Lots of things in New York City are a mess. Although (just as in all liberal enclaves) taxation is sky high there are potholes and trash all over the streets, violent crime is a persistent problem and the city’s mass transit system is a thorn in every New Yorker’s side. The dilapidated subway system suffers constant breakdowns and delays.  Trains never run on time and daily leave commuters stranded in their quest to get back home.

So bad is the NYC subway that a recent survey published by the New York Daily News found a whopping 74 pecent have been late to work due to subway delays adding, “New Yorkers are showing up late, losing pay and even getting fired due to the sorry state of the city’s subways.” Imagine you’re going to Las Vegas and had a 74 pecent chance of winning a certain bet, would you make it? In NYC it’s essentially assured you’ll be late to work and miss dinner if you ride the trains.

The subway situation in New York is so awful that people who live in Washington D.C. are complaining about it!!

With all this heartache in his state’s largest city to whom does New York’s senior senator point the finger of blame? Himself?  The city’s exclusively Democrat leadership?  Its hyper-liberal mayor, Bill De Blasio? Previous uber-liberal mayor, Michael Bloomberg? The state’s massive-liberal governor, Andrew Cuomo? Any of the 48 Democrat members of its 51-member city council?

No, of course not. New York Senator Chuck Schumer pinned the blame on Donald Trump.  As New Yorkers’ tempers and patience boil over with the state of their subway system, the man elected to represent their interests tweeted this:


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source: https://www.allenbwest.com/derrick-wilburn/chuck-schumer-makes-new-ridiculous-allegation-trump-2