America needs to get back to normal quickly.

In a recent interview with Fox News, Rep. Michael Waltz (R-FL) warned that there is now a “class warfare” going on due schools remaining closed. Waltz stated that blue-collar workers were getting the bad end of the deal because they can’t afford to keep their kids at home like white-collar employees can.

According to Breitbart, Waltz said, “And the piece that never gets discussed is the class warfare that’s going on. If you’re rich enough to send your kids to private school, you can. If you’re a white-collar worker, then you can work from home over the Internet with your kids. But if you’re a truck driver or a waitress or a construction worker, and I guess, in Biden’s world, if you have a 9th grader or a 10th grader, then you’re just hosed for the foreseeable future.”

You can watch a clip of Waltz’s comments here.

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