Former president of the United States, Bill Clinton attended the funeral of Former Israel President, Shimon Peres. Being a former world leader, it was expected of Clinton. But being who he is, Mr. Clinton also had another role to fulfill: looking ridiculous, and thus presenting a ridiculous image of the US at the occasion.

And how exactly did he manage to do that? By wearing a yarmulke to the funeral. Okay, we know what you’re thinking- that it is perfectly okay, and even respectful, to do that. But it is not so much the act itself, but the way he wore it.

As reported by The Daily Caller, , Bill Clinton’s yarmulke was very oddly placed on his head, and it seems like none in his support staff were able to realize this. Take a look yourself in this candid shot below by


This accessory is supposed to be worn not on the top of the head, but slightly on the back of the head. For reference, look at the man sitting two spaces to the left of Clinton. That’s the proper way to sport a yarmulke. Now look at Clinton. I’m sure you’re flinching.

Peres’s death marked the end of a remarkable political career, during which he served as the president of Israel. Additionally, he served twice as the Prime Minister and twice as the interim Prime Minister of Israel.
His diplomatic skills spoke volumes about the calibre of this seasoned politician. According to one of his most popular and inspiring quotes, he worked hard every day to be at his best:

“Sometimes people ask me, ‘What is the greatest achievement you have reached in your lifetime or that you will reach in the future?’ So I reply that there was a great painter named Mordecai Ardon, who was asked which picture was the most beautiful he had ever painted. Ardon replied, ‘The picture I will paint tomorrow.’ That is also my answer.”

Good bye to you, Sir.

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