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Actor INFURIATES Hollywood With Videos

An Oscar-winning actor is getting under the skin of liberal Hollywood with new videos praising President Trump.

Actor Jon Voight released back to back videos addressing the American people and praising the efforts of Donald Trump who he said was “the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln.”

“I’m here today to acknowledge the truth, and I’m here today to tell you, my fellow Americans, that our country is stronger, safer, and with more jobs because our president has made his every move correct,” Voight said. 

“Don’t be fooled by the political left because we are the people of this nation that is witnessing triumph,” he continued. “So let us stand with our president, let us stand for this truth that President Trump is the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln God bless America, and may God continue to guide this nation.”

Of course, this brought droves of liberals into the comments trying to disparage Voight by posting things like “Actors should stay in their lane,” and accusations that the actor is on drugs.

Let them stew in it, Voight makes excellent points and it’s refreshing to see that not all celebrities are fanatically opposed to American progress.


  1. Fantastic! A very smart man who realizes that Liberals are full of !!!!! and that finally Trump is the first president in a long time to do the BEST for our country

  2. Mr. Voight,

    I am so proud of you!! You unequivocally and unapologetically stayed true to your beliefs. The way they bully, belittle and target conservative celebrities is something right off of an elementary school playground. Actually, let me be fair to the kids, it’s worse.

  3. Finally, a actor who follows his own path, not like most who do whatever their buddies are doing. It’s nice to see a actor who isn’t a sheep.

  4. Voight is one of the few true great actors left. He’ll get all kinds of crap for this for only saying what he personally believes. Totally dignified compared to DeNiro.


  6. Thank you Jon Voight! It’s to bad you can’t get Whoopi, Alec and the others to get on your side. The leftists should know by now that it is the democrats that are shipping up the hate and dividing this country! Don’t they understand that the democrats want to take all the money away from the rich and give it to the illegals? Is that really what they want? Those actors and actresses can’t possibly be that stupid and blind not to see what is really going on in this country!!!! The democrats want socialism like Venezuela. I sure as he’ll don’t and I am 70.

  7. Way to be Mr. Voight, I’m with you 100%. Our country is the best it’s ever been and all due to one man and that is our beloved President Trump. The leftist actors are so dim-witted that all they can see is HATE. The DemonRats are the ones that promote the hatred we see in America today. I do want to say that all illegals need to be deported from our country and apply to come in legally. The filthy people seem to want to live in squalor. I can’t believe what they are doing to our biggest cities. Again who’s to blame but our awful, evil DemonRats.

  8. Seriously, did Hollywood actors actually say “actors should stay in their own lane?” Hollywood has been all over the highway trying to jamb their liberal views to America and when one of their own becomes outspoken they insist not their place!!? WTF!!? Hypocrites and fake!

  9. Thank you for standing up for our president! The liberals are known for their double standards. America we stand. Free and strong.

  10. Yeah he must stay in his lane if he doesn’t stay on the plantation and spew the ideology that the leftist Hollywood nut bags step lock step to. Thank God for people like him and James Woods and others that aren’t afraid to tell it like it is, just to save there job. The leftists are bullies and totalitarians that want to force what they believe at all costs. I stand with Mr. Voight as a proud American and patriot. God bless America and God bless the Patriots in this country. WWG1WGA

  11. Mr. Voight has and always will be a proud patriot. He speaks the truth and could care less about offending some Leftist or Democratic radical. He is a great actor and equally as great an American.

    1. Amazing that any liberal would say “actors should stay in their lane” when actors are the most absurdly outspoken, uninformed, completely brainwashed imbeciles on the planet when it comes to politics. Give me a break!!! Just like any politician that is a DEMOCRAT, they think all the underhanded, lying fake news they do is just fine and justified. Holy moly!!! please can’t we get term limits for the old, crazy, out-lived their usefulness Democrats out of office. They only look to be argumentative and totally partisan and cannot see that their actions are so much more horrific, dangerous and detrimental that ANY Republican or Republican supportive group has EVER been. Wow.

    1. I couldn’t agree more the best this country has seen in a very long time

  12. I pray every day that God will protect President Donald Trump and his family from the evil empire of the Demo crap party. As King David prayed in the Psalm’s for God to cause his enemies to fall in to their own trap and be taken in their own evil devices, I pray that those who bring false accusations against Trump will be taken in their own evil devices.

