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Soccer Star Megan Rapinoe Shocks World With INSANE Confession

Maybe this is where her hate for conservatives comes from…

Megan Rapinoe, well known for her anti-American stances and her hatred of all things Donald Trump has revealed a dirty little secret about her parents, they are supporters of the President.

Not only are they supporters of President Trump, they also voted for him in 2016 and it sounds like they may vote for him again, even after the spat with their daughter.

Even worse than that they, gasp, watch and enjoy Fox News, which of course doesn’t sit well with poor Megan.

Via the New York Post:

US women’s soccer team co-captain Megan Rapinoe revealed that her father voted for President Trump in the 2016 election — despite her once referring to herself as “walking protest” to his administration.

The World Cup champion said that not only does her dad support the president, but both her parents regularly tune into Fox News, which covered her spat with Trump after she balked at the idea of visiting the White House.

“I’m very similar to how [my parents] are, even though I think my dad voted for Trump and I’ll say, ‘I don’t get it. How are you simultaneously as proud as punch of me, and watching Fox News all the time, [who are doing] takedowns of your daughter?’” Rapinoe said in an interview Saturday with the Guardian.

Criticizing her parents’ political leanings, Rapinoe, who grew up in Redding, California, continued, “That’s why I’m like, ‘You guys need to go to therapy.’”

Now it seems to me, that it’s Megan who might need some therapy, as it sounds like her parents are right thinking people.

After all, given how the USA is back on it’s feet after 8 disastrous years of Obama, why wouldn’t any sane person support the President and his obviously successful policies?

Also, given how in the tank the rest of the mainstream media is for the far left socialist Democrats, why wouldn’t you watch Fox News?

Again, sounds like Megan’s parents have it right, and their daughter is the one who’s a bit mixed up.

Src: The Federalist Papers


  1. Yep, typical “Progressive”; If you don’t think like them you need therapy, if not re-education.

    1. Rapinoe’s dislikes are not a blanket against all Conservatists, it’s against the most inept and greedy president of all time, Bubble Butt trump.

      1. Lowest unemployment in half a century, lowest minority unemployment ever, booming economy, jobs returning from overseas (remember “those jobs aren’t coming back”), manufacturing jobs increasing at the highest rate in three decades, thousands of bureaucratic regulations ditched, a strengthened military, strengthened foreign policy, median household income at the highest level ever. Oh, and Trump takes no salary!
        I could list a couple of hundred other accomplishments, but none of them would matter to somebody blind enough to write, “most inept and greedy president of all time, Bubble Butt trump.”

        1. I fail to see all of these ‘accomplishments’ of which you speak. Booming economy? Where? Gas prices are up. Meat prices are up. Grocery prices are up. Our military was strong to begin with, it always has been. Where are all these jobs that are returning from overseas? And as for the unemployment, that started to go down while Obama was in office, so I doubt Trump had anything to do with it. Trump has made more enemies around the world than any other president. His only friends, it seems, are Vladamir Putin & Kim Jong-un. People judge you by the company you keep, and those aren’t 2 people that I would want to be calling friends. And as for Trump not taking a salary, why should he? He’s taking everything else. His trips to play golf have far exceeded what his salary would have been. So many people were bad mouthing Obama for taking vacations from time to time, but it’s OK for Trump to go off and play golf pretty much every weekend? It’s OK for him to go overseas and take his whole family with him, on our nickel? Maybe you should take your blinders off and take a really good look at what is really going on. It makes me sick to see what Trump is turning our wonderful country into. MAGA? We were great before Trump took office. We will never be great with him in office promoting white supremacy. All those Neo-Nazi’s & white supremacists need to crawl back under the rocks that they emerged from. If they don’t like America for what she stands for, maybe they’re the ones who should find another place to live. I’ll even help them pack.

          1. Sorry, Concerned Citizen 3. All of your points are pure nonsense, but let me pick just one for response.

            You wrote: “It’s OK for him to go overseas and take his whole family with him, on our nickel?”

            All high level diplomats travel with their spouses and sometimes families. At least President Trump takes them on the same airplane, unlike your idol Obama whose wife frequently took a separate Air Force aircraft, including for their 4-5 annual trips to Hawaii. By the way, he also played a lot of golf.

