On Sunday, GOP presidential contender Nikki Haley reiterated her criticism of fellow candidate Vivek Ramaswamy’s stance on TikTok, which was a highlight during their recent debate.

Haley expressed her concerns about Ramaswamy’s suggestion that Republicans should utilize TikTok to connect with the younger demographic. Speaking on “Fox News Sunday,” Haley emphasized, “Just because a platform has 150 million users doesn’t mean we should jump on it for political gains.” She further warned about TikTok’s ties to the Chinese Communist Party and potential espionage risks.

In the previous debate, Haley had taken a swipe at Ramaswamy for his TikTok comments, remarking, “Listening to you makes me feel less informed.” Interestingly, the show’s host, Shannon Bream, pointed out that Haley had once endorsed one of Ramaswamy’s books, “Woke, Inc.,” praising him for his fearless truth-telling.

Haley responded by clarifying that she acknowledges good work when she sees it but doesn’t shy away from calling out discrepancies when necessary.

Ramaswamy, during the debate, had argued that the GOP’s reluctance to embrace platforms like TikTok was impractical. He emphasized the importance of adapting to the times and said, “To win elections, we need to engage with young Americans where they are most active.”