  13. Yea John!:-) we Love you too .thank you for your support and and when are you and Clint going to make another blockbuster ?

  14. Note that the remark about actors staying in their lane didn’t mention jerks like Goldberg,
    De Niro, Rosie and numerous other foaming-at-the-mouth know nothings.
    Stupid, nasty a…holes all!

  15. Isn’t it amazing that left wing celebrities are praised and heard, but a conservative is told to stay with acting. It goes to prove it isn’t the celebrity but which side he’s on that counts.

  16. Mr. Voight – thank you very much for speaking out and NOT caring what Hollywood, or the “Dumocrats” think. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!

  17. Trump is the right man in office at the right time in history to take care of all our country’s issues right now? Can you even imagine Sanders, Harris, Mayor Peter, Booker, de Blasio, Warren, O’Rourke , etc. dealing with China and North Korea!!! Scarey thought!

  18. I am still waiting for the celebrity to move,leave the country and not come back when President Trump was elected. Who was that? 🤔 How many said that? 🤔 guess they should have stayed in their lane and said nothing! 🤬

    1. Sad to say, the crazies are still giving their opinion..or flapping their lips, to make themselves famous (??????) hahaha. Losers, all of them!!!!!

    2. I’m still wondering how many of those cuckold idiots that voted for hillary have gotten their blowjob that moddana promised them?

    3. Maybe when he wins the next election they will have the strength of their convictions and leave. Maybe all those lefties like Bet Middler, Streisand… heck lets just say 93% of Hollywood can create their own caravan to Canada, and since they do not believe in borders they can see how well it will work when they walk in carrying their possessions on their backs and ask for asylum based on their fear and oppression under Trump!
      Yet another Trump Victory!

      1. Lzib — the problem is I believe Canada has already said they don’t want them .

        1. Well, there’s always Venezuela or Afghanistan if they wish to be more adventurous.

  19. I say greatest president since George Washington.Too many good people died under Lincoln, North and South.

    1. You can’t be blaming Pres. Lincoln for the Civil War, with all the tensions present in the country at that time the war was inevitable, the only thing that might be different under another leader is that the country may have ended up sundered apart.

    2. I must say the truth, bloodshed was the only way to change or should I say is the only way to change things for the better and that’s why I’m thankful my daughter doesn’t want kids. I see a another civil war coming and although I’m ready to fight with my life I don’t want my grandchildren fighting

    3. That was due to the times. President Lincoln was a man who worshipped God and suffered in his spirit for all the wounded and dead, North and South.

    4. Lincoln was Not great, People see him as a savior of slaves and that’s BS. He needed an excuse to attack the south to stop them from seceding from the union an the north didn’t have as many slave so it was an easy push. He NEVER freed slaves! The wording is “emancipated” that basically threw a bunch of poor illiterate people that were already in a bad place and hated because of their color, into the streets with nothing and NO HELP (what a great guy)! He was a politician with an agenda and didn’t care who he stepped on to get there Just like the Clintons and we all Know how wonderful they are LOL

  20. Yes I agree the greatest president since President Lincoln let’s stand by our president we standby every other president we will standby this one thank you Mr. Trump we love you

  21. What the Fu-k is he smoking? He is the worst president since Nixon, only worse. The increase in jobs and the good economy was handed to from the Obama presidency, That is proven fact, If you Trump lovers want to hear the real news watch CNN, but of course Trump invented the sloven “Fake News” and Fox is really the fake news. He doesn’t want you to hear the real news. He told another one of his big lies about helping the farmers stating that China is paying the tariff, but actually we the tax payers are going to pay it by $871 a year. He lied about the wall that Mexico was going to pay for it, but guess where the money is coming from? Us the tax payers. He has been caught hundreds of lies and you believe everything he tells you. He is cutting medi care, social security that you will depend on in your retirement years. Selling off our parks, destroying our monuments, and has his head ib the clouds over climate control. Our country will be destroyed by the years 2040. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

    1. Vincen: I think that maybe you are the one on drugs. You would ‘t know the truth if it hit you on the face. Obama was the worst POTUS and people will find out he was also behind the fake Collusion and most likely the one calling the shots.
      However, everyone has their own opinion but the truth is coming soon.

