On Thursday, Judge Arthur Engoron directed former U.S. President Donald Trump not to move his assets without notifying a court-appointed overseer.

The additional directive from Engoron mandates that Trump, along with other implicated individuals, must make known all their owned entities and provide prior notice of any “intended movement of assets or financial responsibilities to other parties.”

The directive also pertains to Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, the Trump Organization’s former CFO Allen Weisselberg, and the organization’s controller Jeffrey McConney. They are given until October 26 to submit this data to Barbara Jones, a former federal judge, who is currently supervising the financial activities of the Trump Organization.

This is the second directive from Engoron since the onset of the trial earlier this week. He previously set a limited restriction on Trump, barring him from commenting about court personnel on online platforms.

This previous directive was a response to Trump’s online remarks about one of Engoron’s assistants.