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Biden Showing Signs Of Mental Decline

He is unfit to be the president.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden reportedly had to correct himself over the weekend after telling donors Margaret Thatcher is concerned about the United States under President Trump.

Thatcher, the former prime minister of Britain, died in 2013 – nearly two years before Trump launched his first campaign for president.

According to Bloomberg News, Biden eventually corrected himself, explaining to the donors he meant to say British Prime Minister Theresa May instead of Thatcher, blaming the mix-up on a “Freudian slip.”

Biden’s confusing comments came Saturday during a closed-door fundraiser in Columbia, South Carolina. He listed Thatcher as one of 14 heads of state who he claimed have voiced concerns to him about Trump, the outlet reported.

May has been prime minister since 2016. Thatcher resigned as prime minister in 1990.

During his fundraiser swing in South Carolina, Biden also took a page out of Trump’s playbook on Saturday when asked if he had a nickname for the president. Biden reportedly said he didn’t want to get down in the mud with Trump, but if he had to choose a moniker for the current White House occupant it would be a “clown.”

“There’s so many nicknames I’m inclined to give this guy,” Biden said, according to Politico. “You can just start with clown.”

Src: Fox News


  1. “Freudian slip.” ??? I doubt it. He is a basic moron, so it’s nothing new because he’s done it for over 10 years now. The man without a plan.

    1. I believe that they called now President Trump a clown when he announced that he was running for president! Not a good choice Joe!

    2. In 2020, I have the ticket for Dems., Joe crusty old uncle sniffer and old John the story teller Kerrey, we have a plan that goes to our past non-achievement of failure.

    3. Your comments are exact. His wife had to coach him in a TV interview last week and he did learn a new word, Justify

  2. If he made the correction at the time he misspoke ? ? ?
    Days later someone told him to make right his error. He memory loss is not good for a high stress job.

    1. Democrats are mentally illand have no ability to use a brain and thank Cortez is much younger than biden and she still has the same brain malfunction so it is a liberal democratic malfunction in humans

  3. I’m “Right” on when I refer this Godless, Satan worshiping, power-mad NWO-elitist ghoul as Ole, Slo’ Joe, the cop a feel ghoul; he/it thinks of himself as a Lothario; his counter part Nancy the Nut Pelosi still thinks she’s a Barbie Doll under JFK! Both of them have had all of their botox injections destroy their pea sized brains!

  4. During the last decade of his life, Teddy Kennedy had similar cognitive problems. In that case, it has definitely a symptom of “booze on the brain”.

  5. Let his campaign die a slow death, pretty soon he’ll forget he was running for president. Shouldn’t we have a questionnaire they have to fill out that asks what year it is?

  6. Jo and Nancy are both in serious need of some Dementia meds or at least serious brain drugs, they each consistently “misspeak” say nonsensical things, lack clarity, stumble over their words and cannot give a cognitive sentence. We understand – Age, affects different people in different ways- not all old people can be as clear-minded and full of energy as Trump is. But that does not account for their foolish, dangerous political beliefs- just this week Biden all but called China the “JV Team” (sound familiar?) Mr. Touchy-feely, sniffy-sniffy who says questionable things even to children (and likes to fondle them too) Becuase he’s just a nice affectionate guy (no Jo, touching women and especially children is oooffff limits!) wants to tell us – He is the one who will “Make America Moral Again” Please (I almost threw up there) this guy who along with his son has used his political position to become a Multimillionaire is telling us Trump is the dangerous one?!

    The upside to all of this is, there is no way in Heck that this idiot will be able to ride in on anyone’s coattails even Obama would not endorse him – (like anyone believes he asked O not to do so lol) I do hope he is the candidate, at least his continuing Gaff show will be entertaining and his voice is not as shrill and annoying as the others including Bernie, Kamala, Cory, or Warren! Trump will decimate this troop of comedy players in a heartbeat but they should at least use their best “clown” to entertain us in the process.

