Here’s what he had to say…

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) caught immense backlash after flying to Cancun while a winter storm ravages the state of Texas.

Now, according to Breitbart, Cruz responded to critics and stated, “Our girls asked — said look, school’s been canceled for the week. Can we take a trip and go somewhere warm? And Heidi and I, as parents, we said okay, sure. And so, last night, I flew down with them to the beach. And then I flew back this afternoon. I had initially planned to stay through the weekend and to work remotely there, but as I was heading down there, you know, I started to have second thoughts almost immediately. Because the crisis here in Texas, you need to be here on the ground, and as much as you can do by phone and Zoom, it’s not the same as being here.”

You can watch a clip of Cruz’s comments here.

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