up to the most incompetent and divisive president in history, a lying narcissistic braggart who corrupts everything he touches and corrodes all he associates with, is a travesty and a tragedy. The GOP is no longer the party of Lincoln or Teddy Roosevelt or even Reagan. It is an appendage to Mr. Trump, to the party’s shame. I know Donald Trump will continue to get the vote of people who think the world is 6000 years old, or who have mindsets comparable to that methodologically, but reality will not stay stalled forever.

  21. Pete buttplug is not really a monster he has a mental condition caused by too much crap being
    pumped to his brain.

  22. Sounds like the name of a gay demon. Beelzebub, Baphomet, Buttigieg.
    NO MORE PERVERTS, COMMIES or LEFTISTS in US public office.

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