Joe Rogan: Woke Politics Will Have 2 Big Consequences For This Group

Joe Rogan gave a warning to straight white men on his show, telling them what woke politics could mean for them.

Comedian and “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast host Joe Rogan drew outrage from the far left, and praise from the working class this week for comments made about the cultural bias and bigotry against straight white men during a conversation about whether edgy comedy is socially viable in the current year.

During Episode 1651 of the JRE podcast with comedian Joe List, Rogan veered into the subject of highly prevalent anti-white racism in  the entertainment industry. “You can never be woke enough, that’s the problem,” Rogan noted. “It keeps going. It keeps going further and further and further down the line, and if you get to the point where you capitulate, where you agree to all these demands, it’ll eventually get to straight white men are not allowed to talk.”

“Because it’s your privilege to express yourself when other people of color have been silenced throughout history,” Rogan continued. “It will be, you’re not allowed to go outside. Because so many people were imprisoned. I’m not joking, it really will get there. It’s that crazy.”

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Not being allowed to speak or to go outside…

Sounds crazy right now, but if you look at the Democrats, it all makes sense.

Their voter base is a coalition of white liberals and left-leaning minority groups.

White liberals often view themselves and other white people as oppressors.

And Democrat-supporting minority groups often see themselves as oppressed.

So targeting straight white conservative men makes perfect sense in their worldview.

Joe Rogan had a few words for liberal activist types as well:

“And there’s a lot of people that are taking advantage of this weirdness in our culture, and then that becomes their thing,” the JRE podcast host said of left-wing activists. “Their thing is calling people out for their privilege, calling people out for their position, you know, so, it’s a f**king crazy time.”

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You can watch the segment of his show here:

He’s right to imply that liberals are unhinged.

That’s why their woke politics has to be stopped, and soon.

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