            I’m curious. Who are Concerned Citizen’s 1 and 2?

          2. Oh please. The Obamas traveled with 100 sycophants. She needed that many to make herself look presentable. Obama can’t speak without a teleprompter. He admitted he wanted to transform the country. Just a Soros puppet.

      2. Another left-winger with cranial-rectal inversion syndrome. You will see that President Trump is one of the BEST presidents we have ever had. Why? He is a businessman NOT a politician. Politicians have proven how corrupt they have been for years.

        1. And it is well known what a corrupt businessman Trump is. What makes you think he would do any better than a politician? He’s appointed unqualified people to positions that they know nothing about! They’re only qualifications, it seems, is that they be loyal to him. I’ve never seen another president have so many people under him jump ship, or change parties! Maybe you think that’s another HRC conspiracy? No other president has condemned the media like Trump has. How is it possible that only FOX NEWS tells the truth? All these major networks and only 1 is for Trump? Seems kind of unbelievable to me. Maybe it should be unbelievable to you too. Open your eyes and take a good look at what is going on. Unless you are a racist or white supremacist, I don’t see how it is possible that you can be behind this joke of a president.

        2. Maybe Megan has had too many balls bounced off her head. She is a great soccer player but she is a crude, rude, obnoxious person. And ONLY in America can a person get away with the disrespect that this woman shows for her family and our PRESIDENT.

      3. TINY: If you define greedy as returning your yearly salary to Charitable Organizations then you need re-educating. Nobummmmmer TOOK from the USA, The Donald is GIVING BACK to the USA. Is there a difference? You have myy permission, whether you need it or not, go back to Nobummmmer’s Kool-aid and find your safe place and get your blankie and binky and cower down like the coward you are.

      4. TINY: By greedy, do you mean donating his presidential salary to deserving charaties or other organizations? What did the former liar-in-chief do to protect and preserve this country??? All he could do was to bow down to other EQUAL foreign leaders, putting the USA in a subservient position. What has The Donald done, more for this country than the last three presidents, that’s what. The Donald has given, Nobummmmer just and still is taking from the USA.

        1. She’s a typical left wing loser. She has no proof Trump is racist or homophobic or fascist, yet she regurgitated all three. She has no ideas. It’s why she’s so ineffective. I say good riddins to you leaving the team shortly. I also say good riddens to the rest of the team that follows you around like the wimps they are.

      5. Tiny you are worse than Rapinoe. Trump just happens to be the best president we have ever had and being that I am 73 years old I have seen a lot of them. We have done nothing but great since he became president, so your ignorant remarks are not appreciated. Try finding some facts instead of watching CNN.

      6. Well tiny – what have you personally contributed to anything to help anybody. My bet is nothing. Probably live in the basement and let your folks pay your bills. The President puts in more time attempting to make things better and all he gets are loud mouths such as yourself . He takes all the abuse and does it willingly and without pay. He donates his to things that could make others lives better. People like you probably never served your country but are the first to disrespect our flag that our vets fought for and many died so morons like you can judge anyone without knowing them. I hope you put your big boy pants on – go find a job and try as hard as you can to do something to help others currently it appears you can’t help being a loud mouth parrot probably a CNN FOLLOWER.

      7. Yeah, just look at the horrible economy, the horrendous unemployment rate, the stock market that just won’t quit soaring into the stratosphere, the way Trump donates his pay to charities! He’s just soooo inept and greedy, isn’t he? MAGA!

      8. Tiny, crawl back in your hole you ignorant snowflake. It’s quite apparent you know nothing about economics you liberal moron.

      9. Tiny, I think her hate for TRUMP is rebellion against her parents. By the way, you need to take a look at the real greedy and most inept people, the DEMOCRATS. Nancy Pelosi can’t even control the most hate-filled, anti-Sematic women in her house. Schiff keeps looking for something against Trump and can’t find it. The most RACIST DEMOCRATS call Trump racist when there is proof he is for all people. The entire DEMOCRAT PARTY cares more about the Illegal aliens than they do the AMERICAN CITIZENS. Just take a look at the streets in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Baltimore. People living on the streets, citizens moving out because of the filthy.

