Confirmed: Red States Are Now CRUSHING Blue States In This Metric

We all knew this was going to happen. It was just a matter of time once lockdowns started to be loosened, but it’s still nice to see it confirmed.

See, blue states have generally locked down harder and for a longer period of time than red states. In fact, as you know, many blue states are still locked down despite what all metrics around the CoVid-19 virus show is working (or not).

But with the easing of lockdowns in red states, one metric is showing how much more rational red state governors have been in handing the situation in their states. Tom Ozimek writes,

Red states, along with lone Democrat-controlled Vermont, topped the charts in lowest unemployment rates in April, while blue states recorded the highest jobless rates, according to the Commerce Department.

In a Friday release, the Commerce Department announced that the top five states with the highest unemployment rates in April were Hawaii (8.5 percent), followed by California (8.3 percent), New Mexico and New York (8.2 percent each), and Connecticut (8.1 percent). All five states have Democrat trifectas, meaning that the state houses and senates, as well as the governorships, are Democrat-controlled.

At the same time, the top four states with the lowest jobless rates in April all have Republican trifectas: Nebraska, New Hampshire, South Dakota, and Utah, with 2.8 percent each. Vermont, whose state house and senate are Democrat-controlled while the governorship is Republican, came in fifth, with an unemployment rate of 2.9 percent.

Overall, 31 states had unemployment rates lower than the U.S. national average of 6.1 percent, with 26 of them red. Of the 19 states and the District of Columbia that had jobless rates higher than the national average, 14 are blue.

We all knew this is exactly what would happen when lockdowns were eased, which is exactly why Republican governors pushed to ease the lockdowns sooner. Want the nation to return to normal? Then, let people do normal things. It’s not rocket science.

But Democrat governors don’t seem to be following any kind of rational line of thinking. They’re all about control, and if the citizens in blue states want a better quality of life, they need to start electing officials from a different party than the Democratic Party. It’s just common sense.

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