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Republican CHALLENGES Democrat Claim

One Republican is going toe-to-toe with Democrats over their accusations that President Trump has conducted a “cover-up,” which has become what he calls the “Russia collusion witch hunt hoax 2.0.”

Principal Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley is demanding that Democrats produce some form of evidence to back up their uncalled for claims while on Fox News’ “Justice with Judge Jeanine.”

“This is an effort by the Democrats. It’s like the Russia collusion witch hunt hoax 2.0. First of all, they accuse the president of colluding with a foreign power, of treason, with no evidence, no proof. And now they’re coming out and saying he’s engaged in a cover-up with no evidence, no proof.”

“And not one journalist has said, ‘Hey, Madame Speaker, what is the evidence?’” Gidley continued. “‘And also, if you have all this evidence, why do we have investigations? Just show us this evidence and let’s get this thing going.’”

See Gidley go on the attack in the video below.


  1. The Democrats throw out all kinds of ridiculous statements with no proof that they are true . They should be sued for this.

    1. And all you trump idiots should be thrown in jail with chump because he is the worst president in the world.

      1. And you should get some serious mental help your TDS is giving you delusions…LOL

      2. Oh, thank god my friend LMFAO.
        The proof of Trumps corruption and his lack of respect for the justice system is there in plain sight.
        He will probably our president til he dies now, there’s no evidence that he has taken any action that will prevent him from cheating his way into the presidency again. Then he will declare himself king for life. He hasn’t done anything for the majority of middle class Americans and he still seems to have this unwavering base. Mueller said to congress today that the facts of corruption are there for them to take action. I don’t want Trump impeached (I think Pence is worse)
        But maybe if thinking people will pay attention, they can be open to seeing what is right there….

    2. Vote Conservative down the line! Even some so called Republicans betray us! MAGA 2020!!!

      1. So the FACT that the GOP wrote and passed the 2017 tax cuts (with ZERO votes from the Dems) and the President signed them. Which made Gold Start payments to the CHILDREN of killed military service members. Tax rate to go UP. While at the SAME TIME Amazon with $11 Billion in profits pays ZERO taxes is good for America? How many of those Brave Soldiers that gave their lives for America were Conservatives do you think?

  2. The Left Wing Nut Socialist Democraps are doing every thing they can to take our country away from us and create a socialist dictatorship, with them in charge, They have brain washed our children by takeing over our education system and promoting their propaganda as well as taking all of the history and our rights out of our schools as a way to sell their snake oil garbage without any thing to prove them wrong in the school to stop their propaganda. They also are flooding our country with illegal immigrants and demanding that they are allowed to vote. They are attacking every thing that conservative Americans stand for. n They are attacking our elected officials. They are attacking our religious beliefs. They are trying to destroy our country and our strength. They are the spawn of the Devil, They are Communist, They are greedy dictators. And if you really believe their lies about getting every thing for free, then you are a very willing slave. The only people in a dictatorship that get every thing for free are the dictators. GThe only people that die of ols age iun a dictatorship are the dictators. So all of the melinials, the drug addicts, and the illegals can keep believing this and when these brainwashed idiots get the dictatorship that they want, I hope they can live with the fact that their is no free stuff, and that they are willing to either work 12 hard hour’s every day with very little compensation, or just set their and die while wondering how such a thing could happen, and why did these people lie to get what they wanted, then you can suddenly realize that you were one of the brainwasded idiots that voted for them to enslave you. The democrap party was founded on the concept of takeing every thing away from every one. And if you do not believe that, then look at the demoicraps in office today, they are doing any legislation to help the American people as a whole country, They are obstructing any legislation that would help everyone while they are creating legislation to take away our rights, or force us to allow unwanted people in our personnel private areas, such as bathrooms. The only mission that the democarp party is out for, is to destroy th United States Of America so they can take control!

    1. You make some good points. However, if you break up your long comment into paragraphs with space in between, it makes for easier reading, and thus will increase the number of people reading it!

