Florida’s Governor, Ron DeSantis, has expressed doubt that former President Donald Trump can win the 2024 elections by emulating Joe Biden’s low-profile 2020 campaign approach.

While speaking on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” DeSantis criticized Trump for abstaining from the initial two Republican candidate debates.

Despite polls indicating a significant lead for Trump over DeSantis within the Republican primaries, DeSantis conveyed to host Maria Bartiromo that, “With all due consideration for Donald Trump, copying Joe Biden’s low-key campaign won’t outdo the Democrats. It’s vital to be present, to engage with voters, and if one avoids this, it won’t go unnoticed.”

Though Trump was rallying in Iowa that Sunday, DeSantis emphasized the importance of more active participation for a GOP nomination contender.

DeSantis added, “It’s about being present and articulating your vision. Engage with early state voters, especially in places like Iowa and New Hampshire, and share your vision for the nation’s future and your fit for the role. In my view, I am that person.”

He continued, “My leadership for the GOP has been consistent. I’ve not only spoken but also delivered. That’s what we lack in Washington. We have no room for errors in 2024; it’s a critical juncture. It’s about accomplishing our goals, or we risk leaving the country at a disadvantage for the upcoming generation.”

When inquired why he’s the ideal GOP candidate to challenge Biden, DeSantis remarked, “We require a leader capable of two full terms, someone who can secure states like Georgia and Arizona. Places where even candidates such as [former Sen. John] McCain and [Sen. Mitt] Romney succeeded but Trump couldn’t.”

Highlighting his achievements, DeSantis said, “I’m distinct in this race, including when compared to Trump, in that I’ve met every commitment I made to Florida’s voters during my governorship.”

Stressing the need for active presidential leadership, DeSantis concluded, “Our next leader shouldn’t merely oversee the challenges begun under Biden but should actively address and reverse them. I believe I am that candidate.”