  7. Biden is by far leading in the polls for the Democrat nomination for President……., a double digit lead over the Socialist Sanders. If the polls are to be believed, that simple fact tells you everything you need to know about the Democrat party. It is leaderless, it is a total failure, and running somebody as just plain flat out DUMB as Joe Biden does nothing but insure Trump’s reelection. You look at the face of the Democrat party; Pelosi, who can’t string a sentence together without slurring and mumbling, Biden who somehow has done absolutely nothing after years and years in Public office; although he claims that makes him most qualified…….then you have the rabid Muslim closet terrorists, and the babbling Green deal nitwits like Ocasio Cortez, and what you see is a washed up political party, that still clings to the hope and change nonsense, and is unable to believe their chosen queen Hillary lost. It really is pathetic, and if anybody thinks some shinning star is going to emerge from the 20 or so, opportunists that keep creeping out of the woodwork, think again, and don’t waste your money supporting any Democrat candidate.

  8. Research ole feeble Joe’s time in the Senate. You may be surprised that his thievery and criminal dealings give Billy Boy Clinton a run for the money. All one need do is start with his son and the Ukraine dealings. Seems Joey ajn’t so dumb or feeble when it comes to putting these deals together. As feeble as a “shark”.

  9. Biden ranks in the TOP 5 DUMBA$$ES in the Democratic Party!!!! He is the BEST hope for President Trump to get elected AGAIN!!! Hang in there Biden!!! MORON/IDIOT!!!!

  10. the dems cant get anything done because they are all running for president or covering for obama and hillary… no time for action on the issues this country needs

  11. Democrats love bathing in hardworking citizens blood,murdering babies,redflag gun laws,lying,expensive bullsh–,steaking,giving welfare to those undeserving.

  12. Trying to understand what the democratic parties platform is. There is no apparent message of unification. Party leaders seem in disarray and have no clear, sensible plans for our country. They struggle with their message and spend an inordinate amount of time attacking President Trump. This is not just about politics, it is about an attempt to bring change to society. A change that if allowed could create chaos to a fragile economy.

  13. Once he’s President (ROTFLMAO). the Congressional pharmacy will be closed, to him, and he will have to buy his Alzheimer medications somewhere else.

  14. Not going to get into the mud with him????? What about the commit I’d like to take him out behind the gym and beat his ass???? That sounded like getting deep into the mud to me. Now is your chance “JO THE OBUTTMA HO” hows you ass feeling jo have you retired your knee pads????? Talk about Clown it seems you’ve been someone’s butt clown for 8 years????? Who was that???? it drove you so nuts you had to rest for 4 years to recuperate from butt plugging you went through under Obuttma and his husband michael. So sad you are to come out of the closet now. “FORGETFUL JO”

  15. Good ‘Ol Joe has never been the sharpest knife in the drawer. He rode Obama’s coat tails through two terms, saying what he was told to say and taking the hits he was told to take when the going got a little rough. like Bengahzi. When the election came up he entered like a good democrat and pulled in all the donations he could before dropping out. Certainly anyone is hit hard when a loved on passes away. But for the highest office in the nation you have to be tough enough to withstand any personal problems or reasons. You can’t walk away. Now with this election the only way Joe will make any kind of showing is if he sits still and lets the “ventriloquist” do the talking.

  16. He is an old women feeling jerk! He can longer even pronounce words correctly or maintain an understandable conversation or remember correctly. Oh damn, he is behaving like a Democrat! Seems like the other candidates are behaving similarly. Beto’s hands are waving and shaking as he mentally destroys himself at rallies! Kamala, Warren, and Gillibrand cannot keep straight what side of the issues they support. Poor Booker we cannot really understand where he is until everyone else speaks and he can remember the issues. Bernie needs to stay at home and little Petey is still waiting for the ferry to come in!

  17. Pretty obvious about Biddens state of mind slipping when he came out with the claim that China is no big deal or threat to the US! Try telling that to US military, US Businesses, US Factory workers, US Farmers, and US Technology Corporations. Not to mention the peolple in the Government trying to improve our balance of trade knowing that China has lied to the World as well as the US in there trade practices, literally ripping off other countries for Billions of $ and stealing secret technology worth untold amounts, probably well in the trillions.

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