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Bernie Loses His MIND After Being Asked Single Question

Apparently Bernie didn’t want to talk about certain things during the debates…

During a discussion on health care and Medicare for all during Tuesday’s CNN Democratic debate 2020 presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) accused moderator and CNN host Jake Tapper of using a “Republican talking point” as a question.

Sanders said, “What I am talking about, and others up here are talking about is no deductibles and no co-payments, and Jake, your question is a Republican talking point. At the end of the day, and by the way, the healthcare industry will be advertising tonight, on this program. … They will be advertising tonight with that talking point.”

Src: Breitbart


  1. Socialists, Communists, we don’t need them. The Robbin Hoods of our time. Bernie and Warren, two of a kind Con artists. they cater to the Losers, the Lazies, the one s who refuse to work for a living ,but want equaql Pay as the man who works hard to support his family. They don’t like the family, nor God. Thats why TRUMP , will Win in a landslide. 2020.

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