Bill Barr Dropped This BOMB On Obama – Leaves Leftists Stunned

Bill Barr doesn’t seem to mind being controversial, and he certainly doesn’t seem to be bothered if what he says or does offends people.

Then, again, if you’re offending left wing lunatics, then what you’re saying probably makes a lot of sense.

And that’s exactly the case with recent comments that Barr made. Masooma Haq writes,

Former Attorney General Bill Barr criticized the U.S. public school system during his first speech since leaving the Justice Department, calling the current system in the inner cities racist because of what he described as low-quality, secular, progressive teachings that are pushed throughout the schools.

“The real issue of systemic racism in our country, which is our public school system in the inner cities, where we’ve relegated inner-city school children to these failing schools, depriving them of a future, depriving them of opportunity,” Barr said during a speech in Naples, Florida, on Thursday. “That’s the system of systemic racism.”

“President Obama waltzes into Washington enrolls his two daughters in the most exclusive private school there, Sidwell Friends, and one of his earliest acts is to terminate, a broadly-supported and bipartisan program in the District of Columbia that provided scholarships to inner-city kids to go to parochial school,” Barr continued.

Yes, Barr just called out Obama, and, whatever your opinion of Obama, this is a well-deserved criticism. Obama was a completely hypocrite about the school system and about helping disadvantaged kids to escape from the terrible education systems that Democratic city governments in major cities keep putting their poorest citizens into.

It’s an obvious pattern to see if you care about results at least as much as intentions, but, since intentions are all that matter to leftists, the results they get are consistently terrible.

And, sadly, the poverty stricken in cities may pay the worst price for all this because living in those cities sentences their children to a cycle that is difficult to break while living in Democratic cities because of the terrible education systems there and their lack of economic opportunity.

Frankly, the best thing that the disadvantaged can do for their children is to find a way to move some place where people are treated as individuals and not as faceless members of racial groups. You know: red states.

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