      10. President trump is the most honest and best President this country has ever had. He helps everyone . I was not a supporter because I did not trust him because he was a liberal for 68 years but he has done so much good all Americans I support him 100% now. If we can get a congress that will support him our country will be great for many years to come.

      11. Tiny – That is a great name for your pea brain. You and Rappy are a good match for one another. And by the way her parents are probably really nice, conservative people who have common sense.

  2. I guess the Apple can fall very far away from the Tree. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Rapinoe

  3. Sounds like she could learn a little intelligence from her Mom And Dad instead of being such a disgraceful roll Model, on a Real, True, respectful, American soccer team, I know everyone is in title to their opinions, but their a time and place to show it, but she upstaged and sacrificed a whole Americans Soccer Teams Greatest Moments for her own selfish agenda. She needs Counseling.

      1. That’s because it’s so unpleasant going through life with your head securely up your posterior, and none of them can figure out how to remove it…

    1. Her parents have the right to be “proud as punch” of her, but they also have the right to watch, hear, vote for, support, etc., what or who ever they want as American citizens.

      I wonder how her parents feel about her (?) language and bigotry?

      Did it really take having a man on the team in order to win.


  4. Sweet, sweet Megan. I’m sure that your parents love you very much and that they are rightfully proud of your accomplishments and your sporting prowess. Believe me when I tell you, that love of their child might well be the reason for their political perspective. You see, the direction of your governmental philosophy is, in a word, wrong. There is an old American adage that say; ” if you are not liberal when you are young, you have no heart, and if you are not a conservative when you are old, you have no brain”. You may well live long enough, and grow in your understanding enough to have a fonder appreciation for the wisdom of your parents.

  5. Megan Rapinoe, needs more that therapy, She needs the special Ed help. She acts more like a 5 year old throwing a fit. Things don’t go her way throw a fit. She is fighting for more money for the soccer team, come to find out the womans team make more money than the mens . Don’t tell her, she will throw another fit. It reminds me of a Democrat.

  6. Here’s the perfect example of the pathological thinking of extremist liberals like Rapinoe: “I’m OK; people who disagree with me are disturbed and need therapy”. It seems here, that in her paren’t ability to be tolerant, flexible and forgiving……..we have raised a rebellious, intolerant, condemning radical that would force her parents into a “re-education” camp (therapy), to fix their attitude. She’s the confused person. Seek help with your internal conflicts Rapinoe.

  7. If her parents weren’t conservative, they might have aborted her! All babies due to be born of democrap parents, stand the chance of being aborted, because their parents don’t think they are human. Maybe they’re RIGHT! Maybe children born from democraps AREN’T HUMAN! EVER THINK OF THAT?

  8. That Commie b*tch needs to take her own advice – GO TO THERAPY! Her Dad should have given her a dressing down for kneeling during the Anthem, regardless of her personal feelings.

  9. She is pathetic, she’s supposed to be a representive of the USA, and disrespects our flag. If she only knew how stupid she looks with that stoned Face while the anthem is playing. Voted the best player on the team. She is no where near the best, not even close.

  10. Megan needs to defect to Russia. They need soccer players for their loser team. Then you can enjoy real communism, bye bye!

  11. You can’t fix, STUPID! They must have tossed out the “smart” gene, with the bath water. Have to hand it to the parents, as I have a “rapinoe” malfunction in my grown family and I still love them all. Sometimes a volcano may not spew for years, hope it’s all conservative lava from her.

  12. Isn’t Rapinoe the one who’s upset about the “transgender” freaks infiltrating themselves into women’s sports?
    If her parents were REALLY smart, they’d get their news from TruNews dot com.
    Rick Wiles is the boldest pastor I know.

  13. The US team coach should have called Miss Rapinoe into her office and explained the following: The American people created and ran the sports process which enabled you to play soccer to begin with and which nurtured you all the way up. You were able to ride that system through elementary, middle and high school, then college, eventually culminating in the highest level of the sport. This system presented you with 100% of your opportunities without which you’d have gone nowhere. This why you are on the international team. You have America to thank. Otherwise you would never have been able to do it.

    When the anthem is played and the flag waved, you certainly should stand. The flag is not the Trump flag nor the anthem the Trump anthem. They are the US Flag and the American National anthem. You should be smart enough to know that you are standing for whom you represent on that field: our country in general and for the American people in particular, not for President Trump. He, BTW, fully understands this and stands for the flag and the anthem.

