Former President Donald Trump commented on recent reports indicating that the Biden administration has decided to waive 26 federal laws to facilitate further border wall construction. This decision contrasts with President Joe Biden’s earlier stance in January 2021 when he discontinued it.

Trump remarked on Biden’s delay, suggesting he anticipates an acknowledgment.

On Wednesday, the Department of Homeland reported plans to resume wall construction in Starr County, Texas, a high-activity border area. This year, the administration noted that there have been 245,000 unauthorized border crossings in this sector.

On Truth Social, Trump highlighted that Biden’s move seemed to validate his own decision to construct 560 miles of the border wall, although he pointed out that some reports were misquoting the length as 450 miles.

Biden, through executive order, has reinstated the construction that he previously halted on Jan. 20, 2021, when he expressed that a wall extending across the whole southern boundary wasn’t an effective policy measure.

This policy shift comes in light of a significant increase in unauthorized migrants.

On his social media post, Trump reflected, “Throughout history, two things have always been effective: wheels and walls! Is Biden going to recognize the delay and the subsequent entry of a large number of unauthorized immigrants into the U.S.? I’m eager to hear from him!”