CNN’s Brian Stelter talks on the recent win for Fox’s Sean Hannity, stating that he emerged the victor while America as a whole “lost.”

Stelter claimed “Let’s be honest. This week Sean Hannity won and the rest of America lost. The pro-Trump media lead by Hannity has circled the wagons around President Trump. They have distracted people around the truth involving  Trump’s Russia ties and they have done everything possible to destroy faith in Robert Mueller’s probe. Look Hannity won, it worked. You’ve got to give him credit where it’s due. Hannity gave a megaphone to the GOP congressman who said they had a smoking gun memo, proving a deep state conspiracy against trump. Hannity hyped it night after night after night in January, like a human countdown clock.”

“Look this campaign of confusion is good for Hannity, his ratings are way up it is good for Trump as well but it is bad for the country.”