  22. I wonder what the LEFTY actors think about the ‘actors should stay in their lane’ comment?

  23. As each day passes, I see more democrats trying to bulldoze our President. He’s doing a great job and sure could be doing even more if they’d just leave him alone to do what he was elected to do. Never has there been a President of this country who’s been more hassled, not only by the general public, but his own Congress. Obama certainly should’ve been kicked out of office but unfortunately he wasn’t. I’m wondering….how is it those muslim women in Congress manage to stay in office with all the bad things they stand for? They seem to rise higher with each ignorant utterance they make. What goes?

  24. You’re right !! We need a pro- American president with strength and conviction! Save America !!

  25. You’re right!! We need a pro-American president with strength and conviction !!

  26. He is a great actor and very right about Trump. God bless the president and all our troops and veterans on this Memorial Day and after.

  27. I had to serendipitous encounter with Mr. Voigt back in 2014 or so while he was filming in Alaska. He is the most gracious person ever and a REAL PATRIOT! We need to heed his words and stand strong for our odd Duly ELECTED PRESIDENT TRUMP, and stand strong against this Ma it’s tyranny being foisted upon us by the lock step Democrats. Vote, research the voting record of those running for office, look where their money is coming from etc. that tells the story behind the lies the left is telling.

  28. It is a shame that you Trump lovers don’t want anyone to hear the truth. My comment was not approved because I only listed a few of the lies, and the horrible things that Trump is doing. I will repeat one of my statements. He will go down in history as the worse president in History. He is worse than Nixon, and to compare him to Lincoln is a disgrace. Lincoln freed the slaves, and trump is a raciest. There is no comparison. Lets see if you censer this.

  29. Wonderfully said Jon, takes courage to ‘stand out’ for truth. What the Democrats will do is make big government, and we all know, Big Government = Broke America.

  30. God bless you, Jon Voight. We need to pray & pray hard for America. We need to ask God to protect this nation & our President. Freedom is the greatest gift and as you know, it isn’t free! It was purchased with a great price. Thank you for standing up for the truth. In my lifetime, I have NEVER seen such hatred & animosity toward a President. It is shameful. Pray for his protection & your comparison to Lincoln does not mean President Trump is killed too….

  31. Mr. Voight , you are the Man. God Bless You for stating the Gospel truth 👌👌

  32. It’s kind of funny that some liberals are saying “actors should stay in their lanes!!!” Do they mean actors like DeNiro, Clooney, Rob Reiner, Jim Carrey, I could go on and on, but they and others surely don’t stay in their lanes by criticizing Mr. Trump 24/7/365!!!

  33. Right On Jon! If you look at it, Reagan started the sell out of AMERICA to the asians in the early 80’s for not taxing all the asian Cars. JUST THINK HOW MUCH MONEY WOULD STILL BE IN OUR COUNTRY IF Reagan TAXED THEM AND SLOWED THE DUMPING! Ford and Chevy make great cars now and for the last 20 plus years!

  34. Voight is a unusual man.. he learned. Starting off as many Wealth Aristocrats from new wealth and fame for himself, he learned. It might have been due to accepting his earlier failures, perhaps it isn’t unique, maybe there are many others like him afraid to speak up. Others that have learned… money, wealth, fame are no substitution for wisdom and wisdom is a learning process, a process greatly hampered in his career field for those that are successful as Hollywood shelters their stars.. even unto having aides that help them sit down…. carefully.
    Some things in life force learning in that the learning cannot be avoided, some tribulations will not be of a kind that can be sheltered from with money or fame.
    It is the job of American citizens to TEACH the recently wealthy especially those involved in the Social realms what is acceptable or what is not wise… who else will do it? Those whom have learned wisdom must share how it happens…. and it isn’t something that can be bought, not implanted with fame.
    John Adams, a founding father, wrote about how these problems with the recently wealthy would arise in our Republic where it worked on Democratic principles, where just about anyone would be able to attain wealth, and the people would wrongly bestow wisdom on the unlearned, unwise due to wealth- wealth Aristocrats.
    So understand… like it or not, the problem is a human frailty, for both the recently wealthy, and those who wrongly assume wisdom had anything to do with the wealth.
    John Adams knew this would happen, unavoidable but understood the much greater good of the system being put in place.
    I might add, compared to the politicians of our time, the Founders were giants.

  35. I suppose Mr. voight is another Hillary “deplorable”. It always infuriates the liberal side when the truth is told. However to be fair “none is so blind as those who will not see”. And that is the political problem here. Pelosi and the gang want power. And to admit that this president has done good things for the nation goes against that lust. Those that can and DO see must go forward into 2020 with as much strength as can be mustered. To allow these politicians, who have fought against everything positive, back into power is the final destruction of our great nation.

