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Sri Lanka RETALIATES For Easter Massacre

They aren’t afraid of being called islamophobic…

Sri Lanka’s Home Affairs Minister Vajira Abeywardena revealed Sunday that the country had deported 200 Islamic clerics in the wake of the Easter Sunday jihadist attacks against Christians over concerns they had the potential to radicalize locals.

Muslim terrorists killed 257 people on Easter Sunday in suicide bombings targeting three churches and three hotels where Christians were enjoying an Easter brunch. Sri Lankan authorities initially blamed the attacks on a domestic group known as National Thawheed Jama’ath (NTJ), but the Islamic State later took credit for the killings, releasing video footage of the founder of NTJ pledging allegiance to Islamic State “caliph” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Ensuring investigations revealed that foreign intelligence services had warned Sri Lankan officials of the attack weeks before, but no agency took action to prevent it. Authorities have seen been publicizing measures they have taken to ensure it has not happened again, including banning Islamic face veils, raiding mosques, and deporting questionable clerics.

The week after the bombings, local media revealed that 11 mosques near the NTJ headquarters outside of Colombo were known as “fundamentalist” or Wahhabist, referring to a radical Saudi strain of Islam.

“Considering the current situation in the country, we have reviewed the visas system and took a decision to tighten visa restrictions for religious teachers,” Abeywardena told the Agence France-Presse (AFP) on Sunday, confirming that Colombo had deported 600 people for potential ties to jihad, 200 clerics among them. He said that none of those expelled had broken the law to enter the country but did have expired visas, which the government chose not to renew. While he did not specify the nationalities of those removed, local media reported that many came from neighboring India and Pakistan, as well as Muslim countries like Bangladesh and the Maldives.

“There are religious institutions which have been getting down foreign preachers for decades,” he explained. “We have no issues with them, but there are some which mushroomed recently. We will pay more attention to them.”

Sri Lanka is a majority Buddhist country that came out of a decades-long civil war between Buddhists and Hindus only a decade ago. Christians and Muslims have long been minorities of comparable size that attract little attention from authorities, making the island nation a soft target for groups like the Islamic State.

The Sri Lankan news outlet Ada Derana reported Sunday that the head of NTJ, Mohamed Zahran Hashim, had openly established a terrorist training camp near his mosque. Police found a ten-acre estate in Kattankudy, home to a significant Muslim population and the NTJ’s headquarters, where they say Zahran and his followers experimented with explosives. The estate next to that land, Ada Derana noted, was also owned by a man recently arrested in Saudi Arabia, identified as a cousin of Zahran’s.

The Sri Lankan news agency also reported Monday that new evidence suggested Saudi Arabia had warned Sri Lankan officials of an imminent attack about five days before Easter. In the immediate aftermath of the attack, members of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe’s cabinet accused President Maithripala Sirisena of having evidence of a jihadist attack plot and not informing them about it. The cabinet members circulated a document they claimed came from Indian intelligence warning of an Easter Sunday plot. Zahran reportedly spent time in India recording jihadist sermons and uploading them to Youtube and Facebook.

Sirisena later claimed that his intelligence officials did not tell him of the alleged plot, either, and fired his police chief and defense secretary.

Sri Lankan police took a week to shut down the NTJ’s headquarters and raided the place just this weekend. Sri Lanka’s Daily Mirror reported Sunday that police arrested a man at the location Sunday and found evidence that jihadists were using the location for “making bombs, testing them, target practice and other illegal activities.”

The person arrested during that raid told police that Mohamed Rilwan Hashim, the brother of the suspected mastermind of the Easter bombing, had trained with his brother and blew up his hand and face on one occasion in 2007, losing several fingers and eyesight in one eye. The Mirror reported that police confirmed through hospital records that the claim was true – a man came to the local hospital with wounds clearly caused by an improvised bomb, received treatment, and was allowed to leave without police being notified of the incident.

Sri Lanka is currently preparing for nationwide elections, which President Sirisena asserted Saturday would go on as planned despite the threat of jihadist attacks.

“Elections cannot be postponed, therefore before the elections, I will bring about stability and I will eradicate terrorism,” Sirisena said in remarks to Reuters. “We have already identified all active members of the group and it’s a case of now arresting them.”

Sirisena admitted that up to 30 individuals with ties to the attack were “still at large” as of Saturday, but insisted that there is no intelligence suggesting they are planning further suicide bombings and that police are working to swiftly take them off the streets.

Sirisena said he would schedule elections between November and December.

While investigations continue, Christians have been unable to return to Mass on Sunday or send their children to school. Catholic clergy canceled Mass for the last two weeks, televising the service and urging believers to tune in. Schools reopened on Monday, but turnout was reportedly extremely low. In one school, Ada Derana reported, only 50 of the 3,000 students enrolled showed up for their first day since the attacks.

Src: Breitbart


    1. This will only happen when Dummycrats stop catering to the muslim terrorists, esp. the two in Congress! Those Dummycrats are too gutless to stand up to those two hate-filled women who want to single-handedly take over the House!

