This just cannot happen.

In a recent interview with “CNN Newsroom,” Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) confirmed that while he does believe the Post Office needed to be supported due to select states promoting vote -by-mail, $25 billion is entirely too much money and isn’t possible.

According to Breitbart, Cassidy said, “A lot of what the Post Office is in arrears about is related to unfunded accrued liability in their pension plans. Yes, there’s been decreased income related to COVID, but the entirety of that 25 billion is not related to the COVID crisis. … And so, if we are going to support the Post Office, as some states do go to mail-in voting, and that’s fine, if a state decides to do that, that’s in our federalist system, that’s okay, then we, I guess, I do agree that we should support the Post Office in that. But don’t conflate that number with the entire 25 billion.”

You can watch a clip of Cassidy’s comments here.

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