  36. But it’s ok for all the liberal late night comedians talk about an oxymoron always bashing Trump it’s ok for lefties actors or singers threatening to leave USA hey there’s no wall keeping you here although maybe there should be a wall to keep these idiots out of the country if they did leave. Funny they never live out their threats to leabe

  37. It is no longer cool to vote democrat, your beloved commie Obama is gone and left enough damage to this country than any other president since Jimmy Carter! Look at the current list of loser socialists now running for the democrat candidacy! Democrats are hateful, vile and downright aggressive and ugly! Who wants to associate with this party?! Voight is right and we need to show our young millennials as well, that the Republicans will have the successes in this country with emphasis on family, education and hard work to have that American Dream! The democrats have no plan or positive strategy for America, only open borders and socialistic rules of law, which is very destructive! America has the best economy in the world, due to Capitalism and free markets! This is exactly why everyone wants to live here and not places like Russia, Venezuela, North Korea or Cuba.

  38. Many kudos — Jon Voight. I have you speak before of your support for President Trump and this just solidifies your great loyalty. Hollyweird needs many more people like you and James Woods.


    TRUMP 2020

    TRUMP 2020

    TRUMP 2020

  40. At last a courageous Hollywood actor who speaks the truth. It is so refreshing to see someone from Hollywood speak openly about his support for President Trump, a US president, finally, who has America’s interests at heart and who is not afraid to protect it from its enemies and so-called allies who, by the way, would abandon America when they no longer get freebies from this country. So many American servicemen lives were lost to protect these so-called allies to save their countries but when the going gets tough, they are the first ones to kick America in the teeth. Really ungrateful allies and President Trump is correct to call them out and better still to collect what they have agreed to! Jon Voight shows his love for America the way President Trump shows his — openly. One can feel that love through their words and actions. What I don’t understand about this country, however, are the American citizens who are Trump-haters. We have now a president who is making this country great again and trying to correct the mistakes of previous administrations and improve generally what ails America. WHAT IS SO WRONG WITH THAT??? When I think of what the Democrats in Congress and other other governmental institutions (FBI, intelligence agencies, DOJ, etc.), fake news media, and liberals are doing to stop/thwart President Trump, America’s enemies are unfortunately from within as well. In other countries, they would have been lined-up against the wall and shot by a firing squad as traitors. Unbelievable that they tried to take down a duly elected president using the powers of the government — these are banana republic tactics. Has America come down to that already??? Watching the Democrats do their Trump-hate antics in Congress, makes one sick. Instead of working with the President to make this country great again, they really live-up to “the do-nothing Congress” description of the US Congress and destroying the faith we have on the people that make up our government. The world is watching and taking its cue from these so-called representatives of the US Government and by their words and actions, our own Government is sending the wrong message and example. America is preaching about good governance to the rest of the world, but if it shows that it’s as corrupt as to who they are preaching to, then where is the respect for the ideal that is called America.

    For the 2020 election, I say YOU ARE WHO YOU VOTE FOR! You are responsible for sending to Congress a representative who would reflect your values but if you want chaos, economic decline, non-security, open borders, high taxes, homelessness, poor quality of education, violence, etc., etc., etc. vote Democrat and help America’s decline. Look at the results of decades of wasted tax dollars, bad policies, and poor economic results. Preserve the greatest country in the world and don’t let it self-destruct!

  41. It’s nice to see that some sanity remains in Hollywood. Good for Mr. Voight.

  42. it is so sad that so many others in hollywood have such misguided brain.maybe they should go elsewhere and see how much money they can earn with their ionflated egos!

  43. Jon Voight is a champion of some one who is not afraid to speak the truth in spite of his loathsome peers.
    It is incredibly disgusting some of the foul crap coming out of the mouths of these low lifes, to speak about
    the President of our country in this manner. There are no leaders among them all followers jumping on a band wagon that does nothing but crash every time they open their foul and disgusting mouths. Freedom of speech needs a little definition, if you or I spat out this kind of crap about them there would be defamation lawsuits
    all over the place. I wish to God they would have left the country the United States would be a lot better without them.

  44. I wonder if CNN will show this clip lol? I think we know the answer to that. Keep up the good work Mr. Voight.

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