These people are lunatics.

Pete Buttigieg, who is a member of Joe Biden’s transition team, doubled down for Biden by claiming “we are literally entering the event horizon” on climate change.

According to Breitbart, Buttigieg stated, “You know, certainly if you are my age or any younger, it is blindingly obvious that we are going to need to make major transitions in American energy, and, of course, a lot of those are under way.”

“President Trump is trying to cling to this vision that nothing has to change, and then he makes really strange remarks like windmills killing all the birds and something about windows that I don’t even understand, that show that he is literally incapable of even grasping the nature of the problem and therefore will never be able to serve up a solution,” Buttigieg stated. “And remember, there is no do-over on climate. We are literally entering the event horizon. We have got a matter of just a few short years before some of these things become irreversible. And what I love about Joe Biden’s way of talking about the climate is he makes clear this is not a choice between doing what’s right for the climate and doing what’s right for the economy. The only way to have an economy continue to grow is to have an economy wired up to the benefits of the many transitions and improvements we have got to make.”

You can watch a clip of Buttigieg’s comments here.

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