They better tread carefully now.

During a U.S. think tank event, the president of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-Wen, stated that the relationship between U.S. and Taiwan has grown substantially regardless of the looming threat coming from China.

She stated, “As effective as our military is, we cannot stand alone without support from the community of like-minded democracies. I am proud that the relationship between Taiwan and the U.S. has never been closer.”

“Across the board, we share a high degree of mutual trust and a common strategic picture of how we can work together to protect and preserve a free and open Indo-Pacific.”

Taiwan and the U.S. have been troubled by how aggressive China has been in the Indo-Pacific region. Many of the countries in the region are considered U.S. allies which makes it worse.

China has also stated that they believe “Taiwan a part of its territory, instead of a separate country, despite its more than 50 years of self-governance and its status as a robust democracy today. China has threatened to retake the island, including by military force, by 2049.”

However, the growing relationship with U.S. will probably hinder China from taking over Taiwan.

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