      Dems are Dishonest Dopes! MAGA

      1. Do you know that the chump has told over 10,000 lies since becoming president and probably over 10 million since he was born!

          1. do you know how to use the internet? try a search or ask some 2 year old to help you.

          2. do you know how to use the internet? if not, ask a 2 or 3 year old to help you do a search for all the articles.

        1. Again an accusation about Pres. Trump Just exactly why is he the worst pres. how about some facts for a change. All you are saying is media hype which not facts.

    2. As soon as your post said they were Communist & Dictators I knew you were just Parroting the right wing media. From what I learned in HS 45 years ago. You can’t have a Dictator and Communist type governments at the same time. Take China for example. They are called Communists. Yet they have rich and poor. In a TRUE communist government everyone is equal and has the same amount of money. The ONLY true Communist we have in DC is the First Lady. Now her parents are here thanks to “Chain Migration”. Her father was a favored member of the Communist Party during the USSR. FACT!

  3. The democrats have proven they are novices at experience with proving anything. They are divided and weak. They are following many rabbit trails hoping they will find a nugget of truth but you have to know what truth is before you can recognize it. They are inept and corrupt and they have sorry, pitiful leaders. They deserve what is coming to them.

  4. I agree with everything said. I have called the office of my congressman and senators. Please tell me what else I can do to help

  5. We’ve all seen on a daily basis Pelosi’s evidence of a coverup! Obstructing ALL the House investigations, preventing witnesses from testifying under oath to the House Committees, ordering witnesses to DEFY valid subpoenas and document demands, lying to the American People on a daily basis about the very serious and damning findings in the Mueller Report. No evidence? Give us a break!

  6. It is really something. President Trump knew what was going on when before he became president he brought up “draining the swamp”. These stinking idiots on the left began their plans for trying to get rid of Trump because they realized that if he kept his word and worked on the swamp thing, that they had a great deal to worry about. It is as shameful as you can imagine that they will do nothing to secure our border. They are put in office first and foremost to protect this country and instead are working from within to destroy it.
    Nancy Pelousy, has people lying in the streets within a mile of her house but, that doesn’t bother her, she has a security wall around her property. Can you imagine that? We have hundreds of thousands of illegals, gang members, etc. getting in and she does nothing about that but thinks it is ok that it doesn’t happen to her. The Republicans in government better learn how to fight back, and they better do it in a hurry as otherwise this country will not exist as planned and carried out by our forefathers. God Bless America!

    1. So explain WHY the President and his administration hasn’t done anything about the 40% of illegals that are here because they OVER STAIED their Visas? 13 Trump Inc. employees were fired this year for just that reason. $ of them have been working for Trump Inc. for over 10 years. Funny how H2-B Visa workers can only come here for up to 10 Months yet Trump Inc. kept them on for over 10 years. You don’t see a problem with that? Or how about the MILLIONS of Latinos and Mexicans working the Corporate farm fields out west. Do you really think they are ALL legal? Why isn’t President Trump sending ICE agents out there to check documents? Is it because of al his farming buddies in NYC? The Dems want the illegals for the votes. The Repubs. want them for the cheap labor, which increases their profits. Now tell me which side is worse?

  7. Nancy told us about their wrap around smear and how it works last year. That’s exactly what they are doing now. It’s fiction aided and abetted by the lame stream media. The dishonesty that is pervasive in the democrat soul and the fake news community has been uncovered. They are too stupid to realize their jig is up! The “empire” has no clothes.
    Their corruption and dishonesty will continue; that’s all they have, you can smell their stench far and wide!

  8. Nancy told us about their wrap around smear and how it works last year. That’s exactly what they are doing now. It’s fiction aided and abetted by the lame stream media. The dishonesty that is pervasive in the democrat soul and the fake news community has been uncovered. They are too stupid to realize their jig is up! The “empire” has no clothes.
    Their corruption and dishonesty will continue; that’s all they have, you can smell their stench far and wide!

  9. The dems are throwing everything and anything at the wall in hopes that something will stick. They are so desperate to take down Trump that that’s all they can think about 24/7. They are out of control!!!

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