  1. Yes, let’s do this in the US the libs will have a hissy fit, as they have convinced themselves that “diversity” is more important than morality and even the Safty! But if we begin to get rid of the thousands of Islamist including people like Omar and Talib we will soon see vast improvements in our nation’s peace again. Although the Dems/Libs will probably go on their own personal PC jihad – that’s fine let them whine all they want, at least they will be able to do it in safety. I read that the number one name this year for newborn boys in Berlin is Mohomad, think about that and ask yourselves if that is where we want to be. In less than a generation, much of Europe will no longer be recognizable as European culture, Europeans have on average 1.2 children each, while these Muslim refugees have about 5 or more each. Is this the same situation we want, they are not coming to assimilate and live the western lifestyle, they are bringing their ways and beliefs and believe we should assimilate to them. Look at what is happening in the UK and EU that is a warning for the US.
    Wake up America before it is too late and we are living in the 8th century under these religious extremists and wondering how it got this far. That includes you Liberals who claim to be for women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, religious freedom, free speech, separation of church (or mosque) and state, etc., all things Islam is fundamentally opposed to. Christianity is a religion that asks you to “choose” to be a part of it or not, while Islam says “Submit” there is no choice if you do not submit they will either force you to or Kill you, there is no middle ground. We need to wake up before Woke people lead us to our own destruction!

    1. I couldn’t have said it any better than you. I just don’t understand how liberals who claim to be for, as you say, women’s rights & the LGBTQ community, continually appease and make excuses for Islam, a religion that ACTUALLY OPPOSES WOMEN’S RIGHTS & THE LGBTQ COMMUNITIES, plus want to eliminate all other religions. The juxtaposition of liberal thinking is absolutely insane!

    2. Just getting rid of the Islamic people will not cure the problem completely. We have to ride ourselves of the Left Wing Nut Socialist Democraps and their drug up and brain washed supporters. Until we totally regain our conservative values and Christian beliefs, will we be truly a free nation again. We got lazy and let our elected officials do what they wanted without any responability to the people. We have to be involved in our government or we will continue on the path of self distrustion and dictatorship. We the people means every one, not just a few self centered popularity contest winners. Just because you like some one dose not mean that they will do what is right or what you want done, We the people have to stay involved to prevent dictatorship style governments from forming.

      1. Therein lies the problem, apathy. Will this generation stand up and do the right thing!!!!!!!

  2. So Sri Lanka does what the Democrats in this country won’t do. They don’t care about Americans. If they did, there would be a wall, they wouldn’t be trying to take your guns, and they’d be deporting illegals. Liberals are controlling all major media, including online sites. They are trying to destroy America and American ideals. People need to fight back.

  3. Why is this retaliation? They sound like common sense steps to make their country more safe. They reviewed and selectively revoked visas. Visas are permission slips for people to be in your country that otherwise don’t belong there.

    1. Simple solution – start the Crusades again but finish it this time. There is no earthly reason to allow these scum to continue to add numbers to their population in defiance of everything that’s good in God’s universe.

  4. Good for Sri Lanka !! They should send them all back to raghead land.
    And so should all other countries

  5. I want to see how the democrats will act when the terrorists come at them personally just because their democrats. Then you’ll see the photo ops end and the democrats calling for muslim deportation. Anybody wanna bet?

  6. In response to Silver fox, as long as Liberals are in control of our congress we will be weaklings, subject to continued terrorism.

    1. It is a standard that society is expected to live by. It is more a cult than anything else. How many organizations kill people who leave for other ideologies.

  7. Time for all camel jockeys to return to the land of their birth and rebuild it to their beliefs.

  8. Bravo!! Now, tell that to Pittsburg where the mosques were caught brainwashing children to become radical and kill Americans.

  9. The Democrats KNOW exactly what they are doing they’ve pulled out all the stops to bring about civil war black lives matter/ artifa / Muslims/ gun confiscation / anti Semitic/ its not good enough that you say live and let live NO !!! If you don’t go out of your way to support their agendas the Democrats label you as a hater a white supremasiste a bigot a white nationalist, anyone who pays attention to what is happening it’s obvious to those who don’t ! When it happens those who are going along unknowingly will be left scratching wondering what happened remember the hanging Burnt bodies remember the beheadings its still happening but main stream media doesn’t report on it think WHY!!!!

    1. Victor Davis Hanson author of “The Case for Trump” basically said in an interview with “The Epoch Times” that Democrats are trying to Tribalize our Country. Trump stated “What country has ever succeed once you promote your tribal interest over the commonwealth”? I personally have never seen a Man bring more people together the President Donald Trump!! He is for Americans and the only people against him are the radical socialist left, the elites of Hollywood and mainstream media, who constantly try to TRIBALIZE our Nation. By the way ~ “The Epoch Times” is the best method of real NEWS in a home delivered newspaper. Highly recommend, since our First Amendment is being threatened by FB and Twitter. This is all being done in advance of the 2020 election.

  10. People need to stop referring to Islam as a religion. Islam is a theocracy – a government with a religious component. And it has been waging war for 1400 years ever since Mohammad’s lies about his god were rejected by most people who lived in Arabia. The word “radical” or “extremist” does not apply Islam or its citizens when they engage violence, murder, and other things most people consider depravities. These are all allowed to be done to non-Islam citizens, and even to Islam citizens in many cases, to advance Islam occupation of the world.

    Also, the word “allah” means “the god”, it is not a name. It is a contraction of the Arabic words “al” (the) and “ilah” (god). The god associated with Islam is Hubal.

  11. I shudder to think how bad things could actually become. It’s one more reason for people to be able to defend the country and their family that they love. One of the reasons we have not been invaded yet is that they know that individuals are armed and will fight them every step of the way.

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