    I don’t recall you ever being quoted as saying that those who competed internationally during Obama’s administration should refrain from standing if they didn’t approve of him. I can’t imagine that you’d have supported anyone who did.

    You should have been demoted from team captain, reduced to third string and relegated to the bench waiting to be called if wanted. If you still insisted on being disrespectful to the flag and the anthem, you should have been sent off the field and summarily dismissed from the team.

    If your teammates protested, they should have been asked if they are capable of winning without you and, if so, now’s their chance to prove it. If they don’t want to play without you, dismiss them as well and do the best we can with replacements. If the replacements are not enough then so be it. If no one wants to play, then forfeit and go home. None of the quitters should ever be invited to join the team again.

  14. Too bad she didn’t learn from here parents and develop some moral fiber and character.. now she is just a loser…she can win with a team all the soccer she wants …she is still a LOSER.

  15. College was supposed to be were you had a free exchange of Information. That is no longer true and has been false since 1901. College does not educate any longer it Is not educating any longer they are only Indoctrination centers for the Communist.

  16. They probably are good Americans and vote for what is good for the country. . . . even if their daughter doesnt see eye with them their daughter is not running for president !

  17. As far as we conservative Deplorables are concerned, the Left thinks that if we stand for

    the Constitution as written, including Amendments,
    believing killing viable unborn babies for convenience,
    a sovereign nation with the right to protect our borders and decide who comes in,
    that only citizens have the right to vote in an honest manner,
    that jobs should first be for citizens,
    and that morality matters,
    we are somehow mentally unstable.

    As the Isaiah 5:20 states, “They say that what is right is wrong and what is wrong is right; that black is white and white is black; bitter is sweet and sweet is bitter.”

  18. I am sure her parents brought her up right, but somewhere along the way her thinking became warped.

    1. Look no further than public schools, the media, and the “entertainment” industry to see what caused that warpage. Her parents were slightly outnumbered.

  19. How does that balance in your mind? You hate America but you play your best to win for them? If you hate America shouldn’t you be playing for some other country? Clearly she is the one whose bubble doesn’t go to the middle.

  20. That person Tiny, needs the same help that Megan does. If I were her parents and she acted like that to me, she would be out of my life forever. I don’t understand how her parents could have raised her and she turn out that way. Was it from college? I would say she worked with a team to win, and don;t come back to see us anymore. I would leave her $10 for death and leave everything else to another child or other relative or a charity. And I would say one more thing to her. “You are lucky we were Christians and Conservative or you would NOT have been born. I would have aborted you if I were like you. That should stab her in the heart.

  21. This very good soccer player, who is also a self-obsessed moron, seems beyond therapy. Play soccer. Shut up. No one cares what you think. At least no sane person does…

  22. There’s no point to debating the virtues of conservatism and free market enterprise with a hoard of brainwashed idiots who don’t have the mental capacity to understand liberty or responsibility, or duty, or honor. Piss on them. Trump 2020! Keep America Great

  23. I believe that M.Rapinoe has been with President Trump all along.A lot of distractions going on.They must think the average citizen is Really Stupid.Yet we really do understand what’s going on.We just can’t do much about it when one is up against a force(elites) with so much money !!!!!But don’t under estimate We The People !!!!!

  24. I believe Donald Trump has been in favor of LGBTQ+ all along.He just needed distractions and citizens prejudices to come to a head.Then he becomes the almighty mediator.Follow the pieces.Don’t become distracted !!!!!


  26. I am happy to hear her parents think for themselves, have respect for others, do not swallow left media bias political labeling of others calling it being “Politically Correct” and are not tied up to the Unhinged Progressives who want free every thing. It shows they have common sense, a mind that takes facts into consideration, and most important does not have the hatred of this great country. That said:

    Who really cares there is a difference in their thinking or beliefs, but one has to look at her statement that “they need treatment” for their beliefs, Is that the American way? no, and that is what her problem is, she is Unhinged with hate for some reason and that is what needs treatment.

  27. Megan was completely proselytized by the leftist California school system. I taught in one of their Universities. The drumbeat for leftist ideas does not have any counterbalance among the faculty. I feel sad for her not using the ideas she was supposed to support.

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