As tensions on the Korean peninsula remain remarkably high, South Korea just unveiled a 213-ft long “middle finger” to their communist cousins to the north in the form of a new advanced submarine for their fleet.

According to the U.K. Daily Express, the submarine named Yu Gwan-sun is the sixth and latest addition to the advanced Jang Bogo-II class of underwater vessels that were first launched in 2008.

“The Yu Gwan-sun is the world’s top-class diesel-powered submarine capable of handling more than 300 underwater targets at the same time,” Choi Hee-kyung, an official with the Defense Acquisition Program Administration, explained. “Equipped with a fuel battery system, it can conduct underwater operations for 10 days or longer without surfacing above the water.”

“This reinforces the underwater power of our Navy, which is numerically inferior to North Korea and its 80 submarines,” Choi added.


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