Conway hit the nail on the head with this one…

Kellyanne Conway, White House senior counselor to President Trump, accused Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats on Wednesday of prematurely launching the impeachment inquiry.

“They screwed up the process from the beginning. They rushed out there having not seen the transcript. They believed what they heard on cable news. They believed on a very unfortunate report in the Wall Street Journal that got picked up and misinterpreted on CNN,” she told White House reporters on Wednesday.

Conway specifically called out Pelosi for rushing into impeaching President Donald Trump.

“Nancy Pelosi screwed up and got ahead of herself, thinking that she knew what was in the transcript and that we would never release the transcript,” she said.

She also criticized Pelosi for falsely repeating that she would not rush into a serious process like impeachment.

“Nancy Pelosi broke faith with her own commitment to not rush into an impeachment inquiry until an investigation was completed,” she said.

Conway described impeachment as an “extraordinary event” and said Democrats had irrevocably botched the secretive process since it started.

“The process has been ill-conceived from the beginning,” she said. “You can’t unscramble that egg. You can’t put that toothpaste back in that tube.”

She indicated that she was not impressed by the testimony transcripts released by the Democrats so far, pointing to the seriousness of impeaching a duly elected president.

“Now they’re stuck engaging in hypotheticals,” she said, responding to questions about the transcripts from interviews with U.S. Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland and former U.S. Special Representative to Ukraine Kurt Volker.

Conway dismissed House Intelligence chairman Adam Schiff as a “show horse” instead of a “workhorse,” pointing to his repeated media appearances in which he makes accusations against the president.

Democrats, Conway argued, still have not explained what the president did that is impeachable. She also confirmed that Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney is unlikely to testify as part of the House investigation on Friday.

“Why would we try to be complicit in the impeachment inquiry when we’re not even sure what it’s about?” she asked.

Src: Breitbart