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Dems To Crucify Mueller If He Can’t End Trump

Robert Mueller should have thought twice before getting into bed with the crooked Democrats.

Democrats are now in a panic mode as the Mueller investigation is nearing its end and the report is set to be finalized.

They are likely realizing that there is no evidence of Russian collusion and are now getting scared.

And now they are starting to threaten special counsel Robert Mueller himself with a subpoena before Congress if they do not get what they want.

“When Mueller’s investigation is complete, the report must be made public.

“If Attorney General Barr tries to hide it, we’ll subpoena the report, insist on the underlying evidence, have Mueller testify, and take it to court, if needed.

“The American people deserve the facts,” Rep. Adam Schiff said on Twitter in a threat.

“When the Mueller report is complete, it needs to be released to the public and Congress must receive all underlying investigative materials, be it a classified hearing or unclassified. Anything less is unacceptable,” Sen. Kamala Harris said.

“There’ll be subpoenas from Congress, including, I hope, from the Senate Judiciary Committee,” Sen. Richard Blumenthal said on the CNN show “New Day.”

“If William Barr believes — I think he does — that a sitting president cannot be indicted — I disagree with him — and he brings no charges that Mueller says can’t be brought, and if there are no public disclosures, the public rightly will feel that there is a cover-up,” he said.

“A Senate or House Committee may subpoena anyone. The Department of Justice may resist it,” he said.

And Rep. Schiff echoed those comments and his own comments when he appeared on CNN on Sunday.

“We will obviously subpoena the report, we will bring Bob Mueller in to testify before Congress, we will take it to court if necessary,” he said.

“When you take the position that the president cannot be indicted and the only remedy for improper, illegal or other conduct is impeachment, then you cannot withhold that information from Congress, or essentially the president has immunity. So that cannot be allowed to be the case,” he said.

And Sen. Ed Markey got in on the threaten Mueller parade when he appeared on “Face The Nation.”

“If the attorney general takes the Mueller report and then sanitizes it and releases that as the answer to a comprehensive investigation, then I think the Democrats in the House and Senate, along with Republicans, have a responsibility to ensure that the American people know what happened in 2016,” he said.

source: thefederalistpapers.org


  1. Again, William Campbell the undercover FBI agent who discovered and demonstrated the crooked deal of kickbacks and fraud by a Canadian Company backed by the Russian called the Uranium One Deal could have been stopped by the then acting head of the FBI Robert Mueller. He should have recused himself in this attempt at a Trump sting. If not prosecuted he should be censured both by the Congress and the

  2. Wait till they see the latest news where the NSA guys are saying now that there is no proof the DNC was ever hacked. Looks more like the investigation should have been more about what the Democrats conspired to do with the Russians and what they intended for America. The Democrats all belong in jail!

  3. Little Adam is having his temper tantrum just like the three year old who did not get their way in the store

  4. This is what you get when you send lawyers to congress, House or Senate. The only thing lower than a politician is a child molester.

    Phil in TX

  5. If a sitting president can be indicted then his political opponents ( if they are dirty democrats) will do it. It can not be allowed. We can’t have political indictments.

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