She just made a big mistake.

According to the Daily Caller, Fox News’ Marie Harf attacked President Donald Trump stating that he would like to see violence escalate so he could use it to “make campaign ads.”

Host Melissa Francis said that lawlessness could work in President Donald Trump’s favor, asking, “Are Democrats worried that that is possibly the case?”

“Well, that is certainly what President Trump hopes,” Harf replied, adding, “That’s why he is focusing on what is happening in a very small radius of a city that is overwhelmingly peaceful.”

“That is how you de-escalate. The federal troops that President Trump sent in, I think actually he wanted to escalate so he could use it politically and make campaign ads out of it,” Harf said. “Last night we saw how you de-escalate the situation, and that is what cities should look to for a model.” You can read the full article here.